Sweatcicle Setup Video 2019

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Sweatcicle Setup Video 2019



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you what up guys is an updated set up video for 2019 I changed things a little bit like a month ago so people have been asking for new videos so here it is this is the first thing you see when you're walking over to my setup it's a little bit a little bit messy but yeah especially dude the cable management a little bit of the Ike's but we're not gonna talk about that and Lefty of my gaming rig and then right there any of my streaming rig I'll leave the specs for both those pcs down in the description below I don't know all the specs off the top of my head so walking over you see my saxophone case on the floor got a bunch of different reeds and stuff in there as I've been trying out got some duct tape record players some records down below the duct tape is for when I'm gonna duct tape myself to the wall whenever Bungie wants to send over the world's first belt so don't don't miss that stream link will be in the description to my twitch channel got the mini-fridge and a bunch of water so I can make G fuel for streaming make sure I'm hyped up stuff like that got the microwaves so I can reheat some food and stuff like that then in the back I have some artwork here that need to get hanging up over here somewhat soon I got a couple of music trophies but yep anyways got my last wish jacket over in the corner here I got this about a week ago this jackets actually pretty cool um but I don't know I'm never gonna wear it because the thing is like it's a big jacket I got a recycle bin got some trash got some food in there of course right here I got my my saxophone my soprano sax a yanagisawa s 992 she's a beauty I love the saxophone yeah and over here I got like a like I said my going g feel got a bunch of fucking extra stuff and then of course got the snacks on deck just in case I get get hungry but yeah here's the setup and we turn the chair around here and got my dxracer chair got the green and then here is my full set up let me sit down I'll I'll go through what we got going here first thing done below got the foot pedal this thing is amazing I use it for push to mute as well as speed run splits three pedal foot splitter thing thing a thing thing anyways like I said I have my gaming rig right here and then my streaming rig on the left give him a little bit of space so they don't like yeah and then starting off with my my gaming keyboard a ducky one two mini you've got some of the rubber keycaps it looks pretty cool but they're kind of getting worn down as you can kind of see you need to clean that again here pretty soon and then over on the left I just have an extra keyboard that I'd sitting around for my streaming rig headset is a astro a40 TR with the the the mix amp makes audio setup really really easy and then I have my phantom power for my microphone which is on it and audio technica at2020 I really like this microphone it's a good mic at a great price over on the left I have some extra saxophone reeds sitting around or my saxophone Reed case rather and for the mice I have the Logitech G 203 from a streaming PC and then the g502 hero for my my gaming rig in the back I have the the Mouse bungee for my g502 and then I have a wireless phone charger and then for the monitors I have three BenQ monitors the two side ones are 60 Hertz and then the one in the middle is 144 I the Logitech c920 camera sitting on the middle monitor that you guys see when I'm streaming it faces obviously towards me then the last thing that I can think of is the desk is an arrazi arena at gaming desk the entire surface of this thing is a mousepad and it is water-resistant which is really nice because I eat on this thing all the time as you guys can probably see anyways actually one more thing the the tech orbit triple monitor mount this thing is really nice you can flip the monitors 360 degrees all sorts of places it's a really nice monitor mount definitely what I recommend if you guys are looking to pick one up but like I said that's everything I can think of all the specs for the PCs and everything you guys see here I'm gonna try and link down in the description if I forgot anything or if you guys have any questions feel free to leave it down in the comments below if you guys want to leave a rating on the video that's cool too or if you want a sub that's cool as well but yeah that's that's about it thank you guys for watching and I'll update you guys if anything changes in the future

Sweatcicle Setup Video 2019

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  1. How do you set up Astro a 40s on windows, Bec I use them and all my friends say it sounds scratchy and weird. I have the mix amp and all but still messes up

  2. I play console so excuse the noob question but why 2 different pc would it not be better to spend 3k on 1 instead of 2 at 1.5k would a 3k pc not stream perfect or do you need 1 to run the stream and 1 to play on

  3. Noob question, trying to get into pc gaming! The link you provided, is that everything I would need if I bought that off the website for a decent pc? Not looking to stream or anything just play mostly fps games. Thanks!

  4. Ok, i dont wanna sound like an idiot or sound ignorant. How does having 2 different pcs help streaming? How does the streaming rig help you stream, it makes no sense to me? Ty

  5. I don't see a waifu pillow. If you don't have one, I recommend picking one up, as it is a great investment and an absolute necessity for long periods of game time.

  6. God, tried Dots pretzels when I was visiting family back home in Minnesota and I'm not sure if I love them or hate them. Very flavorful though. Question on your mic setup, does your phantom power source just convert it to USB or do you run it through another interface?

  7. Please upgrade your CPU cooler, PSU and Monitor. Anything above 1070 should be used at 1440p, The 212 Evo should not be on a k series ship. K series run warm and the 212 is NOT a good cooling unit. Never skimp on the PSU. Bronze Semi modular units are garbage quality.

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