This Week in Computer Hardware 404: AMD Ryzen 7 Is Here!

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Does AMD’s Ryzen 7 outperform Intel’s Core i7 CPUs? Raspberry Pi Zero W hands on. Our pics of the latest Android phones from Mobile World Congress, price drops on Oculus Rift, and much more in TWiCH episode 404!
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This Week in Computer Hardware 404: AMD Ryzen 7 Is Here!

15 thoughts on “This Week in Computer Hardware 404: AMD Ryzen 7 Is Here!”

  1. i can save everyone the time they would waste watching this crap, Intel paid them off. if only these scumbags would tell the truth that would be real nice but that's hard to do when you rely on inte l to pay your bills.

  2. AMD should have started with a 1600XXX. 4core 8thread clocked at 4.2 Ghz with a 1800x cooler at a price $60 cheaper than a i7 7700k. That chick running AMD did this: "the 1800x will beat an i7 6900 or the new 1800x is useless" " the RX480 will beat the Nvidia 1080 or the RX480 is useless" The $500.00 price difference isn't important! A nine year downturn in the economy isn't going to make people look at the price/performance.

  3. it is indeed very exciting the fact I can get an 8 core CPU with so much power for 500 dollars– I don't have to spend more than 1000 for Intel. This is good for everyone.

  4. The 7700k also beats the 6950X in gaming, but why is nobody bitching about that? Ryzen is a really good product for the money. A cheap B350 motherboard + a Ryzen CPU is cheaper than any on the X99 platform. Stop comparing it to the 7700k cause the R3 and R5 are meant to compete with those (with more aggressive prices).

  5. TLDR: 1800X beaten by 7700K for gaming, but if you're streaming/recording/video editing the higher core count helps a lot.

    For gaming, if the 1800X performs equally to the 7700K on higher resolution monitors (1440p or 4K) because the graphics card is the bottle neck, what will happen when the GPU is not the bottle neck? Then the graphs would start to look the 1080p ultra benchmarks, where a $350 part beats a $500 part. So, stop recommending the 1800X for pure gaming at higher resolution when there is something with much better price/performance.

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