Overclock Your 4k Monitor (or any monitor)

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So since there are only two $1999.99 4k monitors capable of over 60 hz, your left with selling organs, or overclocking your monitor for the new RTX cards to take advantage of all the 4k frames.

www.testufo.com – Test stability
– Toasty X Monitor Overclock

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I got you covered what's up guys undermine challenger tink where I get a share wouldn't patch bet with you it might sell it's PC tech games and gear so you bought your brand-new r-tx GPU and you can't wait to fire up 4k gaming and see those creamy 6,200 FPS in certain titles with your new DL SS enabled games but you forgot that in order to even see those hurts you have to buy a high refresh 4k monitor unfortunately for you you already sold one kid need to buy that GPU and the other one you need to live so you know now if you did any of your research that the only monitor capable of giving you over 60 FPS at 4k cost 2 grand each so you're kind of like so what exactly are you going to do about it well either you're gonna have to sell your additional kidney and basically live on life support and game or you're gonna maze be to consider overclocking your monitor now full big red like disclaimer with warning and nuclear science going off if you're gonna be overclocking your monitor it does carry the inherent risk that all overclocking does and that is you can damage the monitor so full like disclaimer take you know when you overclock anything that happens a harbor centrist you are responsible for I'm just gonna try and guide you on how to do it but there's really two main methods to overclocking your monitor there might be other ones out there I've seen kind of some different stuff outside of what I'm going to talk about and I've actually made a video about this before we're gonna go over the first method which is using the Nvidia control panel alright guys so the first minute that I'm gonna show you is using the Nvidia control panel now while obviously we're focusing on our TX GPUs that's the whole point of this video overclocking your monitor so you don't have to buy super expensive one there is a way to do this frame D GPUs and I am gonna show you that as well but in the Nvidia control panel you're just gonna go under display change resolution and then you're gonna get all these different resolutions down here now you can see I've already created a custom resolution up here but I'm gonna show you how I did it because that's how we actually raise the refresh rate of the monitor now again full disclaimer you can cause damage obviously doing this will be careful but basically you're gonna go into customize it's gonna pull this panel you can see a custom resolution never recreated but you need to create custom resolution one more time and it brings you to this panel now quick note if I wanted to I could actually go to manual and chain the total pixels horizontal and vertical if I wanted to basically you can lower that so you can actually kind of push more Hertz on the monitor but that means you're losing native 4k so I'm not going to do that we're gonna actually keep it at men or automatic I should say and then basically all you do is increase the refresh rate by a tick of one and test now what's gonna happen is if the monitor is stable ish it's going to come to this back to here and ask if you want to apply it now you're just gonna continue to tick this up until you get the refresh rate you want to now I was able to get to 65 Hertz earlier but actually playing with this I think I've been able to push it to a total of 67 Hertz which is not super impressive but obviously that's something that is in the high lease nice to see so one to sixty seven Hertz I can hit test and yeah so basically this as far as we're able to push this monitor at 68 Hertz if I was to do it the screen would go completely black for about 3060 seconds before resetting that's how you know you've gone too far I'm gonna do apply it's gonna do one more reset on here and now I have another custom resolution so I'm gonna hit okay I'm gonna go up to my custom resolutions that I've created and now I have 65 and 67 Hertz I can actually pick between the two so we're gonna do 67 and then after when I hit exit it will ask me if I want to apply the settings and that's that so that's all you have to do with the Nvidia control panel so there you have using Nvidia control panel with a custom resolution pretty straightforward obviously my Sikhi pro 4k monitor is not able to get a higher overclock and using the other method i'm about to go over i was an apple i should say to get a higher overclock than what you just saw but i want to go over it because this method we're gonna use this one working just with nvidia gpus it also works with AMD GPU so let's go over that really quick alright so this is the other way that you essentially overclock even if you have an AMD GPU and that's using the custom resolute resolution utility by toasty X I'll have a link down below I think I'm actually using an older version now this one is both more complicated but also still simple you have all these different resolutions that have been tested basically with different Hertz you can just kind of click and then off you go but if you want to add a new resolution outside of standard you can add and then it's going to bring you up to this page now you can do you manual but it's nice because it actually has automatic timings depending on what type of monitor you're using and then if I wanted to overclock this monitor what I would first do is basically take a look kind of at where I wanted to be you have your horizontal your vertical refresh rate let's say I wanted to do 68 well and you can see here that everything's fine but what if I wanted to go higher on this like 75 well here you can see we're starting to run into some issues is actually not going to let me go that high because essentially it's I'm pushing the monitor farther than the programming of the software allows or is comfortable doing essentially so if I hit interlace what it does is that actually lines up what you consider saved for that refresh rate but if you'll notice that reduced our total vertical pixels and we don't want to do that so we're gonna pack it down to let's say 67 again and then now that we have 67 Hertz I'm gonna be able to just hit OK and it adds that to the roster and then if I want to apply it I would hit OK and it's really that simple there's some other tools within this utility but I wanted to show you essentially what you need to know and then obviously you can see it says restart required and so yes I would have to restart the monitor for that to show up but I've tested that resolution and it works so that's the second way to do it as far as if you were gonna be overclocking your monitor I'm obviously I wasn't able to reduce the vertical or horizontal pixels to get a higher overclock because that defeats the purpose because I'm trying to maintain native 4k that being said now that you have and your overclock you're gonna probably want to make sure it's stable so here's a great website you can use to test that so there you have it guys kind of an updated overclocking your monitor video I hope you found it helpful if you bought a new r-tx GPU you know obviously I hope that the DL SS enabling and gaming's than and ray-tracing and as being ends up being worth it but anyway guys if you like this video go ahead and let me a big thumbs up if not gonna leave me a thumbs down remember to get subscribed and hit that like button also make sure to hit the bell icon so you get updates on these videos cuz YouTube's algorithm sucks on top of that thanks to my patreon so give me their actual money to help my channel run and my twitch subscribers you guys get your names put at the end of my video as a way to say thanks and as far as if you want to support me directly consider becoming a patreon it's a group I've gotten to know very well we have a discord chat and basically a supporter only chat that you can join if you want to support me that way as well now if you want to support me if you're gonna be buying a monitor through Amazon or any of these other computer parts you can use my Amazon affiliate link it's down in the description and 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Overclock Your 4k Monitor (or any monitor)

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  1. This is exactly what I need. I hate that all the best gaming monitors have shitty matte coatings blurring text and lowers contrast ratio. I'm just going to get the best HDR 60hz 4k and overclock.

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