Samsung SL-M2020W Printer review: A bite-sized monochrome laser with NFC connectivity

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The $130 Samsung SL-M2020W printer bundles all the features and quality control we’d expect out of a Samsung device and even sweetens the pot with NFC connectivity and an impressive list of drive options embedded in the software.
hey it's Justin this is the first look at the Samsung S LM 2020 W so this is a mono laser printer which means it only prints in black toner that said it's a hundred and thirty bucks and you can actually get it for half of that right now which makes it a great deal if you want a light-duty printer that's really easy to set up you can connect a computer tablet or smartphone to the printer using either the USB cable provided through a wireless connection partnered with a Wi-Fi router or by tapping an NFC enabled phone to the top panel for mobile printing now the desktop software you'll need to access the driver settings is on the disc included in the packaging and it's also available online if your computer doesn't have an optical disc drive that gives you the printer manager software and that monitors every job to keep track of your toner it's also really easy to print from an iOS or Android device using the Samsung mobile print app samsung even takes the extra software install out of it and puts a QR code on the instructions that come with the box so don't forget that this is a mono printer so don't expect much from the print quality and as long as you have reasonable expectations there you'll be satisfied with this printers speed output and extra features for more on that stuff you can check out the full review on thanks for watching this is the samsung n 2020 w mono laser printer you

Samsung SL-M2020W Printer review: A bite-sized monochrome laser with NFC connectivity

25 thoughts on “Samsung SL-M2020W Printer review: A bite-sized monochrome laser with NFC connectivity”

  1. I have the printer and its terrible. The samsung mobile app makes you reconnect the wifi setting every time. I had an lg phone previously and it would print through nfc by tapping the printer. I upgraded my phone to a Samsung and theres no nfc on the phone. I connect through wifi but the stupid printer needs to be reset eber time. This is such a bullshit review.

  2. Its not a good product. Toner lasts not more than 200 pages even after replacement as well gets stuck with red light. Drivers are difficult to download and often do not map to laptops. Very frustrating printer.

  3. Don't expect much from the print quality because it is a mono printer?  What does that even mean?  Do modern laser mono printers suffer from bad print quality for some reason?

  4. I purchased this printer, it failed to feed paper brand new out of the box. Samsung says I will have to carry it in for repair, the service center for this product is in California, I live in Rhode Island. It is not worth the shipping cost to take anymore risk with this defected printer. Buyer beware!!!!!!!!

  5. How long does the cartdridge lasts? If i may ask, coz i had a couple of printer before which the ink lasts for only 3 months and its gone. I know this is not ink and most of stuff i print are just all worded documents.

  6. Got this brand new at amazon for 60 bucks 2 weeks ago. It's a pretty good printer and setup was easy. I only need it for printing college papers and it's really small compared to my old inkjet. Perfect for a college student 

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