Nvidia RTX Problems: Nvidia is Resolving the issues!

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Another day, another round of Nvidia news on RTX. This time theres a shimmer of light though! Nvidia is starting to resolve the RTX issues… Sort of. They’re spending a TON of R&D to figure out what is causing the RTX line to fail. One company I reached out to; Puget systems, did say that they weren’t seeing a ton of cards fail, and that it was likely due to a manufacturing defect in one of three key areas: cooling, cooling of the VRMS, or the memory. My guess, would be memory, because this is where majority of PC issues lie. Hopefully Nvidia can work with AIB (Add in board) partners to resolve this issue soon, or it’s going to be an uphill battle with AMD in 2019.

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you know what's going on true fam welcome back to the channel it's white shadow and today guys we're gonna talk about the in video RTX introduced once again kind of a follow up video and kind of talk about what's been happening lately with Nvidia trying to fix all of the issues so let's go ahead and jump into it okay so today guys we are gonna talk about all of the issues and kind of how Nvidia is trying to resolve the issues with Nvidia r-tx and this goes for the 20 80 the 20 80 TI and of course the 20 70 as you guys know from the previous videos we talked about the Nvidia RT X has been plagued with a ton of issues since launch people are coming out of the woodwork saying that their cards are failing within two weeks people's systems are blue screening catching fire even I mean it there's all sorts of issues going about this I kind of reached out to a couple of different companies some wouldn't really come out and say what the issue actually was probably because they don't really know yet one company by the name of Puget systems did reach back out to me and they kind of explained what their findings have been most of their customers have haven't really had much of the Nvidia RTS card to fail on them there have been a couple even the 27 News there have been a lot more 27 TS than the higher-end cards this would likely be due to one either cooling of cooling of the V RMS the actual wafer itself which is the processor silicon or it could be due to the RAM and as you guys know it video RTX is using a newer form of RAM they are no longer on the gddr5 they are now on g TD r6m or GD dr 6x this could be a manufacturing issue that we're seeing the cards run into now a lot of the other companies didn't really give me any sort of response I reached out to EVGA a Sue's MSI gigabyte all of the ad and board partners as well as some of these system builders I haven't really heard anything else from this but I have heard from the people that have gotten their cards back from warranty some of them are saying their cards are working some are saying that they had to send the card back once again there's no rhyme or reason as to what but Vidia seems to be trying to resolve this issue and that's a good thing going into 2019 we are seeing nvidia stock dropped slightly due to the issues of nvidia r-tx AMD's hasn't seen a bump because people are no longer buying in video cards because the 10 series is going by the wayside they are no longer stocking Nvidia 10 series there are no longer manufacturing these cards so they're becoming harder and harder to find meaning the only other graphics card that people can buy on the market is AMD that's why we're seeing Andy stock just bump up a little bit and this all relates to us as streamers because when we go into 2019 to try to build new systems we only have two options now Nvidia RT X or AMD doesn't leave us much room on the table because AMD's performance isn't the best right now for the price performance ratio when you're looking at AMD versus nvidia and video blows AMD out of the water but with all of the issues it kind of goes this thing say well maybe I should go AMD because they're not having the issues and Vidya is now on the flip side of that Nvidia is starting to fix these issues NVIDIA is working very closely with our added board partners to figure out what is causing the problem they don't really know right now whether it be the cooling whether it be the design of the actual card itself the vrm layout or the RAM and most likely um this is just my guess right now most likely I would say it's because they're using a newer form of RAM and it's can having some sort of conflicting issues also some of the cars have caught in the fire which is crazy and that has to do with cooling so it could be a conglomerate of a different issues which Nvidia is spending a lot of research and development on trying to fix right now going into 2019 like I said they really need to fix this issue or they're going to be fighting an uphill battle as soon as AMD launches Vega 2 which is coming very soon the whole point of this video is to kind of say hey maybe Nvidia r-tx and maybe the stuff that we have been finding has been a few people crying wolf and the forums whether they've gotten new cards or whether they're happy playing video games who knows but like I said in my previous video hundreds of people now it's just a handful so it it's kind of a hitha and she said type matter and what we've found online and it's really hard to tell what is really happening with NVIDIA r-tx do I recommend you go out and spend a ton of money on an Nvidia r-tx card weren't still on on that it's kind of a gamble because who knows what's gonna happen I have many friends many streamer friends that have an Nvidia r-tx card and they are fine like I said in previous videos it's up to you on whether or not Nvidia r-tx is worth it leave a comment in the comment section below telling me if you guys have purchased a card if you've had any issues let's let's talk to each other let's figure out in this out together but guys that about does it for this video if you guys like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up be sure to smash that subscribe button before you meet the video today I would super appreciate it if you want to follow myself or do gaming on any of our social media platforms all of those are in the description below I will see you guys in the next video until the next time my shadow out

Nvidia RTX Problems: Nvidia is Resolving the issues!

34 thoughts on “Nvidia RTX Problems: Nvidia is Resolving the issues!”

  1. i just bought EVGA's RTX GeForce 2070 from Microcenter. I replaced 2 units already. It kept restarting the Windows every seconds or minutes. I connected to display port and caused this problem. But when I connected to HDMI, it worked so far fine. I am still testing it out now. I will let you guys know.


  3. RTX Pascal refresh cards are still dying of GDDR6 overheating causing permanent artifacting, 1350 MHz gpu core lock and numerous BSODs….these problems are available on 2070s, 2080s and 2080 Tis in my country. Those flawed versions are still being sold reguraly since they weren't sold at launch since RTX Pascal refresh card almost don't sell. I am definitely keeping my KFA2 GTX 1080 EXOC and my newly aqquired GTX 1080 Ti and completely skipping this RTX flawed series :).

  4. Just Got a Asus rog 2070 worked for half a day then I got errors and now I just get weird white tearing as soon as I load up windows so I’m left £600 down with no new hardware to enjoy

  5. Gosh, I actually want to build a PC with a MSi 2070 Armor card, is it a bad idea? Since my second choice is Zotac RTX 2070 Mini (I choose this as a secondary option bcs this is the cheapest card I can afford). If MSi wasn't worth it, does Zotac mini a best choice for me? Pls I need an answer

  6. My MSI RTX 2080 ti gaming x trio died 2 days ago after 19 days .. started artifacting, freezing and crashing and sometimes no signal at all and I live in another country where I asked a shop to order it for me online from amazon and they cant return it and I cant send it back so 1659$ just gone !! How wonderful !

  7. I have the GeForce rtx 2070 black and it was running fine for about two weeks then suddenly it kept freezing , going into black screen, kept seeing like purple pixels all over my screen, and also my screen resolution stays on 800 x 600 I cant change it at all.. if I uninstall the driver and restart the computer sometimes itll let me change the resolution but then after 10 minutes or less it starts doing it all again ( failing) and the res goes back down to 800 x 600. it is pretty annoying I payed 1,399.00 dollars for the whole computer ame master amd edition 3200 bst . im thinking about switching the rtx out and buying something else.
    any recommendations on a good GPU that can handle 4k.???

  8. I’m building my pc in a couple of weeks with an rtx 2070. I’ve heard from the internet that some 2070’s are failing. If i don’t overclock mine, will i be safe from this?

  9. I will receive my Asus rtx 2070 8gig dual advanced on Monday paired with my old i7 6700k and a new cougar 750w psu do you think my new rtx card will be one of the batch having issues ? :/

  10. Welp oof, Two days in with my RTX 2070 Windforce 8G and I'm getting pink lines, crashing, blue screens etc. Sigh I don't have the money nor the time to get a replacement :/

  11. Hey so I wanna build a PC and can someone tell me if any of these parts are gonna hurt my PC or if i should Upgrade or Downgrade some parts(Like if i should have less watts or more RAM, Etc)

    CPU:Intel Core i9-9900K
    PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 P2 80+ PLATINUM
    RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz

    Should I Change any parts or upgrade?

    Respond quick plz

    First time building one

  12. I have horrible artifacting and bluescreen system crashes but with the 2070… ASUS responded and told me to see if I had bent pins on my processor… and to remove the battery from my desktop???? and if all else fails.. update windows……..fucking cunts

  13. I have to admit I had some issues mainly on 2070 RTX Card from EVGA , where DXR would be disabled , but would show up on screen BF5 game with very strange fast moving lines across reflections on the Puddles surface. Could it be due to my CPU being Ryzen5 AMD ? . Great video btw, I like how you explain everything on video , i'm subscribed .

  14. I have a (Geforce Nvidia RTX 2070) and it's current issue is my VR headset is identified under device management but when plugged in the set up app mixed reality portal cannot find my HDMI. I have tried other ports as well as updating my drivers and many suggestions made by other videos with similar issues but no luck.

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