P1 – Racist Slavery! Muhammed Hijab Vs Agnostic | Speakers Corner | Hyde Park

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Muhammad Hijab speaks to an Agnostic about his misconceptions about Islam.

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[Laughter] the phrase a question is no clear because here have a mic for this one [Laughter] they need this kind of currency places someone is a woman or man whatever people have to be wiser nowadays because this is this part of what's the code let's do every want to do you have to trust the person you're engaging in sexual relations with yeah why should you trust that person you don't know them that much if your intention is if your intention is that you actually release yourself for nine or – and this person just because they look like with anyway and so therefore it is if it's the Catholic and to be until the day of judgment then that is an extrapolation it's more yes of the people of tower to be given the calcium in the Quran is eight categories of them are amazake Norfolk have enough money to you know slavery should receive that you should to free the slaves about any war according to is not a principle since the muck sub which is the objective of Sharia has been fulfilled which is to because think about you're going to be spending money to get to freedom yes we agree we're going to be spending money the GDP of the country is going to go to freedom yes like one of the potential I mean I haven't looked pay the process you have to use money to three sleeps okay so it makes sense it brings ladies apart is a blue because these are the compulsory things because people are addicted to intoxicants right and also because there's an economic aspect of it as well which is when we saw happen in America's problem you can't just say let's take this aspect talk you know I'll be so yeah this is cool nothing no guys I'm gonna stop and grab a camera and show

P1 – Racist Slavery! Muhammed Hijab Vs Agnostic | Speakers Corner | Hyde Park

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