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well guys in four and a half hours season seven will be nothing but dust and terrible memories and we will be on season eight so my goal for this video is to just try to get one more season seven win before it ends and then hopefully after that I'll move on to season eight I'm trying to get my first season eight win so hopefully this video is gonna take too long and yeah I can't wait for she's an eight hopefully you know I can't wait for the planes to be removed that's that's what I'm really looking forward to hate the planes I hate people a third party with the planes hopefully we get some sort of skill based matchmaking awful they fix the building hopefully they fix the bullet spread and yeah maybe maybe if we're lucky the switch will get a graphical downgrade and we can get a higher frame rate would be really nice but um anyways yeah so we're gonna go for my final season seven win and then we'll do the first season 7 season eight win so see you guys then all right guys well I played for about four hours last night and uh that didn't end up happening and I won't point idea to go out of doctor mode on my switch and said I went to tablet mode and I thought well maybe if I get a win I can at least just screenshot it now that didn't happen either and you want to know why because fortnight doesn't have skilled based matchmaking and every match I got into I got pair of people who are a thousand times better than me epic please it's really annoying that this game does not have skill based matchmaking and I've complained about it a lot on Reddit and every time I do I get met with skill based matchmaking would ruin the game or you just need to get better at the game little–i okay spell based matchmaking doesn't kill games if anything it makes the people who suck at a game want to play it more because they get paired with people who suck just like them alright and getting better I have been playing since season 3 I played on mobile which I was pretty okay I played PC which I suck at and then on and now I'm playing switch which I am okay at but I never get a chance to get better because I get paired with people that are a thousand times better than me that doesn't allow me to get better and along with this game's broken features like the terrible building and the terrible bloom getting better it's like not an option and I have and I can tell you that safely because I've been playing for seven seasons anyways welcome to season eight though man they already went and spoiled all the skins and I can tell you right now they do not look cool at all these skins like so booty x marks the spot dang that looks interested whoa as a special thanks for buying a season 7 bottle pass you'll start off with a tough little start a season 8 off with five free tears jeez hard to can't talk anyway Wow yep yep yep that's pre it looks like I swear we already had that spray it looks like something we've already had got scallywags flying standard that um all right sunshine Wow pretty boring hmm Ragnarok no shoulder pad that's cool except I don't play the Ragnarok anymore oh yeah all right we already know the battle pass works oh gee this looks so cool Blackheart he looks pretty cool hybrid you know that hybrid skin actually looks pretty cool is like a ninja Sidewinder she doesn't have any selectable styles wow what a letdown mmm pili oh dude he's only a tier 47 skin so he might not be that hard to out long but that looks pretty freakin cool amber she looks pretty cool I'm not gonna lie you might find me rocking with her we're finally getting that as a loading screen dude I remember seeing that back when I started playing on mobile like season 3 master key okay so here's where all of those gliders have been coming in let the gliders and backlinking pickaxe this guy goes with them and then I kinda show his stages alright master key a masked wait a sec II so you're telling me there's two of the same skin but this one is different because it has a mask that's dumb and then here we have nukes no she's cool actually she might end up having to replace my goth girlfriend right here I'm probably going to be playing more than one match to be honest cuz I want to be able to check out all the new places this trail is kind of obnoxious HIPAA security obscures the vision it's gonna lazy Lagoon I wanna check this place out first tomato temple is still standing alright he's dead he didn't have much health to begin with now hold on where's this guy going I don't want to go down mmm I'm scared Oh someone's right there all right he knows I'm here oh he knows I'm here oh I hit him once oh you already know he's about to die homie when he dropped down yeah you're dead you know there's someone back here whoo all righty oh you're such a baby all right um a down there now taking that rift love you I see him he's right there homie oh you're dead all right Wow I survived lazy lagoon that's awesome oh and I want that but I don't want alrighty well let's take this Vince because that's like one of my challenges all right sit wow I cannot believe I just survived though well look at that oh and it's in the storm I'm it's in the circle so let's go for it dang I tried to jump immediately but I guess they don't work these crappy servers help me wow the fact I didn't even hit a bullet we got a home IANA we'll have a fun ride back to the homescreen homie alright now we're gonna take out this man over here dick come here yeah keep your back turned wait he's getting shot up okay like I want to go for a man I honestly want to go for him but he knows how to build – oh there's a guy over there oh he's getting okay all right who do I go for I'm going this way all right there's the guy oh that's a freakin prisoner oh it's just fell yeah this guy's almost dead I'm gonna go for him what this guy's just kind of out in the open all right you're dead and then this guy is chillin right there so I'm gonna go for him next you know they also change the sound that makes when you hit an enemy I just think that's kind of interesting oh he died all right well you had a good run homey I'll there's someone over there uh-huh we have an opponent I'm gonna take this but I'm not gonna use it yet I'll probably use it later when I get damaged more but um until then all right gunshots blasting off over here let's go investigate I got a better idea clues all right give me these waited only one of them explode or do they all like explode it once or something all right this guy might be a little bit unaware he is unaware but he is also a very good builder so I don't want to play with them Oh all right he took a freaking little butthole that's all right I would have done the same thing oh but I see the guy who sniped at him it's another Lynx Jesus oh my god did Oh My lordy Lou ah this is not okay this is not okay it's not building oh it's not building Oh God now this is that okay oh my god this isn't frickin chair it's not building eyebrow if I manage to do this I will be the happiest player alive now he's just sitting there so if I had my gun out I could totally shoot at him okay oh my god yes I'm okay I'm okay now okay get rid of that give me this I'll take this no I don't want this I want I want this all right run it's me and three others I can definitely pull through win this but I got to be on top of my game bro there's a guy right there that's a different person Wow he died actually pretty quickly that guy went behind those rocks I think all right I think there's a guy behind those rocks I'm really tempted to shoot it really sensitive like just blow him up here's an idea what if I shoot the rocket and then I oh I hit him once oh you're really close to dying there buddy you already know he's pooping himself okay I came huh all right you're dead I'm gonna win this someone win this sorry start you ready oh my god yo first game first game and I won holy crap dude that was awesome holy crap first game and I got a victory royale let's flex those 90-degree turns but I don't me alright nevermind thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please please please be sure to leave a like and subscribe to the YouTube channel and we'll see you all in the next video peace out


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