Toner cartridge refill for laser printers, save money and help the planet.

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I have been refilling toner cartridges for my laser printers for years and have saved hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars. Besides saving money, this is very good for the planet. Watch my movie and you can see how easy it is to refill your own toner cartridge. Each laser printer is a little different but the steps are basically the same. Thanks for watching.

hi youtubers Chris Willa here from notes from a vagabond hope everybody's having a good day not working too hard today I'm going to make a little movie about how to refill a toner cartridge out of a laser printer by doing this you can save a lot of money don't have to work so hard I've been doing this for years I've saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars it's really easy once you learn how to do it so stick around watch one trick I wanted to tell you about these toner cartridges is if your if your toner is going low on your laser printer its printing you know the streets or fading or not dark enough and your pending in a GM just take it out shake it up shake the side to side and everything stick it back in you'll get some more nice clean copies for a little that means when the one you start seeing the streaking or light or whatever means the toners run it out but if you shake it a little bit you can get a little more use out of it just to get you by till you have time to either get a cartridge or refill your own okay so to do this you can order one of these toner refill kits online the one I'm used in actually is called toner refill yourself kit and with this kit what I got was instructions toner plugs these tape on plugs the chip a lot of times with your cartridge they have a chip so you can't refill it but by replacing the chip you can in a cleaning cloth the tools like under use that it got a home or some magnifying visor little screwdriver pair of needle nose in this plug hole cutting tool now I got this at RadioShack this company also sells out I like a kit where it comes with the whole burner and some sandpaper and a few other things but I I already from home not home people from a radio shack so that's the tools what I'm going to do so first thing you want to do is read the instructions carefully you know you're like me you got to read them three times to fully understand them but what this process really is is you take the whole burning tool and you're going to cut one hole here fill up the toner and then cut another hole and shake out the toner because as the toner gets used up it goes down into another baffle or whatever you want to call it replace the chip which is right here there's a little chip take that off replace it so this kit did come with some latex gloves you can wear if you want sometimes they get in the way for me they also came with this piece of paper to shake the toner out on so as you can see my tool is smoking it seems plenty hot and I know where I'm going to put my whole I put a little piece of tape there so I don't want to think about it and they say just come in here and not press too hard might rock it a little bit there we go and then you want to you hope that I don't know if you can see but the plastics right in there if it goes into the toner thing we're going to have to go fish it out but there came right out next take top off the toner and pour it in there very specific about pouring it and not squeezing the bottle because if you squeeze the bottle it will get toner all over the place so use this whole bottle I just built that one time they say take this special claw here and it stretches stretches out so or something but this is to wipe up all the toner like i spilt all this seals off and put it right on there like so flipped it over I know where my next hole is going to go it's because a piece of tape there right there just tape off plugged now wanna shake out old toner clean take one of these patches now this is a trickier hole because this is offset I'll make sure I get it all the way there that and go like that like that like that these are real nice and flexible so I think they'll seal real nice so next time on replace this chip here that's why I need d sings you have been DUP these little tabs in the back and I can't really see that well with my regular glasses with these things I can and that one up that one up so slide this thing out of here like that slides in like that and notches are inward push these tabs down it kind of broke off so this is right in there they said you can put a piece of tape here if it's loose that feels real solid to me so I gave it a test it work just fine made a nice clear copy no more streaks like I was getting before you know once you do this once you drill the holes in here all you got to do is peel this off fill it with toner I'm not even sure if I have to put in a new chip or not you might have a chip in there so you don't have to do that so once it once you do the first thing it gets easier after that you can only refill a cartridge a certain amount of time or at least when I was reading about refilling them three four times before something the mechanism wears out or something but it's very ecologically sound way to refill these things I'll get a nice big bottle of toner and just keep filling it up till it goes bad I really do like this kid I got from this company called toner refill yourself calm what I really like is they made really clear instructions the very thorough and their concern there instructions so I'd recommend them I'll probably have a link below so if you want to get it from them you can otherwise there's all kinds of other places online you can buy these refill kits anyway if you like this movie finds it useful or whatever leave a comment subscribe to my channel thanks for watching bye

Toner cartridge refill for laser printers, save money and help the planet.

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