Nerdy, Open Source 3D Printer Models

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A stroll through the open source physical objects available for 3D printing from Because they’re cool.

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open source software is cool I'd posit to say open source hardware is even cooler somehow I mean sure it's neat to be able to copy the bits and bytes on your computer and make it do something else and then then transfer it over to another computer and then make a copy of it that's awesome that's awesome everyone loves that but being able to do that with actual physical real-world things it's just rad and I I didn't fully comprehend how rad it truly is until I had my first 3d printer it it changed how I look at things and I wanted to take a moment I want to take less than 10 minutes here and I wanted to go through a whole huge pile of really cool ready to go 3d models typically licensed under the Creative Commons that you can download for free from a website called Thingiverse and just print and just print on whatever a 3d printer you have it's awesome I I didn't fully realize how much of this was out there and how much was just available like I don't have to do any work this is stuff that I can grab 3d print and use right now without doing any work so here we go I'm gonna go through a whole bunch of it a lot of these I've printed out myself some of them I have not but they're on my to-do list others I just think are cool the first one is stuff I've printed a ton of the Thomas minis Brio style train tracks and in case anyone's wondering if you wanted to see how to download each of these just go to the websites on the on the listed down with the www and the whatnot at the bottom of the screen here I just search for the name it comes a write up anyway so these Thomas mini Brio style train tracks I think I've mentioned it a couple times before Thomas minis are these little tiny plastic almost engage in scale model railroads for for kids you know and they come in like the little blind bags and my son my son is super into him and they have these little playsets that you can get that you can put these little Thomas minis but they are really limited and they're not traditional train tracks you know they're they're more like little playsets where they go down a slide or something like that and that's fine but what my son and I really wanted was to be able to take all these little itty bitty plastic character Thomas trains that he was collecting and use them like we would a traditional like wooden railway set well someone recreated the Brio style which is kind of the most default li they're the king of of wooden railway systems and recreated all of them like almost all of them and you can grab it in there in Thomas mini scale so you can go ahead and just print them out pronounce the parts you need to actually make your own railway sets at home there's no way you can buy a thing like this but you can make it at home and that's just super super rad I have like a million tabs open right now so I'm very curious to see how well the like my little web browser it's gonna hold up cuz I thought so buddy tabs open there's no text it's just icons all smashed together on the screen here we go Duplo brick to Brio track adapter with snap lock now most of you are thinking I don't need this and that's exactly the point there are so much stuff on Thingiverse that you me and most people do not need but it fills a a niche for just like a couple people and and makes things possible well I've got a whole lot of DUPLO pieces they're really big chunky Legos for the kids and I've got a whole lot of the the Brio tracks how cool would it be to be able to use those together in the same universe here's a friggin adaptor that does it holy heavens I haven't printed this out yet but this one's like next on my on my list currently wood to track master train adapters I'm not gonna Donal on this one I'm just gonna point out again very niche but so cool also saying the word niche or niche or however you want to say it it's just a weird word to say cuz I'm always saying it wrong there's never a time when I've said knit G correctly I'm just random wooden train track compatible pieces some of them are bizarre and then then we'd switch gears and get into raspberry pie cases this is an style raspberry-pi case and it looks glorious hasn't it has a little hinge on the front here's another one oh my gosh these are fantastic now some of these use a whole bunch of different colors of filaments in order to create the desired effect you could technically print the whole darn thing and just bright red you'd still have it it would still function and it would look cool it just wouldn't be you know Nintendo NES style in color but you could do it that way but if you've got the filament colors you can you can make it like this or you can just paint it I suppose oh and here's one here's one I actually made a while ago so one of my earlier 3d printing projects is the pie girl – it's absolutely fantastic I'll show this to you this is this is my version of it but it's this beautiful little Adafruit project that takes a Raspberry Pi 3 puts it in a screen and gives it a Game Boy style case so it literally is when you're done it's a complete functional like Game Boy style handheld except that it can run like anything because it's a Raspberry Pi 3 on the inside of it so it can emulate like everything that's out there it's absolutely friggin fantastic next up whoops no don't go over there I want to do this one there we go ha ha a Raspberry Pi 7 inch touchscreen display case now this one I think is cool I haven't done it yet it there's a there's a couple of 7 inch screens out there and this one is compatible I think with one specific one but you take a 7 inch touchscreen pair it with a Raspberry Pi and then have the PI bolted on the back it makes a big clunky funky shaped tablet but with very little work so you could have your own Raspberry Pi tablet without hardly doing anything weird shape to be sure but you then have a tablet with an Ethernet jack on it with visible screws on it and four USB ports on I mean that that that more than makes up for the funky design which I actually kind of like the funky design the Pi girls 0 is awesome it's like the little like a Gameboy micro in size I haven't built this one I think my buddy the Linux gamer built one of these or was going to but it basically is just a tiny little Raspberry Pi 0 hand which is friggin awesome here's another Raspberry Pi case that is shaped like the European version of the Super Nintendo or and I think this one's great a lot of the great projects from Adafruit have have 3d printable sets over here on Thingiverse a wearable Raspberry Pi zero camera so you can get the the camera that you can get with it and then you can plug that into Raspberry Pi zero with a battery pack and put it on a lanyard just you can wear it so you have a body cam this will make you a body cam for like 50 bucks maybe not even that I mean geez the Raspberry Pi zero costs about eleven pennies and the camera isn't terribly expensive is super super super cheap awesome and then oh here you go take a Raspberry Pi and put it in a little Pip Boy you know from fallout why just because just because there really doesn't have to be a reason for doing this the fact that there's a 3d ready-to-go printed printing model available for it usually under a Creative Commons license I believe this one's Creative Commons let's scroll down here yep licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license awesome friggin awesome here's just a TARDIS here's a TARDIS that you can stick a Raspberry Pi in the things you can stick a Raspberry Pi and here's an Atari 2600 which I just think is rad I've been wanting to do this one I haven't done this one yet because I want to get it just right I want to do I'm gonna use an actual wood filament but I want to get a different wood filament for the wood grain portions of it and I want to get it just right because I use a lot of raspberry PI's around the house for like game consoles and whatnot which is a great idea by the way but I would love one that looks just like that there's a PI station there's actually quite a few PlayStation one cases for raspberry PI's there really is quite a few of them out there which honestly is gonna result in a significantly more flexible version of like the PlayStation Classic if you just go with this so that's that's awesome and that's what I really want to do so this is this is they call this the Mac Pi it is also another project over adafruit it looks it's just a little tiny you know macintosh plus a little itty-bitty super teensy tiny screen the Raspberry Pi stuck inside so you could then fire up something like vMac or or any other old computer system emulators have it go fullscreen and you have just like a little itty-bitty super tiny ultra quiet crazy low-power mini computer just sitting off to the side you can plug a full-size keyboard mouse into it if you wanted to which is ridiculous and I love it I have so many of these to get through here's an owl Apple 2 Raspberry Pi enclosure awesome yes of course here's an apple to see which I think is one of the cooler looking cases in my opinion I really like the Apple 2 seats take a Raspberry Pi in that here's an Apple Lisa you can stick a Raspberry Pi in an apple 2 GS case just take your Raspberry Pi in another Commodore 64 ok well move away from the raspberry PI's I'm gonna power through some of these really fast cuz there's so many cool ones out there's a motorized ovary I don't believe I'm saying that correctly an or rare e model mechanical of the solar system so you spin the Sun and the moon and the earth around it and sometimes they have more planets and whatnot but a simple one will just have like you know like Sun Earth Moon and they just spin around it mechanically I've built this one this is this is from this is a motorized or area that's just the name of the set and it actually works phenomenally well I had to I had to shave a few of the parts down it was printed a little tight but but otherwise it was so cool so cool i we did this for a project for for my daughter's science fair which is just just neat here's another one here's another orrery which is a super heart we're just safe for me for some reason just super cool air pocket ship mechanical keyboard if you have a pocket chip and you're looking for a keyboard I know they don't sell the pocket chips anywhere anymore but the the keyboard the the kind of mushy membrane keyboard they have is like the worst part of having a pocket chip otherwise they were great little handhelds but this keyboard right here mechanical keyboard is kind of a pain to build because you have a lot of little individual keys to print out there I did I did a couple different color sets and he used paper clips as the hinges which means you've got to really straighten those paper clips crazy straight which is not an easy task but if you do it it results in a something that was an average PDA handheld and makes it an incredible PDA handheld it really makes those buttons extremely usable just truly fantastic I mean and it's super cheap to build it doesn't take that much money a filament or money worth of filament and it just pops right on the top so there's like no work or soldering involved it's fantastic cookie cutters so many cookie cutters Batman cookie cutters Superman cookie cutters math shaped cookie cutters Doctor Who cookie cutters Darth Vader Star Wars stormtrooper Pikachu friggin Pikachu Princess Peach a d20 8-bit style pac-man complete cookie set awesome the DNA little helix Lego man cookie cutters a Space Shuttle 3d cookie cutter that gives you two different pieces two different cookies that you slide into each other and you result in a 3d space shuttle that's rad a Scooby Snack cookie cutter Minecraft sword cookie cutter Zelda the Hyrule symbol the rupee from Zelda I mean there's so many cookie cutters it's ridiculous there's like a cookie cutter for every interest available if you need a lot of cookie cutters a cheap 3d printer kind of pays for itself so I'm saying is they do not make these cool of cookie cutters anywhere you get them on Thingiverse and they're free and then you can modify them and then you can re-upload your modified version give attribution to the original author and go on your way and make the world an awesome place anyway III just wanted to I just wanted to mention this cuz I don't know how many people fully I know a lot of you do I know a lot of you are big into 3d printing and most of you are like yeah duh this has been like a thing for years a lot of people don't know and I feel like the word needs to be spread the amount of things you can build little mechanical things game pieces you've her lost games it's just stuff that you don't even have to be a maker necessarily just having a 3d printer just enables you to just go grab these things and print them you can print them out on like wood nowadays and iron and all sort mean it's not 100 percent water 100 percent iron they basically take a poly lactic acid and they infuse it with like a certain percentage of like wood grain and whatnot but you end up with like a wood style finish and you can kind of polish it and sand it down it's just it's awesome it's awesome I would be remiss if I did not point out I have sponsors here on the lawn Duke show some of them make computers not Lowe's but they make 3d printers and originally I had the today's video was said to be sponsored by a different sponsor of mine but then I i got sat down to recording and i thought what am i doing loves about 3d printers ladies and gentlemen they make it a lulzbot mini you know lows but tops if you're just starting out in 3d printing this is what i recommend don't get the tas the Taz is awesome and if you're getting used to get into 3d printing and ready for the upgrade yeah go for the go for the TAS because it has a really big print area it's like almost a foot and cube it's awesome but the lulzbot mini gives you a nice it's like a roughly six inch by six inch by six inch like print area that you can print and that that may not seem like a not a lot but that's enough to print like this I like the pie girl to or or any of the tracks or any of the things I talked I showed the day would print on analogs bought mini and print phenomenally well with all the different do like filament types for the most part like the wood and iron the red regular peel it's awesome go to lulzbot comm they're fantastic they love free software they they even donate to the free software foundation that's how much they love free software and open-source hardware anyway that's all I wanted to talk about today go forth play with other 3d printer stuff and see you guys later

Nerdy, Open Source 3D Printer Models

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  1. Don't worry about the word Niche, the only people you offend are the ones who are adamant about their pronouncement about the word. However, Dictionary (dot) com goes with pronunciation of (nich). But if you are serious about pronouncing it the "right" way, then head over the Webster (dot) com because they go ether way. (Ni-ch) or (Nee-sh). I guess it depends on which side of the culture you subscribe to. I believe I even heard people say (n- I -ch).

  2. Man, thanks for this! I am definitely one of those guys who didn't know about this. This is awesome! I knew you were sponsored by Lulzbot and they make 3D printers, I knew 3D printers have been a thing for awhile, but I never realized what could be done with it. idk why, but I always thought it was only the big-name companies and research centers and governments had access to this kind of tech – but it must be a lot more affordable if people are building crazy awesome stuff like this! I'm definitely thinking about getting into 3D printing now (lol). Thanks for sharing as always. 🙂

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