The Arura Borealis Projector – The Man Cave Must Have

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Let the Deneve Aurora Borealis Night Light bring the fascination, wonder and exquisite majesty of the natural world into your home. The Deneve Aurora Stars Projector will dazzle your senses with Premium animated laser light projector show!
Set the perfect mood lighting with the Deneve star LED projector. Perfect for unwinding and decompressing at the end of the day. Not just a night light but a portal to our innate curiosity and reverence for our amazing planet!
Use your iPhone or MP3 player! Add your OWN soothing music to accompany the projected waves with the built-in speaker. Kick back in the bath, shower, or in your bedroom.
Comes with AC Power Adapter, audio cable and USB cable.
Backed by the Deneve 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our customers are our biggest asset. We’re happy ONLY when you’re happy!
yo what's up everybody it's your boy floss back again with another video and today we're going to take a look at the de Neve aurora borealis the Soleil and the you charge projection lights now I got to tell y'all the story behind this if you look in the description I will leave a time stamp just in case you don't care about the story and you just want to see the demo take it to the time stamp but for everybody else here's what happened so last night I ate a brownie and around midnight fast forward to about two o'clock in the morning I'm laying in the bed I'm zoned out so I'm flicking through channels and I came across a documentary of the Northern Lights so as I'm watching it I'm getting mesmerized by the lights but the only thing is the guy's voice who was doing the commentating it was a little bit annoying so I press mute and I turned on some music had some Al Green on in the background again I'm zoomed out I'm just chilling and I looked out the corner of my eyes and I could see the Northern Lights and it just looks so beautiful so I came up with an idea of can I get the Northern Lights in my house so now y'all know about Amazon warrior that's when I like to shop so I jumped up jumped on the computer took it to Amazon and I start browsing so I found some lava lamps I found some kaleidoscope projection lamps then I came across the aurora borealis so I checked the price it's $21 so now I usually don't like reading reviews about products because a lot of times people will give stuff one-star just because they don't really know how to use it or a lot of people be expecting too much like people will buy a $20 Bluetooth speaker and then give it a one-star review and then if you read the review that say something like oh um I only gave this one star because it doesn't sound as good as my beats pill well if you're buying something for 20 bucks don't you can't go into it expecting you're going to get the same sound as something you pay 150 bucks for so I said you know what I'm just going to gamble so this is a gamble video this one was 22 bucks so you know at now they have suggested products so this one was wanted to suggest the products so I got this one too this one was twenty four bucks and then they had the you charge this one was twenty six bucks so I said you know what since I'm in the mood to try something new and I want to try to get a new effect let me just get all three of them and all three of them same-day delivery that was last night they all got delivered today so we're gonna check these out and see what they look like all right so let's just open these up real quick now this ain't going to be a big review these are just projection lights all right so let's see that let's see how they look now it's not is it this one or the next one one of these do have a speaker built into it but I'm probably definitely not going to use that let's see what you get inside okay so this is the aurora borealis now one of the things I did read on the reviews is a lot of people said if you want maximum light effect take the dome off all right so we're going to try it with the dome on and off okay so here's your power button and that looks like plus or minus volume up and down you see it does have a speaker built-in now just judging by the weight and the price I'm assuming that the speak is going to be trashed whoo kids we're not really going to use the speaker now you do get an aux cable 3.5 and here's your plug all right so that's that's basically this one let's see yup just olks plug and your power plug all right so that's the aurora borealis now let's see the Sony let's check this one out looks like the same oh okay this one you got a remote control alright so this one was about two dollars more but you do get a remote control I like that same thing auxiliary cable and plug shout out to Xerxes Xerxes scared the out of me again yeah she'd be coming in mad hard and fast I like that though I like that let's check this one alright so this one does have a speaker – all right now this one basically looks the same let's see there's this tilt ok now this one doesn't tilt not up the Neve one does this one tilt to go to Swan this tilt it alright let me not break it alright but it's supposed to tilt we'll figure it out in a second and lastly let's take a look at the U charge now let's see what is this okay now this one okay big globe that is when the top one doesn't come off the seat at the top come on from this one my top comes off on this one this one is supposed to have more of a kaleidoscope effect we'll see alright so this is what they look like like I said all of these 26 bucks and under so what I'm going to do is I'm going to pause the video I'm going to take it up take it up in the attic turn off all the lights and we'll see what it looks like talk amongst yourselves let me find with xerxes got down there all right now I just wanted to give you an idea of what the ceiling looks like now I'm going to turn the light off and we'll do a little demo okay so first we're going to try the aurora borealis with the dome on all right let me just press the button there it goes okay so that's what the light on the site will do some of the modes real quick now what I will say is it is lighting up the whole ceiling I don't know how this video is going to look in the dark but we'll see okay that's like the next thing supposed to be eight different patterns get out one is mostly red at first okay there's some flashes a little bit more go over it all green this one looks purple and that's it alright now I'm going to take the dome off and we'll see how it looks with the dome pole okay now that looks way better oh it looks nice okay let me look through the lens even if you I can see what I'm seeing yeah yeah I can see it a little bit or what hell looks kind of nice now it is you can see it on the walls also but mainly on the ceiling it's very bright since let's try some of the other settings okay that one has a little bit of red moving around okay a lot of red on this one then blends to green and it changes a little over the purple okay now back to red I said I'd like a color change in one this one's a little bit faster that's all red all green with a little bit of red or purple and that's it alright so this is the best setting for the aurora borealis that actually looks nice this might be this might be perfect for the Netflix and chill activities alright so let me pause the video let's check out the the next one okay so here's the second one and we'll try it with the dome on I got with the dome on it's not too bright pretty much looks exactly like the person okay so far these two look exactly the same taking the dome off okay now let me see this is this one a little bit brighter big thing that looks the same all right so this one is the same let me decide it real quick that reg looks cool I think the first second looks the best it looks more like the efficient lights oh this one is nice too oh that's nice with that red streak the purple okay so I think this is the best setting right in this one just looks like some nice mood lighting all right so we got one more to check out let's check out the last one real quick okay now let's check out the you charge now this one is really bright and it has two settings all right so this is white now I'm gonna hit the switch and there's the colorful setting this the brightest one this is more of a party style light this one definitely covers the whole ceiling and the walls this is the kaleidoscope effect all right so let me let me know which one got like best now this is like I said this was a gamble for me let me let me turn on the other one I think I like this one better let me unplug this first one I think I like this one the best this one is more relaxing this is the aurora borealis I like this one now hit me up in the comments let me know what job did you

The Arura Borealis Projector – The Man Cave Must Have

46 thoughts on “The Arura Borealis Projector – The Man Cave Must Have”

  1. I like the Borealis but the last one was bright is there anything out of all three that are better I'm looking to put it up in the trees on my deck any suggestions? Plus I definitely want to Bluetooth speaker with it please help good review by the way! You're definitely sending me in the right direction

  2. Could you incorporate your cat more into your videos… You went from a tuffy to a softie in a NY minute. Says the middle aged white girl who randomly stumbled on ur video, and became mezmerized…maybe it was the cheap Cabernet…or aura borialis serendipidty. Either way write kitty into the script.

  3. @Flossy CarterYo the Ucharge looked Dope!  I clicked on the link but I couldn't find it.  If possible you upload a new link so I can hit that single button purchase. Much love bro, keep up the work!

  4. Dude!!! I was eating a brownie? I love your energy, you're a psychonaut, hell's yes, more power to you brother! I can feel your excitement and loving energy from the video. Yes! I'm getting one of these for my "ceremonies". Love Xerxes.

  5. I've seen the Aurora Borealis 6 times while in the Navy and THIS crap looks NOTHING like it. It's a rip off and a waste of money. For the rest of you potheads, this is just for you zombie, brainless, jobless waste of space. Enjoy. Just fyi, I have PLENTY of salt for you beeotches as well!!!

  6. Fabulous review. Interesting, not too slow or fast. Lovely voice you have there. Nice tatts. And the vid isn't all "Me. me" as many are (which I hate). I am looking to buy one for my camper van so that inside at night, it would enhance nature (I have solar panels to charge on usb, so all good). Thank you, might be buying two now – one chillout, one for party : )

  7. Hey there Flossy, can you tell me how well they project in part light and how high? I am looking for something like this for a set on lights, adding mirrors and stain glass stips that will be hung way UP on a ceiling in a nature centre. Can you give me any ideas what might work? Thanks much!

  8. Floss man. Your research is more than dope. If you start a go fund me to get your butt up to the north pole, I'll gladly dole out cash for you. I've been to the the arctic circle. You would love it. Go fund Me!!!!

  9. I like the cat the best! Second to the feline is the second Aurora projector because it has the remote. Thanks! This was a great review because it compared three products of similar kind. I will consider the party projector though to go with my B-day disco balls!

  10. Damn. I just came here for a simple review and what I got instead was one of the funniest, most informative reviews I've seen in a while. Any review that starts off with, "So I ate a brownie" gets 420 likes from me. Subscribed.
    And one extra like for Xerxes. Oh, and I definitely like the first one better, although I do like the last one, too.

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