Receiver? Plotter? Curve Tracer? Picofarad meter? Differential probes? Synergy DK II Synth?

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Cam is back alive! So here is a roundup of all the things I started in the meantime:

01:00 – Vintage military tube receiver AN/URR-13
02:56 – Mutoh Cutting Plotter XP-1250c
05:15 – ELV TT 7001 Curve Tracer
09:51 – Knick Voltage Source S13, Null Microvolt Meter G20
15:40 – Elektor PicoC Picofarad Meter
21:51 – Differential Probes: Elektor and HP 1141A + 1142A
27:14 – Synergy DK II Vintage Digital Synthesizer

w2aew Capacitance measurement

Mutoh XP-C Series Service Maintenance Manual (I Paid 10 Bucks for this document)
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Receiver? Plotter? Curve Tracer? Picofarad meter? Differential probes? Synergy DK II Synth?

14 thoughts on “Receiver? Plotter? Curve Tracer? Picofarad meter? Differential probes? Synergy DK II Synth?”

  1. Marco, thanks for the most excellent channel. About the transistor curve tracer. There was a project in Elektor before you were born I guess. The designer used an Oscilloscope to display the curves. There is a seller on eBay who sells kits for it, I think about 15 euros. I bought one and it is in the queue to be built. I don’t know the seller but the kit looks good.

  2. Did you check the rotation speed of the floppy drives? When I had my first drives for my Genie II (TRS-80 clone) I regularly had to adjust the drive speed. At first we had to use the the pattern on spindle (there was a strobe marking for 50Hz and 60Hz) and later we used to program to adjust the speed which was more accurate.
    If I remember correctly the speed had to be 300rpm.

  3. If you have the software running and working with the device, have you thought about, and tried, to reverse-engineer the serial protocol? Capturing packets should be trivial. I've used virtual serial ports (Serial Port Splitter by Eltima, forget their other stuff), null modems and splitter cables (with multi-port cards) and free tool RealTerm, among others, rather successfully myself for similar projects, albeit smaller ones.

  4. Wow, a dual-floppy Kaypro! That was top of the line! I haven't seen one of those since maybe the early 1980s. And that synth reminded me of a Hammond on steroids. Which of course it is.

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