The best headset mic is now WIRELESS… and it SOUNDS GOOD?! – ModMic Wireless Review

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AntLion Audio have OUTDONE themselves! This is the ModMic Wireless – and it actually stays in place better than previous models!

The ModMic Wireless features a uni-directional (noise canceling) and omni-directional (higher frequency response) capsule, one-press mute, and works with any headphones!

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MSRP: $119.95
Available in US, CAN, EU, Australia or worldwide from our site on Nov 27
Available in retail at Microcenter in the USA
Works with PS4 and Windows, Mac, and Linux but not Xbox.

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this is antlions new mod mike wireless Before we jump into the review usual disclosures I do actually have a recurring ad spot sponsorship relationship with antlion audio and their mod mic series and you may even see had spots run for this microphone I only worked with companies in that regard that actually support and trust and believe in their products and they always give me a chance to give me my you know critical unfiltered opinions before they offer any ad spots or we work together or anything like that because that's what reviews are for but I do need to disclose that as always their new microphone is wireless and it sounds pretty good you're hearing it now and this whole review will be shot and I'll switch between the capsules as desired I am recording it over here on my MacBook Pro 2013 and we'll touch on operating system compatibility and things like that in a minute but this new one is wireless so no more bundling cables no more trying to tie the cable to your headphone cable no more trying to figure out where it all plugs in it's all Wireless runs to a USB receiver in your computer or whatever you're connecting it to and now you can actually pair it I mean you could always pair it with wireless headphones but now you could pair it with wireless headphones and keep a truly wireless setup which is pretty freakin neat you have a plastic hub which weighs quite a bit more than the previous you know wired models of course since the wired models were basically a wire this has a whole wireless transmitter in it and everything like that so it is a little bit more weight which we will need to talk about in a moment but then you have the microUSB port for charging the headset itself as you will need to keep up with charging something else which can be a minor annoyance and then you have the wire running to the microphone capsule which is a dual capsule microphone which it's pretty cool it has both the omnidirectional mode which is what you're hearing now and then they bit towards the tip is the Uni directional mode which has a little bit more noise suppression but can sound a little worse to keep in mind my allergies are killing me this week and I sound a little bit nasally I tried to pick the best time I could to record but I don't sound fully up to snuff regardless and then you do have the phone windscreen for the microphone capsules themselves now as I mentioned this is a little bit heavier and they have actually improved their magnet system it is a super strong magnet now but that does mean that they you recommend you replace the original magnet stem if you have an older models compatible and forwards compatible but the actual stem that goes on your headphones they do recommend replacing that with the new ones as its it's stronger it's gonna hold this better and the adhesive is a little bit better and they do actually recommend going on and placing it and letting it stick to your headphones for at least a few hours if not a full 24 hours before actually using it that way all that much weight doesn't go ahead and rip it right off while the adhesive is still kind of attaching to the surface again this is a dual capsule microphone you've been hearing the omnidirectional mode this one can pick up more background noise and more environment noise but will sound a little bit better has a better frequency response I'm gonna flip on over to the noise suppression mode the uni-directional just a little switch on this microphone here now this is the Uni directional capsule which is going to only pick up what's directly in front of it and has a little bit of noise suppression in it but might sound a little less lower quality I do feel like the omnidirectional one goes on and does a decent enough job with noise suppression and background rejection anyway so I don't know that this is needed other than and seriously noisy environments but it's cool that like the mod mic 5 they include both options on the headset the rest of the review will be still shot on the omnidirectional mode here now this microphone does support Windows Mac Linux and PlayStation 4 no Xbox support though so take that Xbox one stand down Cortana as far as Mac's support goes I've tested it extensively on Mac and on Windows you're hearing the Mac sample now recording it behind me on a MacBook I've tested it on Linux we can go ahead and flip to that it does seem to support Linux out of the box as long as you're using a USB 2.0 port not a 3.0 port as that is what I initially use for my testing and it sounded a little something like this but in 2.0 as far as I can tell unless OBS is screwing up it does work in a boon to nice and PlayStation 4 although it's worth noting that you have no real level control over it on ps4 it is super sensitive and it's soo prone to peeking and clipping on ps4 and even though I reduced the audio levels as a whole whole lot in the PlayStation it's still super peaky but you get the idea the mod mic Wireless does support connecting to the PlayStation 4 however the USB wireless receiver does not fit into the USB port in between the slats of my ps4 Pro which is a little annoying but they do provide an extension cable that you can use there obviously the sound quality will be affected by the chat compression of ps4 servers and what have you but that will apply to any mic that you use what you've been hearing is the uni-directional capsule which has a little bit of background noise suppression and filtration I'm going to switch it over to omnidirectional real quick this is the omnidirectional mode which should have a little bit better sound quality not that anyone can really hear it over the ps4 but will pick up more environment noise background noise and if you're pressing your controller too hard it'll pick that up as well in the Box you get the box itself is a very nice case that has a padded case to protect the mic and contain all of the accessories you get a little bit of paperwork and directions you get the microphone itself you get a USB extension cable for the receiver which was necessary on playstation for me and then a couple little magnet stems and it does come with the micro USB cable for charging and a clamp for the USB receiver so you can keep it in view as there are LED indicators on the mic itself which you might be able to see in camera here but you can also since you can't see that while you're using the microphone have used the clamp to kind of keep the LED or the USB receiver and view then you can have a line of sight to the LEDs and know when it's muted and things like that there is of course a button on here to control the microphone itself press it once to turn on and get the blue indicator LED going press once to mute it hold it they say two seconds but really it's closer to three seconds hold it three seconds and let go to turn it off and then if you hold it for quite a few seconds like closer to five it will put the microphone into pairing mode and then you can do the same thing on the receiver to put it into pairing mode and and you know connect them together which sometimes if you're switching devices you I have found that it kicks the headphone into pairing mode or the microphone into pairing mode and it doesn't always recognize the receiver so you're gonna pair them back up sometimes there is also a button on the receiver but it does not act the same as this button you can't press it to mute it's only there to set up the pairing modes as far as the LED indicator when it's blinking blue it is looking for a signal or entering pairing mode when it's solid blue it is paired and connected and ready to go and when it's reddish orangish that means it's muted one of the big things that they're bragging about is low latency compared to wireless headset mics I don't really have a way to kind of nitpick compare this as they would you know probably like since they're advertising that like a normal wireless headset it's like a hundred fifty ms of delay and this is only like 40 but in my testing when trying to sync it to a camera into a webcam I have found it to be very low latency and not really a problem so I guess that's good MSRP for the mod mic Wireless is $119.95 120 bucks I don't know why prices are always like this it's available in the US Canada the EU in Australia and worldwide on their site potentially on November 27th which is the launch date for everyone which is when you're watching this hopefully and in the u.s. it will be available for retail in Micro Center as well overall for a wireless headset and for you know the general mod mic line these headset these microphones sound pretty solid they sound pretty good you are missing some of the kind of low in response that you would get from a traditional desktop microphone but for a lot of applications the hands-free nature and the you know it's just attached here and you don't have to mess with it nature is well worth the trade-off for a lot of people especially for gaming or light streaming or whatever this is perfectly adequate and perfectly fine and as long as you get the positioning set up so you're not popping it and you're not peaking too much it sounds pretty good and when you compare the overall audio experience of that Sennheiser master op Edition HD 6 X X headset which is a killer pair of headphones and the mod mic Wireless on it compared to this wired headset which is also from Sennheiser and mass drop and is pretty good both the listening and the microphone audio no audio experiences no contest in my opinion you can judge for yourself though I've had default audio quality here for you thanks so much for watching this review as always affiliate product as I get them since it's a brand new product will be linked in the description below or you can just check out mine Mike's website at antlion audio comm or Google search mod Mike I guess excuse me I'm a people's box here to make tech easier and more fun I'm gonna go drink some water and clear out my sinuses agin and I will see you next time

The best headset mic is now WIRELESS… and it SOUNDS GOOD?! – ModMic Wireless Review

43 thoughts on “The best headset mic is now WIRELESS… and it SOUNDS GOOD?! – ModMic Wireless Review”

  1. Do you have the mic that far away from your face to keep it from peaking? I just got one in and it seems to peak even at a slightly elevated voice when positioned towards the corner of my mouth

  2. Wish you could have plug in wired headphones into the modmic. Or pair the headphones with Modmic's USB dongle. I suspect you'll need another dongle to handle the wireless headphones. Or will the modmic usb dongle handle the wireless headphones too?

  3. Looks great – but expensive. My only thought is do I need it? If I'm using decent wired headphones on my PS4 (using a Creative G6 for example) I already have a cable – one more won't hurt?? :p

  4. I might have missed it in the video but what’s the battery life on it and I think you mentioned the the receiver can also pair to wireless headphones as well or did I just misunderstand that?

  5. Probably doesn't like the USB 3.0 port for the same reasons RF wireless keyboard and mice are advised not to be put on 3.0 ports too. Great review, man. Shared this with my friends who use modmics with their AKG headphones.

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