Raspberry Pi 3: Could a $35 Raspberry Pi replace your PC?

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Raspberry Pi 3: When the Raspberry Pi appeared In 2012 few could have envisaged how popular it would be. In the years after its release the Raspberry Pi has become the most popular single-board computer on the market and spawned many imitators, but none with the rich community that has grown organically around the Raspberry Pi. For $35 could this be your next PC?
yeah hi its came from here computing editor
at separate out calm and today we're here to look at the raspberry pi 3 the
pi3 is the fastest version of the microcomputer yet and introduce new
features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but it hasn't abandoned its core principles
it still costs just there to five dollars and runs raspbian a free version
of linux deviant that you can use to download programming tools and the
number of basic programs and utilities so it's three the magic number let's find out can you get work done on
it document always need not fear as Robin
comes with the open source LibreOffice three suite installed it includes a word
processor spreadsheet editor a formula editor and the presentation creator
giving you the basic tools you need to be productive you can also access cloud-based software
programs like google docs through the Raspberry Pi threes epiphany browser and
if you need more programs you can install them in just a few clicks can you play games on it ok it's not
going to rain fall out for any time soon but the raspberry pi three packs a punch
for small size pairing a 64-bit ARM Cortex 853 card processor with an
upgraded video call for GPU is almost twice as fast as the one in the previous
generation pi the latest pi/3 comes with a special
edition of Minecraft that's designed for learning programming rather than
battling creepers but there are a number of other games
you can play to some of the best adventure games have been ported to the
pi including beneath a steel sky light of the Amazon Queen and even the classic
broken sword can use it anywhere in the house one of the best things about the
raspberry pi 3 is that it no longer forces you to connect it to our rooms
are using the white cable thanks to inbuilt Wi-Fi you can use it with a
monitor anywhere in the house which is particularly useful if you want to sit
next to a big TV and use it as a media center the pi also has bluetooth for the first
time meaning you can connect compatible keyboard and mouse to surf the web from
the comfort of your sulfur can you download a different browser the
raspberry pi 3 isn't going to be as quick as your regular computer when it
comes to surfing the web but it is significantly faster than previous
versions thanks to 64-bit ARM processor if you're not keen on the look off speed
of the default epiphany browse that there are several options available to
you firefox clone iceweasel is a popular
choice and there's also web and midori they are packed with features such as
html5 CSS JavaScript and plug-in supports and because the lightweight you
can browse the web watch youtube videos and play flash
games with minimum slow down can you run it in 4k you might be
wondering if the raspberry pi can be used with that shiny 4k TV you bought
last week but unfortunately the answer is that it's not quite there yet while it's technically possible to get
the mini machine two outputs a pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160 you are
limited to be very low refresh rate which makes the pie feel slower than a
hedgehog wading through treacle for all of its incredible value the pi3 is still
primed for using at 1920 x 1080 also known as 1080p there's nothing stopping you hooking the
opportunity for Cate Le but you are better off sticking to 1080p to use the
PI to silky smooth 60 heads can you use it to land the program you
won't get any prizes for guessing the answer to this one the pi is upgraded specs make it a much
more useful computer than previous versions but it is still one that's
designed for programming the raspberry pi 3 is improved performance low cost
and wide range of tools make it ideal for letting too cold raspbian comes with several
pre-installed tools to help you on the way including ones for learning wolfram
mathematica sonic PI and of course scratch can you use it to brew craft beer the
raspberry pi 3 is a computer of many talents and helping you to brew the
perfect craft beer is one of them using a program called brew target you can
calculate what you'll need to brew beer in more than 100 styles including
belgian pale English IPA and side you can set temperatures and aim to get your
beer the perfect color for brewing as long as you've got the space to do it all things considered the raspberry pi
is incredible value and it's impressive the amount of things that you can do
with it if you're looking for a cheap small pc
to replace your desktop and you don't mind putting up with a slightly slower
experience with some of the things you do on it the raspberry pi 3 is an excellent
choice thanks for liking thanks for subscribing and we will see
you next time

Raspberry Pi 3: Could a $35 Raspberry Pi replace your PC?

39 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 3: Could a $35 Raspberry Pi replace your PC?”

  1. the problem is they don't have proper ethernet solution (usb-to-ethernet implementation). and no solution at all for dual Ethernet – could be amazing solution for routers and firewalls. And usb is not 3.0. For the rest it's perfect.

  2. Kinda want to build one as a "shits and giggles" project but like now I'm thinking it could easily become a useful PC that I could keep a "desktop" (keyboard and monitor) setup for and also take with me if I had to or even plug into the TV for viewing stuff. Looks like I could easily have fun with it and also learn more about the guts of a computer in the process.

  3. After this video I may want the Raspberry Pi as a computer, but the first thing I need is Mojang to update the Minecraft Pi edition, otherwise I may need to use both, my laptop, and the Raspberry Pi.

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