Team Killed by DarcStarrFoxxx on NA Server

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This replay is from 9 February 2019 on Karelia. The player, HAYSEED1776 in the M44 was Team Killed by DarcStarrFoxxx on NA Server.

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welcome back somewhat soft he nips with general disturbance this is an M 44 it's the tier 6 American SPG and this one's located on the East spawn of Karelia under the command I'll pay seed 1776 now this is also a team killing video he's about to be team killed during the battle by 80-71 preservationists right there is darks Firefox and this is only the mah server and he's 215 kill puddin absolutely no reason whatsoever in fact hey C does a very good job of actually firing at the enemy arty at the enemy tanks Robert and you can see he's buried to the back map with the m12 there's also an issue weight on the demon he's moved to a position third to the south and see Dark Star moving into its firing position it's just backing in okay it's ready to go now this target is a type 58 round out and he gets 83 hip points a splash from that one okay he's not using any premium conserve balls so his reload is about 17 seconds just completing the reload now stly experimental results only luckily you get their 160 78 points look like you'd actually get just between the turrets okay b2 next its reloaded round out the size of the vehicle just underneath the turret and the oh I has been killed he was killed by the m12 another round in there hoping to get the kV to the t71 is finally woken and I don't know if you can see on the mini-map well he's headed to the north of the map and now he's moving east towards the RT and what he does see just dry straight past them finding out where they are and now he's driving south while Sturm whilst hayseed aims to the stug 3g after the far west side of the map fire surrounded and it lands near where the smoke was last seen the t71 in the meanwhile has headed south and it looks like he's some well he's not going into the South Pass he's actually going round over north and looking for enemy targets near the swamp area meanwhile hayseed is trying to get shots on the enemy and for them we can't get a shot on facts I tip the 8th I'm gonna chop that round out well it stuns him but it doesn't actually kill him now if you see on the map the t71 has driven through the SME weights and he's now headed up ones area and we've just been hit by the enemy arty the m12 and I'd suspect that's mainly because he was in the most usual farming position on the map and you can see the t71 s headed this way both from the mini-map and so you can see in visual sight here he comes fires once into the tracks and then he stopped and team kills hayseed turns blue immediately and just drives off so it was a totally uncalled-for team kill now the team is losing this battle that t71 now knows that he shoots another vehicle he will be banned immediately so he's obviously done damage to overtax before and he may have done damage to the up tanks in this game so far the yes he waited saw had been killed borrowed the enemy yeah Panther and the t71 is now just looking out from the plateau there was absolutely no call for him to kill his arty because that's just made it almost a certainty they're gonna lose this battle they're down by 4 tanks now yep they're now down by five tanks and now we're down by 6 and the t70 once been killed so it's seven tanks down now there's only three left and it's now hope of them winning this game and there was no call for them to kill the arty at all in fact that Hellcat just lost a huge amount of hit points going over that cliff the way did and I suspect that the m12 is now preparing to meet the invaders because there's not much he can do either and here comes the enemy arty actually the Hellcats and we've got their fee 304 and now the only remaining teammate is the m12 and he's not gonna last very long yeah he's been killed taken out by the Hellcat and that's it game over but there was absolutely no reason for that t71 to team kill hayseed 1776 so let's all look at the end of battle stats were as you can see defeat but look at the amount of damage that hasy did even during the time that he was live and he was only alive for about three minutes but during that three minutes he did 550 hit points of damage which is a lot more than the t71 did because he only did 150 on the enemy of course he's got the minus one against him because he didn't get any kills whatsoever hayseed did get killed during that game he got the UM the kill shot on at least one enemy tank which was which once the air mix 1357 he got so he did get a kill whereas the t71 didn't and we can see that KC fired six rounds he got two direct hits zero penetration but nine Splash Damage of 550 hit points all at more than 300 meters he received one hits us through self to splash damage from the enemy arty he damaged six of the enemy killed one and did 159 hit points of stun Sisseton sulfate stuns on a premium county and fourteen thousand five hundred ninety four credits got one thousand two hundred thirty six credits compensation for being team killed by the t71 and that gave him 15 thousand eight hundred and thirty and after a repair ammunition resupply and consumables he took away a profit of four thousand six hundred and fifty eight hip credits altogether he received three hundred xp for taking part in the battle and that's all he took away but yeah so if you see this player on your team Dark Star Fox he's on the UM the NA server and he's a team killer and he team kills Artie so if you see him on the opposite team feel free to get make his battle absolutely miserable by constantly hitting him with Artie stun and Artie shots and Tilly's out the game make him realize there's a price to pay for attacking Artie and she make yourself an enemy of all our T's in the game and they will try to get you so put this guy on your black lists do please thank you

Team Killed by DarcStarrFoxxx on NA Server

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  1. Thank you Nigel this team killing of artillery is just getting way out of control and only receiving a thousand plus credits for killing me I don't believe is substantial enough as a penalty

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