My Top 5 Favorite Bluetooth Headphones 2.0!

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My Top 5 Favorite Bluetooth Headphones 2.0!

33 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Bluetooth Headphones 2.0!”

  1. Please help…
    I’m looking to buy some Bluetooth headphones (over-ear) for under £100 (about $130)
    Comfort is very important for me and so is bass!
    I’m not really a fan of noise cancelling so preferably without.
    I only really want to buy from big name brands like Sony or Bose or sennheiser or skullcandy etc
    If anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. @UrAvgConsumer i would highly recommend the xb950n1 but i had one and the plastic above the ear cups broke. I went to service centre to fix it and they said they had only return policy… that i should return the headphones and buy a new one at retailprice. I wasn't happy about it. Otherwise they are the best!!

  3. TomazR


    Which bluetooth headphone listed below would you reccomend considering their price? (I would use them mostly for music and movies.)

    1.) Sony 1000xm2 for 280€

    2.) Bose QC 35 II for 320€

    3.) Sennheiser Pxc 550 for 240€

    4.) Sennheiser Momentum 180€
    5.) Sennheiser HD 4.50 130€

  4. On the next reviews you are going to make, PLEASE have the name of the product written on the screen because someone like me, really needing help or advice is not familiar with all those names and I was not able to understand them from you speaking. Thank you very much.

  5. Illl give you some constructive critisism because I like to see the community improve as a whole .. do you think everyone watching your video is listening in a comfortable setting ? Now .. after you think about this for a while …can you imagine that all your dislikes are possibly busy ? Okay so … Now depending on your answers ..let me explain why I won't share or ever watch your videos again and most likely are your dislikes which could have tripped or more your views .I am at the mall … Its noisy .. my life is spinning out of control maybe my kids headphones broke and I have teenagers fighting maybe I'm on a budget .. now ……let's take a moment .and ask ourselves .. if it wouldn't be considerate to think about people with low connection or a broken phone … A slow computer … Ect….. Now ….that we have finally understood all this and this nice guy took time out of his bad day to nicely explain all these things .. maybe you could possibly consider …putting the prices in text either on screen or in the description so that I and all your dislikes don't have to waste their time and maybe when they buy an awesome product they might actually come back to hear what you have to say about it because you helped them ?
    Or when they see you again and need something else ……it's not a crazy thought .

  6. I just got the JLabs Audio Neon wireless on-ear headphones, and I am very impressed by them. They give off great bass, and overall sound is on point. Definitely worth a look at for budget shoppers.

  7. I have the Focal Listen Wireless I think it sounds better then the Beats Solo 3 that I have. No ANC but its very good at passive NC. My other half likes her B&O H4 It also has a nice sound. It looks and feels like quality. She has the purple ones with real Lambskin that feels really nice. If Im on a plane the AKG N60's work well not the crazy base of the Solo 3s but I prefer the clean sound of them over the Beats. The W1 chip is ok on the Beats Blah Overated. One if you have Studio 3s battery life is 22 hrs not much better the Focals that has 20 and the H4 has 19 and the H4' s you can use WHILE charging. The AKG N 60 s have 15 with ANC on but with it off you get 30 hrs. Not to mention Focal and the H4s make the Beats sound like Walmart fodder.

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