Recording Drums With CAD Audio Microphones

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A brief overview of live drum recording, using 7 CAD Audio microphones. Models include the D88, E100S, D89, M179, and E60. Signal path is mics – Behringer XR18 – Reaper X64 with stock plugins. Drumming, audio engineering, videography, mixing, and editing all done by Matt Middleton.
so my journey with CAD started about a year ago when I decided that I wanted to start making video for YouTube and I didn't want to start with the kind of entry-level beginner packages but I couldn't afford a lot of the high-end mics that I had been you know sort of seeing and using over the years on stage or in studios or whatever and I needed to to mine that kind of middle ground and search for those hidden gems and I kept coming back to CAD and you know what I discovered was CAD as a company that says okay let's let's make a great sounding microphone and then we'll figure out a way to make it affordable and that to me was unique because everything else that I had seen up to that point was a company that maybe said okay let's take an existing mic from our line and come up with like a watered-down more affordable version of it you know they they build for price and with CAD that built for sound so we're starting on the kick drum I've got a d88 inside now with an e 100's large diaphragm condenser on the outside I've got the D 89 might do it all Mike on the snare drum on the Tom's I have the M 179 large diaphragm condenser this is another incredibly versatile microphone it's a beautiful overhead it's a beautiful room mic but it really shines on tom toms and then overhead I've got probably my favorite discovery in the CAD line which is the e60 this is a medium diaphragm condenser just an absolutely beautiful mic and unlike a lot of sort of small or even medium diaphragm overheads there's no brittleness it's not sharp or harsh a beautiful mellow but clear sound

Recording Drums With CAD Audio Microphones

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