My Life Changing Portable Washing Machine!! (Della)

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OMG no more laundromat…my own personal laundry room in my LA apartment. See where I store it and how it works!!


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hey what's up guys it's my uniform I Unicom and for today's video I am coming to you live from my bathroom today I want to talk about a life-changing purchase that I just made I ended up buying a portable washing machine and after using it for only one day I can honestly say it has and will transform my life and I want to show you how it can be used in a small city urban bathroom like mine okay so here's a view straight into my bathroom and you can see it's got the green and yellow tile it's a 1930s Art Deco apartment so has this vintage bathroom which actually like and here is my separate bathtub which I've hung this really cool plant here and a piece of art and I usually put like toilet paper in here it just actually looks really cool and so one of the greatest things about this bathroom is that it gets a lot of natural light which you can kind of see here if i zoom out now and turn off the light still pretty bright and so having a lot of bright light plus having this very pleasant bathtub means that I had actually really transitioned out of taking showers I do not take showers I usually take a bubble bath ninety percent of time so getting this portable washing machine I was thinking where would I store it and to my luck it fits absolutely perfectly in my walk-in shower so here is my beautiful portable washing machine I absolutely and look how perfect it fits in this shower that I never use so I'm gonna stop recording gonna pull it out it's about 40 pounds which is not heavy an Enhanced has handles on either side I'm going to pull it out now and place it I would literally look took like five seconds to pull out and place there and here's the shower close the door and this is where I will do my laundry now this might look annoying but is it really I mean think about it would you rather go to the laundromat would you rather take ten seconds to pull this out and do your laundry right here this to me is a genius genius part so so this is what it looks like so I got this at Goodwill it was brand new had plastic on both lids all the instructions never been used and it was $60 and of course before I bought it I looked it up online and it was it runs anywhere between like 150 to 180 so it's not necessarily a very expensive product and this is actually one of the larger models and it has a built-in pump so I used two yesterday for the first time in today I'm going to demonstrate to you how easy this is to use and how much you can absolutely love it it's by a brand called Ella and it has three dials that can do normal or gentle and this is how you drain it this is what actually turns it on it's a timer so it'll automatically turn off which is great and then this is the timer for the spinner so it has actually this is me where you wash everything and then this is where you spin dry this tube connects to your statement right here and I'm just so fortunate enough to have this bathroom perfectly laid out in such a convenient way and then on the back of it you can hook the water up to this side there's one on each side so you can just easily do that and the unit also comes with a plug that you just plug into the wall all there was required as an outlet and it's now plugged in and the water is connected and so all you do then is just turn on the water and it will start filling up now the tank if it's totally full and all you have to do now is just turn it on so it's on normal and I've got a bucket right here with a little tube for what I'm ready to drain it to be honest I've been letting it drain right in the toilet but I thought that would be kind of gross to show um in this video so I'm just going to turn it on so just go over to this dial right here spin timer but it said set it to 15 right here 15 minutes and start wow look at that and all you need to add detergent one thing I noticed is you don't want to add too much detergent because then it gets like completely filled with embedding get it sheets quickest no player that watch sheet Wow feel like I can use a little bit more detergent so now I've got my fitted sheet my flat sheet and my two pillowcases in here I definitely could have added more I filled up the water to the largest amount I think I could probably go a little bit more but quite a bit I don't want to like overdo it because I'm still getting used to what this thing can do but I think if you stick to like small and medium sized loads it should be able to handle it okay so the wash cycle is done and now I'm going to drain it so you want to make sure that your bucket is set up right there with the hose and you just go over here and turn the dial to drain and it's an excellent pump that's the good thing about this unit it's not just relying on gravity it's actually pumping it out do you see how quickly okay so you can hear that it's making a weird noise the sound of it it's spinning so you want to just turn it off back to normal it stops draining and now we've got to fill back up with clean clear water for the rinse cycle so it's filled up with clean water I've drained all the soapy water and then I filled it back up with the clear clean water after this it's just smooth sailing so that's probably the most time-consuming thing is to fill this up twice and listen how quiet it is that's not very loud for what it's doing like it's just like humming so it's not even like I think it's really amazing I'm like shocked last step drained it it's rinsed and now we're gonna use the spinner so you just open this bad boy up it has a little lid that goes on top of the clothes once you put them in there and I'm just gonna grab this fitted sheet right here and I put that in the spinner I'm just gonna do that one on its own right now to keep it um simple and because I really want to get this one element as dry as possible obviously it's kind of a big pain in the butt to to air dry so I'm gonna put this lid on top of it and you just push down I guess so possibly leave some of the water out get some of the water out and when you do this you actually do want to have the little hose there going out because it's gonna drain just a little bit as it spins and this motor is insanely and powerful so it's in there the lid is closed here is the timer for the spinner I'm gonna do like six minutes okay when it first starts being scary as well can you guys hear context it is like no joke this is like the motor of a Lamborghini not to get really dry it's not drying it it's literally just spinning the water out of it they've done let's see the results my watch look at that not bad huh obviously it still needs some dry time but you can see that it got a lot of the water out you can see the fabric and you can see that it is pretty dry actually I mean wrung out very very nicely and so that's it so I'm gonna go ahead and get that dry in soon so I put something sleep on tonight but this little bad boy ain't bad so thank you guys so much for watching I am so happy with this purchase this ever so modest purchase that's really gonna make my life a hell of a lot easier and obviously if you have a washer/dryer hookup in your home this ain't for you I could pay that but for those of us in apartment small spaces dorm rooms may be mobile homes these portable washing machines are a life saver I've got the time to do these extra steps it is a little bit of a hassle to fill bucket and different things like that but I think I'm going to invest in a rubber hose that I can somehow hook to my tub to avoid having to do the buckets of water into it just because my kitchen sink boss is not that strong but I think with a few minor adjustments this is awesome and totally worth $60 every time I go to the laundromat it would cost to cost me at least $15 and so in only a few years I'm gonna make that money back and just have a peace of mind knowing that I don't have to go to the laundromat anymore so if you guys liked this video please hit like you got to see a little bit more of my apartment you know if it is my bathroom and if you would like to subscribe please subscribe and don't forget to check out my freestyle quiz which is an awesome free quiz to figure out what your design style is and once you take that quiz I have a bunch of different Pinterest boards where I have actually sourced furniture that goes with each style my different recommendations and it's a lot of fun so you can check that out at the link below I've also listed the link to this portable washing machine by dello also below and if you have any questions please let me know in the comments thank you guys for watching and have a great day bye

My Life Changing Portable Washing Machine!! (Della)

25 thoughts on “My Life Changing Portable Washing Machine!! (Della)”

  1. I just got mine a couple days ago. I love mine. My washer broke down. So this is what I could afford. I still have a dryer. So I'm cool. But I got the Best Choice brand and it doesn't have the pump. 97 bucks at Wal-Mart.

  2. I also want to add that if you air dry after using this, you will be pleased to know that your clothes will not be stiff since the spinner works so well. The manual recommends that you do a short spin after the wash cycle and before the rinse cycle as well
    I would still buy lint balls or something because the lint trap is a joke. I have only seen this type for $90 or more …

  3. Someone made a comment about how landlords feel about it. I would say that it does not use as much water as a normal automatic washer- more like an extra bath or shower per load. Besides, it's plastic and it's so light that if you are really worried, just hide it in the closet when the landlord comes.

  4. Hello! Do you still have the washer machine? Is everything still working? If you had any problems what kind? I'm interested in getting this version of the washer machine. But not many people have reviews and updates of the one that come with a water pump. And since you had you for over a year (if you still have it) I thought I'd ask.

  5. I purchased this based on this review and I am not even fully into my first wash with mine and already I would highly recommend this. My only thing is that if you google Della you will not find a website which leads me to believe that its one of those mass produced products where anyone could put their name to it. IT WORKS THOUGH! The speed is good and it agitates well, it does not just swirl your clothes around. I was skeptical and was about to purchase one of those hard to find vintage Kenmore metal portable washers, but they are hard to find and I needed something now. Who wants to wash clothes in the snow? My last plastic, single tub, portable washer with a gravity drain was a pain. I don't have much counter space, and my 3 prong socket is not near the sink. So I had to fill the washer with a bucket, and since the agitation was not much I always used my Washing Wand with it, I would pump out the water with a pump usually used for kerosene and then lift the washer onto a chair to drain out the rest of the water. I had gotten frustrated with the spinner because the basket kept coming off. WITH DELLA, I did not need to use the washing wand, I was able to add more clothes and they were able to agitate, I only needed ONE MINUTE to spin the clothes and most of the water drained out without dripping and I did not need to pump out the water. I am pleased.

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