The MASSIVE 49″ LG UltraWide Monitor – The Best UltraWide Monitor of 2019

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Taking a look at the brand new 49″ LG Ultrawide Monitor – their new flagship as well as LG’s other highlights and new products at CES 2019. This is the 49WL95C Monitor for reference!

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my 2019 coverage of CES is brought to you by D brand what's going on guys it's Carl here and forgive the raspy voice I've just got back from CES everyone kind of gets sick as there are so many people out there but still trying to keep you guys updated with all of the bids that I just recorded over there this first one is very special as it has to do with some monitor stuff you know I'm a big fan of setups it's of course the brand-new behemoth 49 inch ultra wide from LG and some of the other cool tech that I saw in LG's booth and this year at CES 2010 the thing that caught my eye right off of the bat this is the up-and-coming 49 WL 95 C ultrawide monitor I had to get a pic with this guy this might be the most precarious position I needed I am in between an ultra wide monitor what is going on anything for the shot to put things in perspective that is a 34 inch ultra wide give me one sec 34 inches you can imagine how wide 49 would be so resolution on that guy is 50 120 by 1440 it's got USB type-c so you can connect it to your latest peripherals like my MacBook Pro or say my Mac Mini perfect for video editing scrubbing across that entire timeline you can fit so much on to display that large it's got HDR 10 in the display and behind it has 2 times 10 watt speakers so it does deliver some pretty decent sound and you might not need some extra peripheral monitors just in case you were wondering and the nice thing even with a monitor that size you can still tilt swivel and lower and raise it to your heart's content I know it may be a bit tough to fit into one setup just make sure your desk is large enough the second monitor that we saw LG is now shifting into specific gaming monitors and that has been called the LG ultra here two different sizes a 27 and 38 inch and what makes these different of course is the refresh rate you've got the traditional 60 on most monitors and this guy has a hun and 44 and you can overclock that 275 Hertz so that is perfect for things like gaming where milliseconds do make the difference of either getting the headshot or missing the kill it's got a resolution of 3840 by 1600 we have Nvidia g-sync built in and the coolest thing we've got a lighting sphere on the back that you can actually sync to your game there's around five different settings that you can choose from and you can change those lights to a custom color display you'll just have to download them I will definitely be rocking an orange sort of setup it's nice as you now don't need to buy say Philips hue light strips on the back everything is built-in and kind of gives that gaming ish feel on the back switching into the laptop game and you guys know that I've used the LG Graham for the past I think three years they're one of my favorite laptops just due to the overall size the light weight portability we've got two different models now the first is the 17-inch powerhouse and we also have the two-in-one so the 17-inch obviously the 17-inch display it is LG's largest LG Graham laptop that they brought up even with the large display it's still nice and crispy 2560 by 1600 it's an IPS display 16 gigs of ram 512 gigabyte riu SBC and that all comes in at a package of seventeen hundred bucks and obviously if you want to upgrade those specs you can do so the next 14 inch is now a two and one and that does come with a Wacom stylus this now competes with say the iPad pro the Google slate book but of course the best thing this does have a fully dedicated operating system of Windows it's got the same internals as the 17-inch it has the same 72 watt battery in a smaller form factor that means this guy will last close to 21 hours switching to their Cinna beam as I have a very similar setup in my place this guy is an ultra short throw 4k a laser smart projector I think I got all those words right it projects an image up to a hundred and twenty inches so that's 20 inches bigger than my current setup but that thing is already massively large and LG is really Marv getting this as a standalone projector it doesn't come with a built-in display like I got over on my Hisense model obviously without that though it becomes more versatile as long as you have a hundred and twenty inch wall to project it on you should be good to go if there was one criticism about my high sense unit I would say that it's a bit bulky it doesn't look that good LG's was on point it was slim it was thin and just something that I wanted to have in my setup and the last big thing that LG was highlighting was of course their audio products they've now partnered with Meridian and for some backdrop Meridian has been in the high performance audio games since the 1970s they've been delivering very high-end hi-fi products whether they're collaborating with Jaguar McLaren in home speaker setups the big guy here was the high-res sandbar of course with Meridian tech and Dolby Atmos it is the first sandbar that I've seen that has dual options you can either have it flush to the wall that is the same width as a TV or having it facing down it's really up to the consumer so benefits for both obviously if you've got it flush with the wall it is very slim aesthetically pleasing and you have these sound coming straight at you the second option is a bit more traditional say you have it lying straight across your TV stand this creates more of a surround sound experience as the upward-facing drivers do bounce sound off the ceiling and you get that simulated surround sound experience it looks like it's made out of stainless steel a very high-end very modern I think that will be replacing my current LG sambar over in my bedroom setup and to round off the audio game of course LG had their full array of LG X boom speakers and they're very very large and they're very very large sound boxes these have been upgraded with LED lights they still have the DJ turntables and these are actually the best sellers in South America you guys are crazy I know you love to party I think that would be perfect when I do host parties out on my balcony let me know your thoughts and anyways that was the highlights from the LG booth for CES 2019 let me know your thoughts on the 9-inch ultrawide monitor stay posted to the channel as that is coming up and an incoming desk set up featuring that ultra wide is on the deck hope you guys enjoyed my coverage and I will catch you in one of my next episodes bass

The MASSIVE 49″ LG UltraWide Monitor – The Best UltraWide Monitor of 2019

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