Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH80 Unboxing

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Josh unboxes and gets hands on with the latest Sony headset, the SBH80 which is designed to be used for extended periods of time.

It is a more expensive headset than most but the value will show in the quality, and design.

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hi in this video we're going to be taking a look at the new SBH 80 premium bluetooth headset from Sony this is the new Bluetooth headset Sony have released in conjunction with the experience at one compacts it's been designed to be compatible across the Xperia android range and with all other Bluetooth compatible Android phones now SPH 80 is the model number as we can see here on the front and running down some of the icons on the front of the box apps X is a Bluetooth profile and I've seen we have OneTouch NFC pairing for compatible Android phones and of course the entire experience as NFC there's the Bluetooth marker we're using bluetooth for low-energy as with all new Sony Bluetooth accessories HD that is full HD voice if your network provider has support for HD voice then you will be able to get benefit of that through the sba JT multi-point connectivity so the SPH 80 can be connected to various Bluetooth sources at once and also micro USB you would charge it through another micro USB charging cable that is included in the box let me flip over to the back of the box we can take a look at this image of this lovely gentleman here who is modeling one for us you see that the s pH 80 actually includes a kind of neck band which goes around the back of your neck and then there are inline controls here and here for the volume for receiving calls phone for skipping tracks etc which then line up into the air buds musi earbud inline control and there's a quick overview of the model itself we've got some technical specifications here frequency range impedance etc confirmation of that aptX profile and a lot of you out there are interested to know which accessories Bluetooth accessories use out tax all of the new Sony accessories do this included and there's confirmation of the box contents now we flip this over to open up there are two seals one at the top and one at the bottom those sales should be present and corrects when you get a new model it would have been open to air so I'm just going to pop this open with the side port here just to get inside and inside we have as well as the device itself we have the extra earbuds these are the small and large earbuds the medium ones are already on the SP h80 the micro USB charging cable and documentation so there's your Quick Start Guide warranty information etc on to the actual SP h8 e itself comes in a nice little display package shows off the cabling in this cool little infinity symbol style design and if I pop this bit out this is the main neck band so this is the crux of the unit this is where all the electronics are actually stored mostly then you have the inline controls which will see either side of your neck and the earbuds left and right coded LNR then let's pop all this out those interested while there also two little bits of tape and keep it together so if those have been ripped when you get yours that shows it's been taken out the box as well now onto the unit itself here is the main neck band as I said so this is where all the electronics it's got the Sony branding we've also got the NFC tag here so this is where you will need to swipe the device across your phone to connect via NFC traditional bluetooth pairing is possible when the S bhag is turned on however those of you with NFC enabled phones will be able to use this for the quickest pairing option which takes only a matter of seconds the power button is located on the bottom here and there's a twenty little LED light fortunately this one isn't powered on at the moment so I can't press that to show you that is the power button also next to it this is where the USB connector is so if you open that up then you can see the micro USB port under this floppy cover similar to the covers that you get on the new experiences themselves and on the back is where you will find all of the products information serial number etc and the ze mark now if this is worn it'll be worn on the back of the neck here as you can see the inline controls will set either side of your neck to the right and to the left on this side on the right hand side you will have the volume controls positive negative up and down volume control along with the central button is used for receiving calls so you'll get a light vibration on the main unit when you receive a call and you tap that and your music will fade gracefully so you can take the call and on the left hand side here you have the skip tracks and play/pause controls when you're listening to music both units also have little microphones three little holes underneath the central buttons so those will pick up your voice during a phone call and of course they then lead on to the earbuds themselves I've been playing with one over the over the weekend very very deep bass I'm really really impressed with the base on this listen to some music and plan a few games picking out sounds they're impossible to hear through the phone speakers and I'm using experience at Ultra so I'm using a phone with some quite decent speakers already though all in all over weekends use very very impress well worth the price tag it's a premium headset it's priced as a premium headset but it's worth every penny

Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH80 Unboxing

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  1. Such boring review. You didn't even wore and demonstrate. And you said it works with all android device and failing to mention IOS. Such a bias review.

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