Sennheiser & Massdrop HD 6XX … Epic $199 Headphones!

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Massdrop partners with Sennheiser to drop something epic.. the HD 6xx. This iconic (HD 650) headphone is limited to 5,000 units for the first batch and at $199 it’s amazing! Get yours below:
HD 6xx Drop Here (opens 6am PST) –

NZXT S340 Elite –
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here they are nice packaging fancy-schmancy master made it Ireland HD 6 X X collaboration mass drop and Sun Heiser main mass drop is powerful the HD 650 s which these headphones are sort of based on our 500 plus dollars and mass job is able to get these in the mass production 5,000 units for this first run at $200 $1.99 that's incredible I mean if some ties are so powerful I suggest maybe next time they work on something a little bit more high-end like HD 800 or maybe 700 and I actually used to own the HD 650 s the variant of this but from the Sun Heiser version and now I am super happy to receive something like this that I've owned for a while now but now the HD 6 X X there are no longer gray but more like a darkish just a hint of blue in terms of the padding it looks to be identical I love the interior padding over here that in case your ear makes contact with that interior wall it's still super comfortable seriously the most comfortable pair of headphones that I have owned aside from the HD 598 alright time to listen some music let's do it the new NZXT s340 elite what makes it so elite we've got a gorgeous tempered glass panel extra vr ports improve care management and an awesome magnetic buck the name is fitting elite features at a good price s340 elite check it out in description below so what is it about this iconic pair while the HD 650 is regarded to be this classic pioneer for entry hi headphones there's this unmatched balance of build quality projected lifespan comfort level is fantastic and a reference sound signature that's very unique with full resolution fantastic control of the base end smoothing out on the high end so for example something that sounds a little bit harsh on the treble side on the HD 598 will be a lot smoother on the HD 6xx but without losing detail individual left and right connectors are removable as on the original but the cable length has reduced to 6 feet instead of 10 and a three and a half millimeter jack is by default with a quarter of an inch adapter included as for the open bag design I understand the limitations of them leaking sound so private listening is out of question unless you have a whole room to yourself hashtag work from home but recently I've actually started running with my HD 598 which I love you know they gave me awareness my surrounding so I'm not totally zoning out while still delivering plenty of volume as for the better HD 6xx they are more suited for like a home environment plug into a nice amp turn up the volume and simply is zoned out an amp would definitely complement the sound signature especially because they are 300 ohms impedance and I've been using the objective + o DAC drive all my headphones which is very clean and you can also think of audio in the same sense you would with PC hardware it's an evolving ecosystem that you can upgrade in the HD 6 x-axis fantastic foundation to start with if you're looking to let's say diversify your listening experience you can add a cube amp down the line to maybe warm up the lower end a little bit or if you want something a little bit brighter adding an analytical amp or DAC would also do the trick and so now you can own a pair for $1.99 which is a fantastic deal I will link the drop in the description below for a mass job and if you're one the lucky few out of the 5,000 batch for this first batch then that is really cool I hope you guys enjoy them and seriously what else is there to say I'm one those people to put on the headphones blast out the volume lie down on my chair and get goosebumps by listening to something epic and now you can too with the HD 6 xx I also want to rephrase something I mentioned in the beginning of the video saying mass drop is powerful well I want to rephrase that to say they are influential and they've done a few epic drops in the audio spectrum and this is just one of them I hope this is a continuation of their relationship with Sun hyzer because they make fantastic products and yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video good luck with the drop a link in description again and we'll see you next video you

Sennheiser & Massdrop HD 6XX … Epic $199 Headphones!

22 thoughts on “Sennheiser & Massdrop HD 6XX … Epic $199 Headphones!”

  1. I have owned the HD650 for 10 years. They are an amazing good headphone as is the HD6XX. However due to their high impedance design, a dedicated headphone amp (minimum) and if possible a separate dedicated DAC is a must. Most headphone amps that have a build in DAC, come with usually a crap quality one. For example, my Musical Fidelity M1 Headphone amp, which retailed for $1000 in Australia (with USB digital input), sounded very mediocre, until I added a separate high quality DAC to the headphone amp (the Musical Fidelity A3-24 DAC). I read HiFi reviews on the HD650, sometimes criticizing them as 'dark'- total bollocks when set up correctly!!

  2. Can I use this directly and plug it unto my Gaming Laptop? Is this good for Gaming? I was actually planning to buy the Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X but saw this one. Which is better for Gaming?

  3. Can you please do a follow up video on these and tell us if the soundstage got wider, bass got heavier, etc? I personally would LOVE this. Nobody else seems to have done it and it is the one thing that is making me nervous about buying a pair of these!

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