NASCAR Racing 2003 Season on Windows 10 feat. DirectX 9 All in One Tutorial

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There are lots of tutorials on YouTube to get NR2003 running, but I wanted to do an all encompassing from start to finish with Windows 10 and DirectX 9.0.


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Serial Key: RAB2-RAB2-RAB2-RAB2-8869 Patch:

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hi guys Cadell here how much you guys I give you a video on how to download and run NASCAR racing 2003 season on Windows 10 with geforce cards which is what most of us i racers have so here it is now I've got a couple tabs up and up here and there will be some utilities that you need for all this to work I'll give some links down in the description so the first thing the Hawthorn link for is the full game install it's on Google Drive and click download download anyway it's about a 441 megabytes I believe so will download that somebody take a minute depending on your internet connection I thought you could be the internet connection because I'm pretty baller so uh shouldn't take me too long that's why I'm trying to you know just talk my way through it and all of a sudden we are done downloading alright we'll open that up I'm putting this on my D Drive because uh that's my terabyte drive on my laptop and doing all this on my laptop as not to mess with my curtains installation of uh NASCAR racing 2003 I'll put then a folder called D in our chasm three install I'm already had that folder made there for you but you know this purpose of this video let's go ahead and overwrite everything so we'll go to D doesn't 3 install set up that's not gonna be the sound that you hear in here because I'm doing this recapture car it's kind of a pain in the butt to set up but you've run this it will play a digital file just make sure you have a digital sound card you got remember this game is frickin ancient I'm gonna saw this on my D Drive like I say cuz that's my big bigger drive on my laptop here so installed on my D Drive the CD key you want to use the infamous Rab to Rav to Rav to Rav 2 8 8 6 9 put next next let it install it shouldn't take too freaking long most hard drives maybe like a minute at most that'll run through so once that one's through runs through will check DirectX should have at least DirectX 8 on your computer which is what this runs on next I can add a shortcut to the desktop if you want to I'll register later wants to check for updates click no there's a BIG's haven't been available online and over a decade now and uncheck that and click finish alright so that's the first step done what I'll do is go to my folder we have Nass Gracie 2003 season over here just I have this up because I'm gonna be messing around the folder a lot here now the next thing you want to do is download the one point two point zero point one patch I'm getting mine from set Shaggy central he's got a lot of basic utilities for NASCAR was three but the thing we're looking for here is this mask every season 3 season patch update twelve point or one point two point zero point one which is the major update that you came out with back in 2003 allows you have mods and all kinds of other extra stuff you're gonna need that it will go ahead and open it click I agree next next next next it'll automatically detect if it's on your D drive it'll update all of that up and over here I'll go to Google and find it for you when just in our chasm 3 windows 10 no CDs the next thing we're gonna need go ahead and close this out and I'll put a link for this in our 2003 Windows 10 no CD patch but it's understand odd racing you're gonna have to create an account to download from there you can go to sit on its website I'll put a link there for you and then you download this right here where says newer new CD patch available they'll click that download it I you want to have your intercession through you fold it up down here so you can mess around in it I'm gonna back up my original in our chosen three exe I'll just name that in our chosen three backup and then we'll take this um no CD version and drag that over to our in our 7/3 folder so that step is done we'll go ahead and to launch NASCAR 3 here and it'll run you through the graphic setup on Ramon at 1080p don't let this Intel graphics folia this it's actually running off my Nvidia card it's just that's the way laptops work it some older games will see it as an Intel card but it runs off my GeForce so I actually had to run it in a window because I like to have chat available over it and stuff like that so or just that's not gonna work we're gonna wasn't like running into Windows so we're just gonna go ahead and run it the window alright that saved and then should bid up just fine um I don't have a choice to hook up here so what I'm gonna do is this use any keys for driving input I'm just gonna do that over here show-and-tell purposes one thing I'd like to do is go in here and go ahead and name my player go ahead and name your player so there's that and I'll go ahead other things I like to do just seem to get some on nerves is this menu background animations bullcrap get some honors that's gone I still one more thing we have to do here actually next thing I want to do I'll give you a link to this the graphics weaker big deal on motorsports bullring they have a nice little graphics Tweaker to help your stuff look a little better I always type in up here from megabyte of video carpet in 1024 cuz this was made a long time ago we're running at 1920 about 1080 and most everyone's gonna be running a 32-bit click Submit and then they'll give you these calculations out here now it's three files you have to mess with here your core I and I your rindy 3d or in dxg the ini your player died and I so we're going to go to our core die and I NASCAR three directory and where it says file LRU cache over here we're gonna add a 1 in front of that which is what this was telling us to do here and then under Mac's block size you want to copy that number and I just go in here and type in control I have type in max block size it'll go down there for you just replace this number here there and you're good to go with a core ini file next one you want to mess with is your Rin dxg there's gonna be text your set size and anisotropic level and it's traffic level or whatever whatever it's called so we'll go back to our mask our three folder go find Rynn dxg – I and I um replace your set size right here what's the number you copied and change you're in it and its so tropic level to zero go ahead and close that out to Eve it the last thing we're gonna miss with is the player I and I and we're going to change the texture quality to 100 and we'll go to our player to ini good your players folder your name their player I and I texture a couple times which says texture quality they're the bottom type in as negative one what for automatic I'll just type in 100 to force it to give you a max cuz you're gonna be running it just fine so those are the tweeks you gonna do there and the last thing which is just a recent new world on YouTube came out all the way to run dx9 and which is very necessary for Windows 10 and in video cards extremely necessary it changed my frickin world so you're gonna want to download that file I'll put a link in the description below download it and then it's got two files that are sitting in here inside inside the zip folder you're gonna want to move those over to your nascaro three install folder so we'll go ahead and drag those over here go find that riche aid setup file now I'll show you what I use click select game you find your in our 2003 and then you click direct3d 9 and it says you want to download a collection of standard effects sure this will make it look a little bit better I'll tell you the ones that I use it's gonna give you the effect that you want to install I think it's all of them you're more than welcome to but I only recommend doing a few because it takes a while for the renderer to hold up every time you load up NASCAR's 3 so here's a few that I use I use fake HDR and FXAA and this last one down here SMA a some anti-aliasing tools that make it look a little bit more smooth you click that says succeeded and that we're not running in compatibility mode with this new when this Tendo CD patch you don't need to run in compatibility mode or anything so you can go ahead and click on your desk over three now you'll see the stuff up here it's loading those those plugins that we installed earlier press shift F to course it's gonna take me out of there fricken keyboard that I have here shift f2 and then click continue or just going out of window demo they really screwed everything up so I'm go ahead and close this out start that it's finicky when you run it in full-screen mode that out back up waaah go ahead and load it back up come on the keyboard here as it loads up click a press shift in f2 and it says loading effects alright once it's done shift and f2 if deaf to shift f2 there we go then click continue what you want to do is give it a new name I just in our 2003 I just name of that right you can click the HDR FXAA and SMA and click continue you can close this out over here and we'll test it out click single race make sure we have maximum amount of cars possible ss out as much as I can stress testing us I'm running on a hold or capture card here so you're gonna be able see the quality but I guarantee you it'll looks marvelous on my side so go into graphics I turn all the graphics all the way up the biggest thing you want to make sure you don't have is with DirectX 10 you want to make sure the from structures is off here it does not what for whatever reason dx9 does not do the up from structures on cars shadows but everything else I can turn out Oblast in the back here and give you a look at how it looks now and you let up the game of course me I mean here it is it's running just fine it'll copy at 60 frames a second and you're good to go that'll run it sixteen you sixty Hertz I mean if you wanna 144 Hertz monitor I'm pretty sure that'll work too I'll just cap it before you refresh rate yeah I'm running at 60 frames a second egg he's running just fine on Windows 10 no problem whatsoever of course you're gonna want to go and download some of the more modern mods and all that stuff but that will get you started if you have any other questions make sure to leave a comment below come follow slash – or Slav I'll answer any questions you have or go to join our discord hope you guys enjoy the video and see how violent which you guys

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season on Windows 10 feat. DirectX 9 All in One Tutorial

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