Todd Ryan Reviews Project Rock Headphones

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Continuing the trend of reviewing products with some slight workout tips and tricks as usual.

Categories touched on are durability, sound quality, button layout, cleaning, and battery life.

Overall, I would rate these headphones very high compared to many different competitors such as beats, jaybirds, skull candy, and Sony.

They are pricey, however, you are paying for top of the line, build for gym-life headphones.

If you are used to spending $200+ on your headphones already, then these will suit your needs and then some.
If not, no worries because there are plenty of other headphones that can meet the need of just transmitting music into your ear and there is nothing wrong with that.
I still to this day will use apple wired headphones if I have completely dead headphones or forget my wireless ones.

If you are still wary after the review, I encourage you to reach out to me and ask more questions in the comments below!

Thanks for viewing and being a part of my beginning as a youtube content creator.

More videos to come!

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hey everybody welcome back to my channel as I'm going to be keeping the trend alive I will be reviewing another Fitness related product I'm excited to actually talk about it in detail so that everyone can get the best idea to see if this practice for them so one of the most important things that a lot of people carry with them to the gym besides their phones is their headphones the market is flooded with all different types of headphones it's really good to do your homework and figure out which headphones are best suited for you whether you're more of a runner and you need someone to really hook on at the top of your heads and fall off or if you're a weightlifter and you wear some of the bulkier headsets today I'll be talking about the special edition Under Armour and JBL rock headphones the first thing I want to point out is how nice it is when you pull right out of the package for the first time they're a really cool carrying case so that we keep it in keep them dry keep them you know just protected overall so that's really nice that comes along with that I've been using these headphones for about three or four months now and I gotta say overall like terms of durability on the pre they're pen no pun intended rock solid they're very sleek they have good flexibility to them I wouldn't go like ripping them wide open but you know within good reason they open pretty far and as far as like wear and tear of durability like you know I juggle in my car like throwing in my carrying case like I'm not like by any means abusing these but I was willing to take care of them I think they're gonna be a pretty solid headphone for sure as far as sound goes for these I've noticed that even when the volume turned all the way up they just don't sound that loud however I don't know how loud you really need them to be because they're very noise cancelling like you put them on you really can't hear anything around you outside of like someone screaming I think the sound is very clear the bass sounds good treble sounds good all the highs are right there I have no complaints about the sound whatsoever all the buttons are located right down here on the right ear the bull is actually a button – there's your Bluetooth power on power off and volume up and down and then there's your pause button right there in the middle this can actually also be used to answer your phone calls and such as well when you want to change a song you have to hold the volume button up and that fast-forward to a sign if you want to go back you hold the volume down button for about one second pausing and playing is all done with the middle button down here that logo right there the bowl but it actually has a another feature built into it if you push the bull button it dims your music down to let's say volume two or something just so where you know it's still playing and then it turns on this little microphone right here see that and then when people talk their voices go into this microphone and then into your ear Nexus you can have a conversation without actually taking your headphones off times it gets tedious trying to keep these headphones clean or whatever we're all we're all getting them dirty one way or another and I have found that keeping these ones clean our strides better than trying to keep other headphones clean and it's one simple thing about them these are over your headphones on these cushions which are a moral fabric are removable I actually took it off just a little bit ago to clean them myself you do have to do a bit of finagling to get them back on however it's not hard to do and just get used to doing it taking a lot taking these on and off but they actually when you go to do it you can actually just gently grab here like on the foam part here and if you just peel see that kind of come off right there see it's been released a little bit there and then this little cushion will just come right out so finally the last thing I talk about battery life is pretty outstanding actually they last about 16 hours depending on how frequently you're hitting the buttons how high have the volume ex a really cool feature to wear if you have the music pause for too long or have it turned out for too long they will shut off so you won't have her just run your battery yeah so that's pretty cool a lot of headphones these days have fast charging much like our cell phones and they actually write this statistic down inside this cool well pamphlet they give you about your headphones how to use them these headphones in particular actually have a really cool feature charging them for five minutes will give you an hour of use and I've actually noticed this without noticing it um if that makes sense essentially I'm pretty bad about plugging in my headphones I've always been bad about it but I do have an extra charger in my truck so what I do is that six minute drive from my house to my to my gym and so I plug them in on the way there and I'll a that'll give me enough you know my workouts are like 45 minutes some-odd so yeah my my headphones are on and off only charged for about six to seven minutes before my workout however even starts and I've never had them die on me in the gym let alone give me a notification noise let me know hey they're gonna die soon so yeah battery life in comparison I mean it's not the absolute longest lasting battery that headphones have to offer but if you need anything more than 16 hours worth of headphone battery I don't know I can't think of a single time I would ever need that long I'm guessing like commuting somewhere on a train or you got a really long walk like almost a day's worth of a walk well you need that much battery life for though a really great headphone I definitely recommend purchasing them if it's something that you're used to putting your money into they're gonna last you and you won't be disappointed well thank you very much for bearing with me in that review hopefully it helped you consider potentially purchasing these uh headphones for yourself I do not work for under armour I do not get paid to tell you guys about these things I am simply doing it just because I want you guys to be informed and be able to purchase something with as much information as possible so with all that aside I have a really awesome workout for you guys to watch today but I'll go ahead and let future Todd talk about it here yep that's all I got so today we're doing a chest workout that's gonna completely isolate basically your your medial part of your chest and your upper chest it's all high-volume and what it's designed to do is to basically get a lot of blood into your chest it's really stretch those muscle fibers put a lot of tension on your chest and basically force it to grow so the first workout we're doing is flat bench press basically what you want to do is just for 15 sets you're going to do 15 reps and you want to keep the the weight time in between if you don't have to be too long like if you like a minute and a half maybe less in between your sets and basically make sure you're getting the reps and make sure you're getting quality reps yeah so that's the first workout and all right so once you're done doing the 15 flat bench set the 15 reps you're pretty pretty fatigued I was dying or the last you said – that went down away about 20 pounds it'll be ready to move the way down to make sure you get the rep set but anyways after you go from that you go to incline dumbbell press and I mean basically just make sure that you're getting your elbows waist down at 90 I don't go too deep on the sets you want to make sure you're keeping that tension right on your chest there's five sets and once again change the way you're getting fatigued you want to make sure you keep them that stuff within the range before you getting the rep set to it all right and the very last work that we're gonna do is going to be cable fly that's going to be isolating the lower part of your chest and basically same concept with make sure that people to find that sweet spot to do this for five sets of 15 reps just like the

Todd Ryan Reviews Project Rock Headphones

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