Tech-Tuesdays: Turn a Tissue Box into a Projector for your iPod

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Projector screens have become very popular amongst this modern society today that we live in. You can convert a tissue box into a projector screen that will display the videos from an ipod or other portable video device.
oh hey there it's Jared back with another tech Tuesday's project projector screens have become very popular amongst this modern society today that we live in because they're convenient they hang on the ceiling you know and project onto walls and they are just like a television set but more convenient you can convert a tissue box into a projector for your iPod or other video displayer and I'm going to show you how to do that today on tech Tuesday you will need a tissue box magnifying lens I ended up using two some scotch tape your iPod some mirrors and some scissors to start off we're going to take our iPod and put it on the edge of the tissue box now using a ruler and a pen I didn't listen to these in the materials because they're just common items and you want to make a mark of where it comes off near the center then using scissors make a slit where you marked on both sides and then leaving a bit of room make sure that you've got the screen though can't be covered by any of the cardboard but add a bit of room so that the iPod doesn't fall through and we're gonna remove most of this piece and then we're gonna remove our tissues and I said you'll need two magnifying glasses not just the one you're going to take the smallest one and cut a hole in the other side of the tissue box that fit to the smallest one and you'll see it when we come back okay we're back and I've cut a hole in the front of the tissue box I couldn't find a second magnifying glass so I found this one with a base that I use when I work on electronic projects we're not going to tape these into place quite yet because we need to configure that and I'll show you that shortly but you put the larger lens closer to the mirror and the smaller one that you sized up the whole width will go in front of that when you move these too far or closer apart from each other they will focus and change the focus of the video all right the first step to using it is to turn your brightness all the way up on the iPod now go to whatever video you're going to be playing I'm using an an amusing animated short it's just some music that's been animated that I enjoy putting it in where we designed it to go and I hit the Lights you can see that blueness projected because we only have one of the lenses when I put that next lens in now you can see the video this is a triple necked guitar and now we're switching to an interview of two people one on either side of the screen and when I move this magnifying lens it changes the resolution of the screen this tech Tuesday's episode was brought to you by Jared Glick steam earth vision technological corporation tech DIY and viewers like you to support the tech tuesdays podcast make a donation as earth visit info slash store

Tech-Tuesdays: Turn a Tissue Box into a Projector for your iPod

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  1. Can anyone please tell me the glass power or pecular magnification glass type.I have bought a 4x magnification glass with 60mm wide and does as per the instructions,but only a blur image exactly there is only a blurred form of light and if i do with 6x glass with 2.2 cm radius i can see it only a small image.NOTE the the both lens comes on the handle of the same as a combo.Please someone help me to sort out,what is the problem.

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