Thin and beautiful – Asus VZ249H monitor review

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This is one beautiful monitor. It is thin, has a lovely design, light-weight, and has a majestic screen with awesome color reproduction. And thanks to the thin bezels, it’s perfect for multi-monitor setups.
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you you I have never done a monitor review well hello they are people of interest and today's a bit different video kind of maybe not really well so first for me this is a first first type of video for me today let me take a look at Martin my little monitor really really beautiful market really beautiful the Monto in question is an Asus VZ – for 9h yeah so let's get to it first of all let's talk about design LSN moments ago this mantle is like really beautiful a little special thing about this monitor is its thinness you can say thickness it's only 7 millimeters still mostly I mean only at the bottom it's about this thick where the speakers and the connections are but above that 7 millimeters still listen about like my phone it is thin and there are almost no puzzles it's well they are bezels but they are really really really thin and of course on the bottom you have small chip with an Asus logo and underneath the chip are some buttons for the menu we'll talk about those money buttons and mega waiter on the back of the monitor we have connections and two speakers now speaking of the speakers they are 1.5 watts each and they are and nothing's that's true they can get mediocre loud I mean they are built-in speakers you can't expect much from them however they do sound now on the back is of course input and inputs of the month you know I can't say odds but they are a bit odd you have an HDMI input you just you know regular but you don't have a TV I have a VGA in and I I don't I don't know I mean I'm using via I'm using HDMI but why not levy I a parts of the DVI VGA in we also have a jack for our deal and next to it you have a jack for power of course you with the included power brick so it's thinness is perfect for multi-monitor setups and I just I've really really thin nice-lookin and really really lightweight design so spec wise it's a 23 point 4 inch full HD panel with 16 by 9 aspect ratio and a contrast of 80 million to 1 which is like quite a lot I mean the blacks and I think are so deep sadly has a you think angle of 178 degrees response type of 5 more seconds now the colors are also epic and they're beautiful I am a bit blown away honest for 10 years I've been using it also a nice monster bit this 10 years old came up to 2007 it's an ever Isis and w211 I think I have I'll write it here away but it's almost a fully screen and since if 10 years old all the colors are kind of washed out but it just goes to show you how much it has progressed well at the time now on to go I mentioned the buttons to need the screen and the menu of the mantle now at first there there is a bit tricky to get users you do have to like at the screens like this or like this and the batteries are somewhere here it's a bit odd to get used to but you have actually get to yourself now inside the man you can adjust all that kind of things blue lights contrast brightness whole bunch of things now what I really like about Isis matters I mean even this 10 year old monitor hands which is what right here really is tripped on with and has a splendid mode which basically different modes for gaming text trading darkroom Seanie scenery theater etc and yeah they they do what they do change the picture file out there for example the gaming mode kind of heads the contrast dark remote decreases the brightness so your eyes don't good and you know standard time with I daily I give it up scene anymore because it's kind of perfect a bit better stand up and I just II just on the I and I want to add too much to tedious but this month or has a my suit account is blah blah blah that is the strain of your eyes and it does and that's work it does editors will do the stream a mine I solicit for me however there are two things that I don't really like about this one of them being is there's no height adjustment there there's that as I mentioned the input is a bit fear but other than that I don't really see anything wrong this mantra me it's really beautiful that's perfect especially going on more time on to set up the tiny bezel really helps a lot yeah so this was my first man to review I know I messed up a lot I probably skipped the missed a lot of part where should have mentioned probably bit back then but whatever the learn from mistakes yeah so you make sure to LIKE and subscribe I will be pushing more videos one of the included 750ti that will probably come out next week I hope and one of the videos also para cheap really cheap but really good gaming keyboard backlights and one of them will be I ended up 6600 review coming up maybe I know gaming benchmarks all have a lot of a of to make I don't have a lot of time school is really pushing me hard yeah so to make sure to like it subscribe and I'll be seeing ya peace

Thin and beautiful – Asus VZ249H monitor review

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  1. ey there I have the same monitor..Anyway can I know what the audio in-port does? and is there a way to get the sounds through my speaker set since I am planning to connect my ps4 to the monitor, the quality of the inbuilt speakers in this monitor are not that great..

  2. The worst monitor I could buy, it has such a thick AG coating that makes it very grainy. White colors looks horrible. I don't even want to open the browser because I will see the grainy image. My TV which has a VA panel looks 100x times better. Even thought its IPS it's all ruined by the too aggressive AG coating.

  3. Stand up while looking at it, I think these are cheaper e-ips monitors, so brightness uniformity suffers vs more expensive ips, its still good, but just don't be fooled by "IPS" marketing, not all IPS is created equal. Its not about the bezel in multimonitor, but the actual real world viewing angle, not the marketing. These monitors when places to the side require a steep angle to not be too far away, and there you will begin to notice how uneven the brightness becomes.

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