SHAZAM! – Official Trailer 2 REACTION

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hola Amiga IV pasa como tu de español aqui I order we actually – Shazam entiendes jo table d'hote ene own reaction to Shazam I know si took joint en DS nobody knows okay ah blood you know that's how my reaction will go if I try to do a reaction Spanish you'll be all messed up I'll be like the joke Arab Radames espanol por for the Vorta joke it'll help anyways use am official trailer we're going to one trailer reaction that's it cuz I'm gonna move on I'm tired I'm gonna go to bed anyway guys you already know let's check out the exam the official trailer um only got one point three million views as well you've been out for Gitmo today just came out like earlier today mmm-hmm we got no beef anyway guys Shazaam official trailer number two let's check it out and see what it is all about mayonnaise or that s me ADA what does that mean run that shit baby backs my powers will become yours [Applause] okay pretty cool like that that's a break we'll see right there I like that what are your superpowers superpowers dude I don't even know how to pee in this thing is Cathy Sparkle fingers Oh like a bad guy you really did the opposite of what a superhero supposed to do you're him you're the hero you're welcome for not getting robbed look at this bar you go he's coming at the room we got Wonder Woman here you guys spider-man over here I mean Superman over there you got Batman over here you got look it even got what's his name what the – that black dude with the cyborg cyborg you got up there they only have cyborg Batman Wonder Woman and Superman yes we have one the woman over there – oh you got Barbie there – yeah Barbie doll is for you right basically 15 yeah you will electrocute a bus and almost kill these people [Laughter] good reaction means good videos who reacted today these like watch trailers and reactants were that was my first reaction my first reaction more my first official reaction when I started really started doing reactions was um I think it was ap uh Star Wars that Star Wars movie the force awakens can you feel it that was a big movie that was great I like that I still love that movie well how do you go there the Ford is a force wait there's a tremble in the force can know what the word he is there's something in the force can you feel it can you feel it anyway guys y'all gonna be a good movie this is gonna be a good movie and tell your eyes it's gonna be a good movie so I hope you guys gonna watch this way I got gonna see this Megan it's the April 5th man one month away almost a day I mean it's almost midnight so yeah 30 days away 31 days away whatever it is man hope you guys didn't check it out maybe come together to see anyway thanks for watching muchos Gracias toda man Tate thank you very much everybody appreciate it and um I'm filming this in 1080p with 60 P so it's like work it could take forever it's it so long to render a video in 4k oh my god so I'm doing 10 a even 60 Evan even rendering in 1080p60 takes a long time so Scully say good night good night courage good night guys I see you guys in next video maybe tomorrow it's been I'm definitely doing all this for Hermine am i next very action after these reactions on I'm gonna try to post a link it's getting late but when trying to post one tonight so tomorrow Tuesday try to always saw her Mon espanol you already know run that shit all your dreams and pursue your goals and don't intern if your intern but it worked for free entering the same thing I'm good together word before if you enjoy telling you guys take it from me intern somewhere get some experience in that job don't expect to go to college okay and get a job because you need experience you have to have experience they want to you you will do so much better if you get a job with some experience and intern work for free I'm telling you because you're gonna go to a new job they don't want to sometimes they don't want to train people they want you to have that knowledge a little bit you know I'm saying could I have a little bit of knowledge to get that job before the other dude you know and do you'll be trust me you'll be happy as we all mammal I'm glad I listened to Manimal because by interning or working for free for six months or a year or whatever you'll learn a lot you know I'm saying so I'll see you guys well I'm looking down there I've been looking down at the film that's my mistake guys I'm sorry I've been looking down here at the little wind I do at the video window but I'm not looking at the camera oh my god oh I hope it looks like I'm looking at the time you make this guy's like I'm like right it's very the camera I was looking at the elbe with the world looking at myself talk instead of looking at the at the actual camera lens hi I'm animal I'm a cross-eyed I'm just weird

SHAZAM! – Official Trailer 2 REACTION

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