SoundMagic E80C In-Ear Headphones — REVIEWED!

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Looking for some basic in-ear headphones (aka earbuds) that sound good and have a solid build? Of course you are, because you can’t have enough of these for travel, your office, school and even at the gym. But do the SoundMagic E80C fit the bill? Tech expert Dave Taylor of checks them out and reveals his findings in this review video…

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these earbuds look really cool but did they sound good let's check it out dave taylor here and i'm looking at audio gear this time i'm looking at these these are the sound magic ii ATC and there are noise-isolating in-ear headphones now in ear headphones I don't know I just don't think of them that way I think of them as earbuds but call them whatever you want they're pretty nicely designed they're pretty cool-looking product and they have as you can see here in this close-up it's an aluminum housing and gold-plated connector on the end and all this sort of fancy jazz but the question is what do they actually sound like before we get there let's talk about the fact that they have ten millimeter neodymium that's tricky word they're neodymium drivers so pretty decent sized drivers and gives you 15 to 20 mm Hertz response so it's a nice broad range for your music and an impressive 102 decibels of sensitivity cable itself is three point nine feet long just a bit shy of four feet which is nice if you want to have your music player not maybe sitting within a couple of inches of your head obviously that's a benefit and pretty easy to work with on these like on this Android phone plug it in bring up your music player and you're good to go now it also has an inline microphone and here's where we start to get into some problems with this so this little controller is a universal controller and it's weird the way that it works is very strange so when I tried this for example with my Macintosh and I press volume up it goes Zoop all the way to the end and I press volume down and go Zoop all the way to zero and with experimentation after my hearing came back with the experimentation I found out that one push means it starts to increase and then a second push stops it so you have to learn to double push to get these sort of controls that's clumsy I've never experienced any other thing that does that usually you push it goes up one increment you push it goes up one increment nice and easy no drama no complexity certainly the first time you use these you might well find that this is a it's so loud not exactly your great first product experience but there it is comes with three year tips and three compliant memory foam ear tips so as with all of these super important to get the right size to get it to properly fit your ear canal and then you find out that it still doesn't sound that great I gotta say I've listened to other sound magic products and been really impressed and these I'm just not that impressed with so there's the whole issue with the control but when you listen to the music there is the full range of music when you have the right ear tips but there's no presence to it at all there's no soundstage there's no depth and it's very biased to the high end so it's fatiguing to listen to there might be my ears might be how I listen to things I certainly have listened to hundreds of different audio devices at this point but my bigger concern is not even the sound it's just the issue with the control and then you know while we're talking about it they really could have used better wire I think that this is a plastic-coated braided wire and it just feels like it's just less expensive than you're actually gonna pay and this is a perfect example of where a braided fabric would have done great and been less prone to tangles cuz no one wants your coordinate angle so what else can I tell you it does on the positive side come with a very nice little travel case that is quite appealing and I will say to be fair my teen daughter auditioned these and she thought they sounded terrific and she really wants them so there you go different years different hearing different expectations of music before I tell you what the price is I would like to ask you to go ahead and click on that subscribe button I really appreciate that and if this is useful and informative thumbs up thank you sweet now the only thing left to talk about is the actual price these are the sound magic e ATC and they are like I said the aluminum in-ear headphones will use their phrasing and they are $99.99 at Amazon and I feel like that's a little bit high for what you're actually getting in terms of build quality in terms of functionality with the control and in terms of audio quality but your view may vary so I would encourage you to check it out read other people's reviews – so this is Dave Taylor and I'll catch you in the next video

SoundMagic E80C In-Ear Headphones — REVIEWED!

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  1. They actually sound awesome but needs to be burned in for at least 100-120 hours and need a good source like the lg v30 , v20, htc 10 or any dac and dap , and they sound really good , it’s because the impedance is around 64 ohms. And yes they are high biased for most consumers , because they try to offer a flat signature , so increase the highs , I found it to be comfortable to genres of music I listen to, but with more pop song and other upbeat songs they do sound little meh. (Tested from both Spotify and flac and dsd files). So u can check the younger brother of these earphones they are called the e50 they hit the sweet spot for flat signature with that lil dash of fun to the taste of most consumers. I also think u should look for brainwavz b150 they are around same price , build quality isn’t so good for the price , but they do sound awesome. And u can also try the one more triple driver for 100$ . P.s the sound magic e80c costs around 70$ in India. Sometimes even 55-60$ for that price they are great for me :). As usual nice vid keep it up.

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