Shop Tour, Dust Collection and Tools. Did I Pay For Any of This?

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2019 shop tour. All my tools, what I use for dust collection and what tools I got for free. SimpliSafe is awesome security. It’s really effective, it’s really easy to use, and the price is great. Check SimpliSafe out here:


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welcome to make something with me Dave Petrillo and today I'm going to give you a tour of my studio workshop today's video is brought to you by simply safe and we're going to chat more about home and shop security later in the video this is a converted garage and not an ordinary woodshop it's unique to me my needs and desires yes I have a drop ceiling and carpeted floors and other odd features you probably don't want for your space this video is not meant to brag about the tools I have but it's here to answer a lot of questions that I get we're going to talk about the tools I like the tools I dislike my dust collection which to us I purchased and which ones were given to me the first thing I want to say is you don't have to have the tools that I have to make the things that I make we'll talk more about my decision process when it comes to buying tools throughout the video we're gonna start this off by talking about the bandsaw right here I've got two bandsaw I got a large bandsaw and then I got a smaller band saw over there why do I have two band saws because I try to put out a new video every single week and two bands halls allow me to have two different blades without blade changes and allows me to be more efficient this bigger bandsaw here this is the Laguna 14px this is a 220 volt bandsaw I've got three tools that require 220 you don't have to have 220 tools to do ordinary woodworking I just used this for straight cuts and resign this bandsaw is two and a half horsepower and that allows me to throw big logs through here it'll cut whatever I throw at it it's got the big three quarter inch Laguna resaw king blade in there and I love that it leaves a really nice smooth cut dust collection on this saw is this Rockler dust right wall-mounted dust collector with the canister normally these hang on the wall but I have it on the floor here one of the things I really like about this saw is the dust collection is really good it's got dust collection up top and dust collection down below that particular dust collector this is the only tool that is hooked up to is I want to make an outfeed table that has a fan with a filter right here to suck up some of the dust that gets airborne and it'll kind of cover up this mess down here I did pay for this Laguna with my own money moving over to my jointer this is the rikon 8 inch helical head jointer instead of having straight blades in there it has the heel go ahead which has these little carbide cutters in there leaves a super super smooth surface you don't even have to sand afterwards I like that because no matter what grain direction the wood is it'll leave a nice surface with a straight blade you might get some chip out and this is a lot quieter this is not hooked up to dust collection it doesn't make dust it makes chips and they kind of just collect right here and when this gets full kind of falls in there one of these days I might put a bag or I have it hooked up to that dust collector I can get an 8 foot board in and an 8 foot board out but when I build the table here for my bandsaw it's going to interfere with that because the bandsaw is a little bit higher so I'm going to make a little flip top so that the tabletop flips up and I can still get an 8 foot board in and out if I ever have to join a board longer than 8 foot I can wiggle this out I don't have all the room that I need and I did purchase this jointer with my own money right here is my CNC it's kind of a mess right now this is the x-carve cnc by Inventables this is their bigger machine they did give this to me they are friends of mine and they're located in Chicago for dust collection I have a shot back underneath and I just run a hose up to here right now it's kind of a mess I'm selling some stereo equipment for a friend of mine I have the ultime curve 3d printer back here that actually belongs in the office I has to go back in there we're gonna have some some doors and a shelf right here so still working on this area over here keeping on with the digital tools this is my glowforge laser I did pay for this glowforge laser with my own money but before this came out they loaned me a pre-production model and so I got to play with the glowforge before mine came I was one of the early backers when this first came out so I got my a lot cheaper than what they sell for now this one is the pro units my the one that had before this the one that they loaned me was a pre-production model and was not the pro unit I get asked all the time should I get the pro unit to be 100% honest I can't tell the difference between the regular model and the pro model they seem to cut the same to me the only difference that I have noticed is this one has a pass-through so I can run larger boards through there which I have never used so that is sitting on this cabinet here I still need to make the doors and a drawer this drawer is going to hold all my CNC bits and my precision measuring tools and then down below I keep a bunch of acrylics and some plywood let's move over to our sanding station over here this this sander and this spindle sander they are the two oldest tools I have in my shop they're both from Harbor Freight and they've both lasted a long time this is my most recent standing purchase this is a belt sander from Rio B I needed this for some of the projects that I'm working on in my next book this is my little grizzly belt sander I don't use it very much except for shortening down screws or running some metal on there and works great for that the dust collection that I have for these guys is this Festool dust extractor and right now I have to manually switch the hose on all these Sanders one of these days I am going to build a little manifold to automatically kind of do its thing the reason I like the Festool dust extractor is when I turn this on this automatically kicks on as well and the festival dust extractors are so much quieter than a normal shot back another reason I like the festival dust extractor is it does not throw dust back in the air so we're trying to create a very safe dust free environment and that thing is fantastic over here this is my drum sander this is one of my newer purchases this is the Super Max 1632 which means it is 16 inches wide but this is an open end so I can actually run a 32 inch board through it flip it around and do the other side now it slides out there's no room for infeed and outfeed so I have it on some drawer slides to pull that out to run boards through then when I don't need it it slides back this is also hooked up to one of the wall-mounted Rockler dust collectors which is hidden in here that is the only tool that dust collector is hooked up to you have to have a dust collector when you're running drum Sanders all of these Sanders are not necessary and woodworking but these specialty Sanders do speed up time considerably especially the drum sander and a disc sander this is my second bandsaw this is a small tabletop Reich on the 10 305 I will use this bandsaw for small cuts and curve cuts I have a 3/16 4 TPI skip tooth blade on here that's the only blade I ever use in this saw and this saw has really really impressed me I don't like recommending tools to people but if you are on a budget and you need a good bandsaw I cannot recommend this guy enough we ran 4 inch thick bandsaw box blanks through here and it cut through it no problem and like I mentioned earlier I like having two band saws so I don't have to swap out blades and it allows me to work faster and be more efficient down below the bandsaw is my tarmac sharpening system I just got this and I really like this I used to have the work sharp 3000 I gave that to Dan the work sharp sharpening system is great it's great for planes and and chisels and anything that's flat I upgraded to the tormek because I'm starting to get into turning and I got some gouges that I want to turn and it has it has some things to give you an equal bevel all the way around that does this swivel thing I've also got some carving tools that I can carve on there that the workshop could not do this is also a wet sharpening system as well meaning that the wheel goes through a reservoir of water and that keeps all the dust in the water instead of dust in the air and I don't like breathing fine metal dust so yeah that guy is crazy expensive but it is also crazy awesome it also aligns with the future of this channel of trying to get more hand tools involved and what I do as well as more digital tools before we talked about the next tool I want to tell you about today's sponsor and that is simply safe simply safe is an easy-to-use customizable home security system that is free from contracts and hidden cost having just upgraded its system simply safe devices are now half the sizes before and reach nearly double the range with five times faster speeds it's incredibly effective reliable home security system it's all monitored by professionals 24/7 who will call you in an emergency and send police help if needed and this does work because I've had experience with this and I'll tell you about that story here in a little bit it's really easy and intuitive to use really thoughtful features simply safe has fair and honest prices with no contracts or hidden fees equipped for worst-case scenarios doesn't matter if you lose power Wi-Fi or the system is attacked a couple years ago my father had to spend some time in the hospital so while he was away I installed simply safe in his house I was able to monitor his house all the way from my house and in fact in the middle of the night we got an emergency phone call from simply safe saying that back door had been open and they had contacted the local authorities and a sheriff was sent out immediately that is a true story this is a beautifully designed base station upgraded from the one I installed a couple years ago I really like look of the new ones it's super easy to set up you won't need a technician and you won't need any special tools simply say currently only ships within the United States please visit simply safecom slash make somethings there'll be a link down below in the description alright let's get back to the shop tour thanks simply safe so here is my TV and my mini-split heating and air conditioning I get lots of comments about how the a/c is going to drip on the TV in the summertime and the heater is going to melt the TV in the wintertime a year and a half later everything is still working fine over here to the right we have the inventables Carvey cnc it doesn't belong out here it actually needs to go back into my office but I brought it out here when Evan and Caitlin were here and the great thing about this is it's fully enclosed so no dust gets in the air the first CNC that we talked about the x-carve that's a little bit more less expensive than other CNC is because you have to piece the whole thing together and it takes like a good six hours this CNC that they sell you don't it comes preassembled it's all ready to go right out of the box all of those tools down that line I purchased with my own money and vegetables did send me the CNC like I said they are friends of mine and good people out of Chicago over here in the corner this is my jet drill press I like jet as a company and they make great tools I just don't like this particular model I did not like the Chuck that came with it because the key would slip and it sits like a knuckle Buster so I went ahead and replaced that with one of these that you can just hand tighten I'll have a link to that model down into the description that makes changing bits a lot faster the thing that I really really dislike about this particular model is the depth shop listen to that terrible sound it takes about 45 minutes to move it one inch I think this could be done in a lot more efficient and better way I know John highs has a great video where he made a little jig to move that up and down a lot faster one of these days I'm going to get a drill press that's more suited for woodworking the reason I have my drill press in the corner is this seems to be the most efficient use of space I can actually get a six foot board in here and if I need to if I have a longer board it's on wheels I can wheel it out and I can drill into longer boards really soon I'm going to build a little cabinet that's going to fit in the corner and that cabinet is going to be on wheels and it's gonna have drawers for storage to store all my bits in there and then it's also going to have a chip collector the drill press and the lathe are the two messiest tools in my shop and it's hard to run dust collection on them I've seen all the jigs out there all the different apparatuses and they get in the way and they're just not very good so what I want to do is I want to build a little bin that just kind of collects the chips and I can sweep them into the trash to the right of that we have my jet lay this is a great lathe I really like it I just wish I would have bought something a little bit different from the center to the bed is just a little over six inches which means I can't turn anything larger than a 12-inch bowl and from Center to Center is less than the size of a table leg so one of these days hopefully soon I get a bigger lathe that has more capacity I did buy a bed extension to extend this and then some people have recommended that you can get risers to bring this up so you can turn bigger bowls but I think I'm just going to get something bigger beefier heavier than this think I'm gonna give it to cameraman Dan when I get a new one this is my router station I have a porter cable in there I'm not sure what the model number is it's it it's the porter cable router that everybody owns I've had that router for a long time I did purchase the incra router lift which makes lowering and raising the bit a lot easier than getting in and doing that by hand I highly recommend getting the lifts if you have the budget for the table and the fence that does come from Rockler and they sent this to me as part of a build video that I did a while back what I really really love about this router table is the dust collection there is dust collection on the inside and then up the top and it works really really good again this is hooked up to a wall-mounted Rockler dust strike which I have on the floor I've got four of these in the shop the reason I really like these particular dust collectors is they're fairly quiet I get the canister so it's filter it's all the dust and it's easy to change the bags I keep them on the floor because I don't want to visually see them one of these days this counter is going to extend over here and it's going to hide all of this over here is my miter station this is the Festool kapex miter saw probably the most expensive miter saw that you can possibly get the reason I got this particular model is because it has the highest rated dust collection on any miter saw in the world and dust collection is very very important to me it's still not perfect but it is really hard to collect the dust and the chips from miter saw you see people build the bins to try to collect it this does a really good job it is hooked up to another one of the Festool dust extractors and I like that so when I turn the saw on that automatically comes on recently I built this mitre station I took off the fence and that allows me a lot more space to work some people like the fence I don't because sometimes I just need more flat area to work and I've got this little T track here with this stop this has worked great a while ago I did buy some adhesive back tape measure to put on here but I just not have gotten around to it I use a tape measure most of the time anyway so maybe I won't even put that on there who knows this cabinet you can see I have never finished it I still need to put shelves and doors and drawers that is the miter station over here we have the mobile cart and my workbench this guy is on wheels which moves out of the way I have my Festool random orbit sander I like this guy because it doesn't vibrate as much as other Sanders I used to have a Bosch and before that a skill and the it was very uncomfortable to use this is nice and big this is hooked up to this little miniature dust extractor which just hangs off of my bench speaking of my bench I got a build video on this the drawers open up both ways so no matter what side of the bench you're on I keep my clamps in the two a bunch so when I'm gluing up and assembling my projects they're all right there within reach I also keep all my measuring and cutting tools down in here like I mentioned before we're gonna have a second video on my second channel where we go through my drawers now let's talk about what is in the middle of my shop over here I have my planer this is a rikon 16 inch planer you might recall I had the DeWalt small lunch box style planer before and that works fine for most people I just wanted something bigger that I can run more boards through so I can work faster this has the helical heads just like the jointer which means it has those little carbide tips in there and everything that comes out of here is glassy smooth and this planer is hooked up to this dust collection down here again it is one of the Rockler dust right wall-mounted dust collectors that I keep on the this is the only dust collector in the shop that is hooked up to multiple tools that's also hooked up to the table saw and I have these blast gates that I can open and close over here this dust collector is also hooked up to this Oneida dust cyclone this separates all the heavy chips before it even gets to the dust collector this is a lot easier to access and a lot easier to empty out and since the planer makes a lot of chips it saves on bags the reason I have multiple dust collectors is I don't have room to have one central dust collector and plus I don't want to see all the ductwork running throughout the shop my shop is different than your chef you might want one single dust collector you might want to LAN your wall I want to walk into an environment where I feel comfortable what I feel creative and so this is my choice to have multiple dust collectors hidden on the floor underneath the tools again I did pay for that with my own money this is the center of my workshop this is the saw stop three horsepower table saw I love this thing so full disclosure they did give me this saw but I had a soft stop before this that I purchased with my own money and when I moved into the shop we worked out a deal where they sent me basically the same saw I already had but they sent me the three horsepower one I will say this for the type of woodworking that I do I don't think three horsepower is necessary I'm not running big-ass boards through here all day so the three horsepower is a nice to have but I will say it is not completely necessary so if your shop is not wired up for 220 and all you can get is the 1.75 horsepower you will be happy with that the special thing about the soft stop if you don't know is it has flesh sensing technology if the saw is on and you run your finger into it a brake comes up stops the blade instantly and pulls it underneath the table overhead dust collection arm that came with this model I did modify it a little bit I put these horsehair bristles on the bottom here and it's just kind of velcro tie on that's just a little bit of extra security keeping that dust down because sometimes when you have this over here and you have a board and you're just cutting off a little bit of that board this kind of sticks out and dust can get out so I modified that got those on Amazon I still get questions that people ask me if I like the carpet in the woodshop and yes I do it really quiets down the place it makes the room so much more comfortable and I'm all my knees a lot so it saves my knees my feet and my back it takes a little bit longer to clean up but that's what Dan is for this is my shop it is very unique to my wants and my needs your shop is gonna be completely different based on your budget your space and the things that you are making I don't want tools and ductwork on the wall I want it to be a creative space so I'm filling my walls with art instead I think I was very honest in the tools that were given to me the tools that I pay for what I like and what I dislike I'm starting to get into more hand tools and more of that work and I want to I want to take hand tools and digital tools like the CNC and laser and bring them together so you're gonna see a lot more of that in the future the future of this channel is leaning more towards non-functional art pieces that's so that's a ways down the road don't don't unsubscribe just yet I will have a second video and we're going to go through all the drawers what's behind this wall you're gonna see exactly how unorganized I actually am there'll be a link to that video down below there'll also be a link to all the tools that I mentioned down below so like many of you I started off with used basic tools my first tool purchase was a use miter saw on Craigslist and then I got an old used grizzly table saw for a hundred bucks and as time went by I slowly upgraded to bigger machines you might not have the exact same tools that I do but that doesn't mean you can't build the things that I am building i factor in a few considerations when I buy tools the biggest one is dust collection I don't want dust getting into the air so whatever I can do to keep the dust out of the air so I try to buy the tools that has the highest rated dust collection sometimes like the miter saw that means buying the most expensive one but my health is very important just because you don't have a $1500 miter saw and yours only cost a couple hundred dollars doesn't mean you can't do what I do everybody a different budget everybody has a different purpose everybody's making different things and everybody's shop is different woodworkers are really intelligent people and they are problem solvers you don't have this tool use this tool it's as simple as that I started small and upgraded over the years I make no apologies for the tools that I have all right folks that is it we'll see you next week with a project video as always be fun be fun I was always hat what do I say then slow down petunia this is a long video so I'm talking really fast I get comments all the time I could talk to you fast but as always be safe have fun stay passionate and make something

Shop Tour, Dust Collection and Tools. Did I Pay For Any of This?

39 thoughts on “Shop Tour, Dust Collection and Tools. Did I Pay For Any of This?”

  1. I really appreciate your unique approach to the shop layout. I really picked up on the creative vibe your space gives off compared to what I think most would call a "standard" shop layout.

  2. For the cabinet doors on the CNC and Laser Cutter tables, raised panels would pretty neat and a something for a video topic.

    I'm very happy with getting that Rikon 305 bandsaw as well. I use a carter stabilizer with mine, and it's great for cutting through 4" stock. I just have to take it slow; the saw doesn't sound happy when you cut, but it'll cut.

  3. Really enjoy your videos and they've helped me a lot. it's pretty sad you have to defend yourself on who finances your tools. If you're good at what you do, then companies will of course help you since you can help them. Keep up the good work!

  4. You've become my favorite "creative" maker here. By that I mean your creativity and artistic drive make you unique in this space and you embrace and even strive for that. I appreciate that in you. I also enjoyed seeing your shop and your explanations of why you set things up your way. I don't think anyone should be penalized because they have evolved their tool inventory over time. But you do have some nice tools 🙂

  5. Living in wet, mold-producing western Oregon, it's weird to see a humidifier! I've been running 2.5 DEhumidifiers nonstop for 2 weeks to dry out my new shop I'm building (which has a mold problem) and boy would it be easier to have to add humidity instead!

    Nice shop! The short ceiling would be problematic for me, but I don't do videos. And boy do I wish I had a CNC router and laser!

  6. Always enjoy your videos. That being said, you could have cleaned the crap off of the Inventables CNC before the video was shot, since your friends for Chicago were nice enough to give it to you.

    I never thought about putting the drum sander on slides…great idea!

  7. Thank you for sharing your shop insights. Interesting decision to have multiple dust collection units, it does make sense in that there are not hoses and pipes running all over the shop. Something to think about.

  8. Great tour David! The drum sander on slides is awesome! I might just steal the idea whenever I finally get one. One of my biggest pet peeves is when folks feel the need to comment on how someone else decides what gear they outfit their shop with. You addressed this well. Each shop is as unique as its maker. – Jim

  9. I just bought that same Rikon bandsaw to replace a Delta I hated. Can't wait to put it to work. Congrats on the milestone! I've been subbed so long, I forget what the first vid of yours was that I watched. I'm a huge fan of your enthusiasm and creativity, love your video style and your design sense. Thanks for all the fun!

  10. Just in case anyone wants to buy that 1×30 sander if you look up a coupon you can get it from harbor freight for like $40 rather than $60. It's the same thing but with a different lable slapped on it

  11. Why don't you raise the jointer to the same level as the band saw and have a table between the two? Dual purpose/ direction out feed table!
    But then i guess it might be too high?

  12. An idea for your outfeed table for the big bandsaw: make it height adjustable with two fixed heights. One height for the band saw and one for the joiner 🙂
    Either by a scissor lift mechanism or just four struts that allow the table to move in an arc down to the joiner and back up again, staying level.

  13. Really beautiful shop design. A lot of discipline to keep those walls clean & clear, I'm sure. I do the same thing with my shop but it's the floor I'm relentless about, everything is on floating shelves with minimal floor impacts. Haha it actually keeps me awake at night being vigilant about the floor, as I'm sure you've put a lot of energy into thinking your way out of tool walls, etc, and all the other things that can impact the walls. Here's to clean surfaces in 2019!

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