Projector Under 200/3d projector mini/ DLP projector

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3D Mini Projector, ELEPHAS WiFi DLP Portable Pico Video Projector Supports 1080P Ideal for iPhone Android Smart-Phone HDMI USB YouTube Koala Outdoor Movie Night Party
Built-in YouTube and Koala Apps.

Built-in 2GB memory and supports 2TB extra memory
Installation Options – Front, Rear, Front Ceiling, Rear Ceiling.
With varied ways in charging, RD606 can be charged by power bank, laptop, AC adaptor. So, you are able to enjoy your private theater anywhere and anytime.

Smart and lightweight DLP projector with wireless screen mirroring capability.
Mini beetle-shaped appearance and compact design makes it convenient in carrying. It’s the latest model that achieves the 3D mode by adopting the advanced DLP technology, which provides a real and excellent visual experience for you.

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Projector Under 200/3d projector mini/ DLP projector

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