REVIEW: Vankyo V600 FHD 1080P Native Res Projector!

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VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector
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【NATIVE 1080P FULL HD RESOLUTION】With widescreen native 1920*1080 resolution and 5000:1 contrast ratio, The VANKYO Performance V600 brings 3 times more detail than 720P. Delivers uncompromising image quality and professional-grade reliability.
【+80% BRIGHTER THAN EVER】 Featuring 4000 Lux of white brightness, this powerhouse projector shines bright for displays up to 300″ even in well-lit spaces, and great contrast for impactful presentations.
【ULTRA LONG-LASTING LAMP】Utilizing low-cost, long-lasting lamps, this reliable performer delivers up to 50,000 hours, provides a low total cost of ownership.
【VERSATILE DIGITAL CONNECTIVITY】The V600 features dual HDMI connectivity, including one MHL-enabled port, and premium audio, allow users to project full HD-quality presentations from laptops, mobile and streaming devices, as well as remote management and control.

Full HD 1080P powerhouse projector
With over two million pixels, 1080P resolution brings three times more detail than HD 720P, delivering sharper, life-like images and richer colors.

Exceptional brightness for well-lit spaces
Boasting an excellent brightness figure of 4000 Lux, the V600 offers bright, vivid images and great contrast for impactful presentations, even in environments with high ambient light.

Powerful & engaging sound
With the latest in processing and tuning techniques, V600 sounds better than other projectors. Stereo speaker delivers 25 percent more volume than ever. And wider stereo sound creates immersive audio when you’re playing music or movie.

See your work on the bigger screen
Presentations and Movies are always better on the bigger screen. With the possibility of an image up to 300 inches and a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, you’ll also find the V600 far more detailed and vibrant than previous projectors.
hey all your OS reviews this is a hands-on review of the Venky Oh v600 a full HD 1080p native resolution projector that's it suitable for powerpoints for business presentations movies and gaming and includes a carrying case in the box along with a HDMI cable as a bonus a component cable along with a remote control that uses two triple A batteries it's noteworthy because most projectors in this price only have a 720p native resolution so this is a lot cleaner and crisper and it's really a breakthrough here in 2019 that the cost has come down the case makes it easy to take around with you when you are traveling for business purposes and it also includes an instruction manual on the first pocket so sliding things open the projector is made out of plastic but feels fairly well constructed we have navigational keys in the front in case you don't want to use the infrared remote connectors include VGA to HDMI ports USB ports as well as the SD card reader on the side there are stereo built-in speakers but you can connect to external speakers as well and there's a lens protector on the front there's also a dial that you can rotate to change the focus depending on how far away you are and a keystone corrector for adjusting the angle it can project up to two hundred and fifty inches diagonally without too many problems now the brightness of this projector is another key point right now we have a living room with the curtains opened and it's actually afternoon but you can see how the screen is still fully visible whereas typical projectors would be very washed out and you can see even across the reflection of the window that the image is still rather sharp this is important because in business situations sometimes we'll have conference rooms with a little bit of extra light and you can see it's still fully visible here is a flashlight of a phone and you can see again it still doesn't really disrupt the image as a comparison we have some other projectors over the image that we have from these v600 and you can see how it's a lot dimmer by comparison in fact if we put it against the same image it's completely washed out adjusting the Keystone a little bit and now let's do a quick sample of what the built-in speakers are like [Applause] take away is the sound quality is actually really good the speakers pack more base and volume than I was expecting it's quite clear so if you're watching a movie the built-in ones I think will suffice if you don't have an external speaker here we're playing back a high-resolution film and you can see the projector is doing a great job because it has a high resolution full HD again compared to 720p you are only 480p in this price range just a few years ago so it's great for watching immersive movies believe it or not the curtains are still opened right now so there's ambient lights available in the room but you can see how the image is still really clean and crisp as far as colors are concerned here's the flashlight again again doesn't really disrupt the image quality which is very impressive making it quite immersive even when you're looking at colors which are darker and off angle you can see the projector so produces a great image one of the benefits of projectors in general compared to TVs is better viewing angles not to mention that it's a lot more cost effective than a similar TV of the same size it really gives you a cinematic feel right from your living room great contrast and colors in general and here's a look into the lens of the projector directly you can see the pixels moving around and the LED bulb is rated to last thousands of hours so for practical reasons it doesn't really need to be replaced and now we turn to some demo of what gaming is like on this projector we have it's just using the HDMI port you can connect it to any console whether that's Xbox Playstation latency is pretty good and the contrast and color temperatures can be further adjusted under settings of the projector otherwise if you look really closely now if you zoom all the way and right now we have a virtual screen size of 200 inches so you can still tell a little bit of pixelation but overall it still is plenty sharp considering this is basically the size of a very large room so it's already doing a great job here is a excel document so you can see lots of smallish cells because this is a business-oriented projector it's capable of showing those finer details as you can see here with good colors and overall pretty good contrast there is a bit of fan noise in the background however so that's something to keep in mind it's not completely silent unlike some of the Pico units that we've seen in the past but this thing is a lot brighter as well at five thousand lumens here are some texts you can see it's also very sharp and now we can turn to a PowerPoint which is probably one of the biggest use cases of the projector and you can see that again diagrams and text everything is fully legible even when there's some ambient light in the background which is pretty important making it easy to use some last things to keep in mind now the back of the projector looks like this we have ventilation for the fan and there's also a screw that you can pop up to elevate the projector at an angle when you're watching videos again right now we do have the curtains open in the room during that previous test so it is quite impressive how well it was easy to still make out the images and the videos we've shown the flashlight over the image previously it didn't really make a difference there just because of how bright the image is but in reality the flashlight actually is pretty strong so you can tell that it really is quite impressive the size of the unit obviously isn't the smallest in the world but overall it's serviceable and it's not too hefty either so that's been our hands-on review of the Venki o V 600 really is a good value for the price because it's one of the first native resolution Full HD 1080p projectors that you'll find for under 300 and with our added PPI it really just makes text as well as videos more legible in addition it's brighter than many of its competitors so all in all a very strong value for business and for movies if you're looking for a higher resolution than what you can find on the market previously at this category thanks for watching this video here at OS reviews

REVIEW: Vankyo V600 FHD 1080P Native Res Projector!

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