Simplebeam GP90 HD LED Projector Review (Vivibright)

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Nice video quality, bright, good color, decent audio when hooked-up to sound system..

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Simplebeam GP90 HD LED Projector Review (Vivibright)

7 thoughts on “Simplebeam GP90 HD LED Projector Review (Vivibright)”

  1. Finally, someone states the distance to the screen and the image size! Everybody just says how big the picture is without saying how far the projector is – and it looks like most people keep their's somewhat closer to the wall/screen than we keep ours at home. Thanks for a thorough review!

  2. Hi I have an issue with the distance I can place this projector..
    All my console/Dth are placed near the screen so the farthest I can keep this projector away from the screen is 5 to 5.5 feet .. so what screen size can I expect?. Also.. is there an option to extend the length/range of HDMI cable using any sort of extender?

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