Test of flightsim visuals with 3 projectors

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Test of flight simulator 2004 using 3 projectors – splitting performed by a Matrox TripleHead2Go unit.

Test of flightsim visuals with 3 projectors

14 thoughts on “Test of flightsim visuals with 3 projectors”

  1. when I want to project the 4:3 video via 3 projectors, will the Matrox TH2G make it automaticaly in wide format? will the result be like this video?
    or the input video must already be in 16:9 in order to be displayed nice like this?
    thank you.

  2. Hello Nic,
    like u said this was about 2.5 yrs ago, is there somethign new int he market today which would eliminate the need of three projectors? Also where can I find information for the visual setup using three projectors.

    And hats off to you for your efforts!!

    regards. Param

  3. Nice try but it does not look anything like a real-life flight, where you can *not* see the horizon as you're climbing and you must constantly check the instrument panel. Flying VFR is NOT all about beautiful sceneries but being able to recognize key landmarks. I am not impressed by this video at all.

  4. so it seems it would take 15 projectors to make a complete front immersion? The screen would need to be curved at just the right amount to make it totally realistic. NICE!!! thanks for uploading

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  5. Would it be possible to attach 2 tripleheads to my graphics card? one @ each DVI output.
    I'm thinking of creating a cockpit with 6 screens … upper three the windscreen and the the lower three the controls .

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