Motorola Halo+ Over The Crib Wifi Baby Monitor Review-Bird's Eye View Camera

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This is a review of the Motorola Halo+ Over The Crib Baby Monitor with Wifi capabilities. It is literally an all-in-one nursery unit that is packed with features. It comes with a bird’s eye view camera that can be detachable, and can be viewed through the baby monitor or remotely via the Hubble app (using a mobile device). It can serve as a basic baby monitor that will allow you to stay connected with your infant, or you can use the many other features that it comes with (projecting images onto the ceiling, playing lullabies, playing nature sounds, creating a mood light, and so much more). It is literally the only baby monitor that you’ll ever need!

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hey everybody I'm here today to do a review of this Motorola halo plus over the crib Wi-Fi monitor and sleep companion now with that big title I just want you to keep in mind one thing this is an all-in-one nursery unit it's awesome and I'm gonna go over the features and functions with you in this video review now I'm gonna sort of alternate between getting in front of the camera and just being behind the camera just to give you the best the absolute best review of the product so let's get right into first and foremost let's look at the overall design of the product as you can see it is a unit that actually goes over the top of the crib okay and then it actually attaches to the crib really easily I mean like the insulation literally took like probably five minutes and then it makes its way down to the bottom and then obviously you have the power cord to send the power to the actual camera now one cool feature about it is that as you can see I'm gonna turn it to the side right over here Here I am right here I'm going to turn to the side one of the coolest things about it is that it's actually a detachable camera so I mean you can use it as an over the crib monitor just like that and whatever you want to take it out let's just turn it off momentarily you can also turn the monitor off over here you can just slide this and there you go you now have a unit that you can use pretty much anywhere else in the house you know when your baby is old enough that they can get a hold of this you can just pop this off and you have an additional camera to use just like that now what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to go ahead and put it back in place really easy as you can see just pop it in place I'm going to turn this unit back on we'll rotate it back like that and then I will actually turn the power on to the pair of dude right over here now I'm gonna get behind the camera one more time just to go over some of the awesome features of the unit with you so as you can see it's an all-in-one sorry about that it's just gonna take a moment just to connect to the camera because I popped it out and put it back in place it's an all-in-one nursery device and it allows parents to stay connected with their little ones and that's the the main thing as a parent myself as a parent of two the one thing is you want to know exactly what's going on with your with your child with your little one now what actually is a full HD camera and I'm going to show you this right over here this is the actual parent unit and the guys you can see I'm just looking right into the crib right now it gives you a bird's eye view which is absolutely awesome and one of the coolest things about it is that the HD camera can be viewed with the parent unit but it can also be viewed remotely via the Hubble app and it's an absolutely awesome app all over it and just momentarily with you but you can view it from here from the parent unit at home or you know you can view it from your mobile device your phone via the Hubble app and it's absolutely awesome now as you see it gives you a very very awesome bird's-eye view you have various functions within the actual parent unit over here so you can oh you can sorry about that you can just pop open the menu over here and you can choose whatever options you want now I'm gonna go over the key features with you so obviously you have the camera and that's the main thing you know you're getting a camera that you can use to monitor your child and it's removable and it gives you a bird's eye view but let me show you one of the coolest features the two coolest features and they can actually be accessed via the parent unit as well but I'm just going to show you right over here on the top of the unit okay there are two buttons okay now I'm gonna push one of the buttons right now and this one over here is actually going to project something on to the ceiling and hopefully you can see this right over there look it's projecting a nice image onto the ceiling to keep the baby entertains to calm the baby down check that or look at that like I mean literally something so simple but so incredibly useful now there's that feature and then an additional feature I'm just going to turn that off right over here and then on top there's another button which actually illuminates the halo on top which is gonna just give you a nice little colored effect I'm gonna bring the camera a little bit closer and I'll just show you hopefully you can catch that right there so it illuminates the top there are the buttons right over there just so you know what's going on what I'm pushing so you can push it again in its to change colors and then you know you can keep pushing it again and it's gonna change colors and then at the end it also has an option that's gonna go from color to color and coolest thing about is that when you turn it on if you look on the pair monitor it shows you right there the green light is on if I go and I push that button again I'm gonna go and push it one more time it's changing the color and on the parent monitor it's gonna change it's going to show you look at that the purple light is on such a simple feature but it's so incredible and I mean literally I cannot emphasize this enough this is an all in one unit it literally pretty much does everything that you would want it to do you know with regards to a baby monitor from when the child is very very young when the when you can get a bird's-eye view of them in the crib to when they're older and you can use it as a removable detachable camera now I do want to mention the Hubble app okay so you can view the camera remotely with the Hubble app okay now I you there's a free trial going on at the time of me filming this video so be sure to check it out give it a give a go check it out it's an awesome app now you can use the sleep diary in the Hubble app which is going to allow you to sort of give you snapshots of key activities that happened while the child was sleeping you can use manual video recording and manual snapshots so if you see that your child is doing something funny something cute you can manually record the video or take a snapshot there are downloadable different downloadable lullabies and and sounds that you can download it gives you sound motion and temperature alert and it's just a great app with incredible price and like I said at the time of filming this video there's a free trial so check it out if you're interested in the Hubble app overall it's an awesome unit easy to install detachable camera awesome parent unit view it remotely via the Hubble app I'm literally this is an all-in-one companion let all in one gives you everything that you'll need is it's as simple as that okay and I really hope that you've enjoyed this video review if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up let me know what you think down below as a comment and of course be sure to subscribe for more great videos just like this one and I'll have links to this in the description so be sure to check it out and that's all I have for you today thanks for watching

Motorola Halo+ Over The Crib Wifi Baby Monitor Review-Bird's Eye View Camera

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