Protect 3D Printers

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Every three years, The Copyright Offices decides which non-infringing uses of technology will be considered exempt from anticircumvention rules.

During this time anyone can submit exemption request and we need you to add your voice! Join us and tell the Copyright Office why you want to unlock and protect your 3D printer.

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hi I'm here today to talk to you about unlocking your 3d printer what does this even mean so what we're talking about we say unlocking 3d printers is as you know 3d printers have two parts the printer and the filming and some 3d printers most 3d printers you can use whatever filament you want in the printer but some 3d printers not this one you have to use the filament that you buy from the manufacturer it comes in a cartridge it will only use the filament for the manufacturer like some 2d printers use to do what you had to buy the cartridge from the company that sold you the printer as well right now we're in the middle of a process is called the DMCA 1201 triennial review process at the Copyright Office don't worry nothing remember what that is and every three years we have to ask for permission to unlock things like 3d printers one step to do with copyright really not that much if you want to go to the link and we'll explain to it more but here's the important part of this the important part is we need to convince the Copyright Office that this is important that people care about this that you care about this so please go to the link right here below and fill out this form so be formed that will send it a copyright office to explain to them why this is so important that this is important and that there are real people out there real people like you who care about this and want to be able to use whatever filament they want into 3d printers that they own so thank you so much go to the website for more information and thank you for your help

Protect 3D Printers

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