Reeven Justice CPU Air Cooler Review Best For AMD and Intel Builds Under $50

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Perfect PC Master Race Theme CPU Air Cooler Reeven Justice RC-1204 For AMD and Intel Builds Under $50.

Reeven Website:

Reeven Justice RC-1204:

My Setup

Monitor: LG 34UM59-P 34in IPS LED Black FreeSync –
Keyboard: Corsair K70 –
Mouse: Corsair M65 –
Webcam: Logitech C920 –
Speaker: Logitech Z200 –
SD Card Reader: IOGEAR GFR281 –

My Gaming/Workstation Setup Dual Boot Windows/MacOS

Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-A –
CPU: Intel Core i5 9600K 6C/6T –
CPU Cooler: Cryorig H5 White –
Ram: Corsair Vengeance Lpx 2×8 3000mhz 16gb –
GPU: Asus Dual Rx580 8gb –
Drive: Samsung 960 Evo 250gb (Windows 10) –
Drive: Samsung 970 Evo 250gb (MacOS Mojave) –
PSU: Evga 650w –
Cable: Silverstone white power supply extension cable –
Case Fan: AMZtronics 3-Pack RGB 120mm –
Case: Nzxt S340 Elite White –

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what's up guys this is Sonny back with another quick unboxing and testing video for you guys we have a product from Riven the sent one of their CPU air cooler Riven justice are say 1204 and this cooler does support intel socket order from LGA 775 to LGA 2066 and MD socket starting from m22 all the way m4 socket so you're not to worry if you have a rising CPU you can pick up this CPU cooler and you can install they do include the installation kit the m4 seconds now I will be testing this CPU with my horizon 322 100g overclocked to 4 Giga hard and basically I will compare this color with my current quadric HVAC cooler and I'll see how this color stack up now if you guys don't know who is Riven make sure you check out their website and they do have a lot of products you guys might like they do have air coolers liquid cooler they do I have fans RGB strips umm qais and a lot of other stuff so make sure you guys check out their website now what I like about their website and of course their product line the black and yellow color team now after unboxing I did find 4 package in there one was for installing spare fan for push and pull and also there was a m4 kid and they have the universal bracket for AMD and Intel sockets also they have a detailed installation manual guide you can easily follow this guide and install you know your CP cooler and is really really simple also a hundred and twenty millimeter black and Yolo pwm cooling fan the fan speed starting from 300 rpm all the way to 1500 rpm under max load also the cooler height is around 160 to millimeter and with is Iran with the fan 105 millimeter I also do prefer the dual stack pin design so basically if there is more fins on the heat pipes give you better temperature lower temperature you guys can see there's six heat pipe running from CPU you know heat plate to both side of the cooler and also this cooler is a single tower cooler so it's not all that big so let's not waste any more time and let's just jump into testing like I said I'll be using Verizon 320 200 G or clock to 4 gigahertz so let's just jump in alright guys so as you guys can see we are done installing the cooler the installation was really simple if you guys are using this cooler with your rising CPU and m4 motherboard make sure you follow the guide comes with the m4 kid because that guide is really simple and we are using the BIOS store X 370 GTN motherboard and the CPU we are stress testing this color weight risin 320 200 G overclocked to 40 gigahertz so let's look at the result real quick so we have the AMD risin master running and also we have either 64 stress testing when almost 37 minute and system still didn't crash system is running really stable the reason we have MD rise and master running basically we are monitoring the core clock the voltage the temperature and also we are making sure the CPU is not hurdling down and so far the system is running really stable you guys can see 54 Celsius at 4 Giga hard with 1.4 ball now I was running the same test with Mike I read H 5 cooler and I was getting around 65 Celsius so this Raven justice cooler does beat the cleric H 5 cooler and I think for $46 this cooler is a great Buy if you guys are planning on picking up a air cooler alright guys let me know what you guys think if you guys have any other question live in the comment below if you guys want to see like a build video with this cooler like a PC master-race team yellow and black also make sure you subscribe and keep this video big thumbs up that should be it see you guys next time peace

Reeven Justice CPU Air Cooler Review Best For AMD and Intel Builds Under $50

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