Pico Genie M100 Wireless LED Projector Review

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Today we are taking a deeper look into the Pico Genie M100. You may remember the unboxing a week ago and well today I am giving you the Top 5 reasons to buy!

The ultra-slim Pico Genie M100 wireless LED pocket projector is one of the first to offer wireless connection to smartphones, tablets and laptops straight out of the box without needing any additional dongles.

With 65 lumens of (DLP) brightness from its rechargeable inbuilt battery you will be able to enjoy 70″ projected wherever you are from your laptop, mobile, tv, dvd player, games console. It provides the perfect projector for business, travel or home use.

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so hard guys welcome back to technology evolution today we've got a review for you or the Pico genie and 100 mini LED projector let's jump straight into it so let's start with the M 100 and my top 5 reasons in no particular order as to why you need this projector in your life number one for the price you'll be amazed as it features wireless connectivity with lots of projections down to this price bracket don't actually include number two it projects a resolution of 85 4 by 480 but even playing 1080p content it's still just looks as clear number three it's a compliment number two it also projects from 10 inches up to 70 inches as up to test this latter slightly and in the day time it was still watchable for number 4 has a variety of features Wi-Fi streaming which includes miracast and DLNA to connect both Android and I devices such as the iPad or iPhone and even has the classic style connectors such as HDMI USB and micro sd and finally for number 5 is the lamp is quoted to last 20,000 hours which means if used for four hours down average it would last 5,000 days which is equal to 13 years so even if you're using it for the average film or TV show so for 8 hours a day it would last longer than you would ever need and when the bulb finally does go you can upgrade to the latest Pico genie projector and who knows what they could be offering in 13 years time so as mentioned above the Pico genie projector has a variety of connectors and the quality of the image is more than suitable for a device so small it's also light enough so you can carry it around with you and also comes all the cables necessary to get it up and running in no time the battery life while testing the device lasted four days and I was testing it on and off so I can't give an exact timing as to how long it really lasts the only real fault I found they were these devices that the Wi-Fi streaming is a great feature just of wish you could do a via bluetooth so you can still show YouTube videos your Netflix or from your phone to the projector but that's more of a niggly point and I'm sure Wi-Fi is used to learn more bandwidth which in turn gives are more smoother and faster video experience but overall this projector is definitely worth buying and is the first projector to give the in the gold award so to conclude both projectors are great I was going to purchase one for a daily use I'll definitely buy the m100 just because of the high quality image and the wireless capabilities but don't get me wrong the p50 pro is also a very good projector and will be more than suited for the average user so that concludes my review on the M 100 and the P 50 pro projected by pico Jeanie like to thank a personal projector for letting me review these units and let me know what you think by commenting below so thank you very much for watching this video and you can find more videos like this on my youtube channel by clicking the icon below or by visiting

Pico Genie M100 Wireless LED Projector Review

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  1. Ok wtf is going on here …there is 3 projectors i have found from 3 separate companies that look exactly the same this 1 on the video then you have the favi j6 and cooluxQ6
    Who the fuck is copying who

  2. So you can't use Netflix or YouTube videos with this device while using wifi? You would need bluetooth for this capability? I am looking for a pocket projector with wifi to stream Netflix and YouTube videos. I also just watched a video on a Pico 6 micro projector that retails for $350. Does that mean I can't use any pocket projector with wifi for Netflix and YouTube videos? What about the micro pocket projector that you need a cable connection to use the projector features? Can I steam Netflix and YouTube videos with those? I don't want to waste my money if these projectors won't do what I need. I thought if you used the mirroring feature it would display my Netflix and YouTube videos. Sorry for the long letter but I don't want tow waste my money if I can't watch my Netflix and YouTube videos by mirroring them with these projectors.

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