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in the door we had liver hot boy light-filled daddy told you to trust her hold they were bad advice they're too sweet too many time how to breathe uh guys I'm on it but she keep in the back I got a hot wife I love my young nigga Donnie's good okay 85 hey PC game and we playing getting a red pill side hey cafe she who you a little nigga that while we just seeming they be cool eighty how you over there doing bro you done hey little see you at rate TV they don't see you at rate TV Oh for real oh and we got see me they come get me look you take a sitting down don't move the national or you get it I see don't break it now what else look we stole a TV gave me all day I appreciate that sir I do it bro we got a little net I'm gonna play the game I'm gonna play the game lucky dog what's up I'll get out bro fuck your own I'm buddy house earlier died in a snowman anybody get better no I'm no I'm attorney ringing like nothing damn got a controller baby okay Nikki baby you can eat it baby then I stole it roll yeah is also one thing only I really like so I know he did hey no it's my TV now I haven't seen TV Wham into my fucking control yeah tell neighbor tell about them yes I ain't doing that oh I just filled three TV I don't see like you know man I like your move nothing oh wait Aaron I'm coming for you next there's no I ain't gonna let you know what when where how there's no we coming for you Hey no I'm allowed to do I'm gonna lock the door but when I am I'm just gonna start back I'm gonna start the coming back I'll be back real deal she healed oh wait wait what just like was like that's what a guy were to see on Instagram you see I had on TV no way No on TV gonna be the Hawley TV lipstick hey young but man they gonna be like while we ain't calling why not link called nobody broke in the house I'll be right there let me come I know what you right you right you can do it we can do it let me hide TV for everything wasn't counting Roberto hey the TV's on my ear should be in the TV a song so I'm gonna call and be like oh yeah we're gonna who's gonna come and see me they say she did he go I think they do my thing I say they do we need to be standing outside on our dangle I'm not dying there look out they day outside look we we definitely be walking around I see we're gonna be like all right yeah hey the TV's oh good job I'm gonna put y'all in my pocket I'm gonna put y'all in my jacket pocket for a little bit Artie hey what's up I hear the TV is on hmm what saw you in the TV song yeah no yeah eating continues oh you laugh y'all hear the TV no dad we just got here cuz it's it on Vanessa it's stopping gets on the heat but fun little adult the door was open but we know that's what I'm trying to see me but I go yeah I'm on TV they don't they don't wanna gang though we we thought y'all were playing some 101 it I loaded oh how you get up man we looked all over town man find them they took their mother it's a bummer gotta William we're Vanessa you start with ice on the plate you stop by chick-fil-a anyway no chick-fil-a bad she's got a hunch get on it oh look at the stop T I'll go get the stuff for real we catching both we got to be realistic Rio Bravo yeah Vanessa yeah Vanessa come on back come on back now we trying to save you a you don't okay baby you can't save her Brodie you can't save her I'm about to start somebody else to jail I believe jelly here to know between us what I got I hear the TV on the land the layouts are what allows how's that for ju see me direct this morning right somebody get the last hospital is always over please see our on the whole turn yapping and I hear oj TV everybody I don't have top on the bed we saying let's put a laptop I'm thank you all Laura we someone else told who came in oh oh we would name aloud so well we laughs I am we put toys in the carbon-carbon look man miss y'all go subscribe to everybody telling me go-go JPJ man T how great you have great these on the crazy filming I am just air trade bill the Li way down a tunnel the team busy F it David Vanessa go subscribe to the whole Channel man you feel man I had I had to doing throwing dope they got me too many time then they uploaded every time they did me today like oh you see my mess you when you got such a thing though somebody playing the game tonight unless we go to get a and start right here right now Lincoln get another choice deeper yes I would call me I'll to tell y'all no no I don't wanna listen I was broken how periphery yeah I don't wanna else good job y'all don't wanna help Kajal Ryland running Connor we come around the corner now but it could have been a bit tighter by on the way if you don't want to that way I get to step it yeah I already know but look man at the end man we got man Jimmy I got high nothing go chasing us with a bill like you somebody daddy oh I broke it I broke it I broke in your room and everybody got me a soldier 1d I feel bad now god I feel bad now I'll dude oh look at that dude oh man dude oh that I'm finna be rich or real soldier hey so ain't so shit don't touch that just a soldier I hate soldier oh man got me a soldier egg in the doorway lies told you they were bad advice bittersweet zoom anytime how to breathe uh guys I'm on that bus she keep in the back I gotta have Wi-Fi



  1. I have a prank idea. Yall should prank Tray and say Airi missing. Somebody can call from Airi phone and say they got Airi. The person can say they won't a million dollars. The person can put the phone to Airi ear and Airi can say something. Don't let him call the police. If he say he gonna call the police, you can say we can handle it without the police. Whoever gonna call from Airi phone should change their voice. Ari should ring the doorbell and act like she hurt. She should have fake blood on her shirt to make it look like he hit her and then drop her off by the door and rung the doorbell and left. She can say he hit her. Somebody can make her a black eye >> yeaaa dc do this prank ii just copied it and pasted it from somebody cause this a good prank !!

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