TechTips: Windows7 – Connect to a Projector

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No more memorizing Fn+F Keys to connect to a projector. Duplicate or Extend your display with a simple keyboard shortcut!

TechTips: Windows7 – Connect to a Projector

13 thoughts on “TechTips: Windows7 – Connect to a Projector”

  1. What option will be selected by default? and can I select one using only arrow keys on my keyboard? the case is that my laptop screen is broken and I can see nothing on it! so it's like if I am blind and I need to duplicate my laptop display into external monitor! any ideas, thank you?

  2. i have problem i just fixing my resoliutons and i push projector only my screen black i dont see how to turn off atleast i dont have projector so im using in the safe mode how to fix?

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