Printing With Different Paper Types on a HP Printer

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We have a number of people ask how they can print labels or a heavier type of paper on their HP LaserJet printers and MFPs.

This is an easy setting to change and most printers and photocopiers can take up to 200gsm paper, providing the settings are correct.

These instructions will guide you through the settings you will need to change on your printer and computer for different media types.

*On Enterprise machines you will be able to change the trays via the “Trays” button on the main screen.
hi so today I'm going to show you how to print labels or any thicker media on a lay on a laser jet machine so first what we need to do is change the paper type to do that you go to supply status and then you'll have your tray options here you'll need to choose two tray one click modify so I'm doing labels today so I'll go down and choose labels so that's been set there now I'll I'm gonna put my labels in the tray you can see here which way the paper will go in so I'm gonna put the labels in facedown set the trays and that's done so once we've set the paper into the tray we can open up our documents so here I've just got my label document here what you want to do is when you go into print choose print properties go to the paper and quality tab change your source to tray one and change your paper type so I've I'm printing labels so selector labels once that's done press ok and you're ready to go

Printing With Different Paper Types on a HP Printer

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