Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets – 2018

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Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, my list of the top 5 drawing tablets will give you all of the information you’ll need to buy a drawing tablet in 2018. I’ll share collections of tablets that I recommend and I’ll explain some of the differences and features of each tablet. I’ll also provide links to purchase tablets online.

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(DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video. I reached out to Wacom and they sent me the Intuos 2018, Intuos Pro, Cintiq 27, Intuos Art for review purposes. The MobileStudio Pro 16 was not provided by Wacom. All opinions in this review are my own.)

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there are a lot of drawing tablets out there but which one is best for you I've made that decision as easy as possible by creating a list of the top five tablets to buy in 2018 that's coming up next thanks for joining me today I'm digital artist Aaron Rutten and it is my mission to help folks like you enjoy digital art and learn some new skills along the way I've used and reviewed a lot of tablets you see logic we on ug Microsoft Wacom Apple I've used the least expensive tablets and I've used the most expensive tablets as a professional artist I use a tablet all day every day for work I use tablets to create illustration graphic design 3d photo editing video editing and more so you can feel confident that my top five choices are based on hands-on experience with a background in professional art and design but even though I'm currently a full-time artist I haven't forgotten what it's like to be a beginner or a starving artist that's why I'm going to start with some inexpensive tablets without screens and I'm going to work my way on up to the most expensive display tablets quick disclaimer this video is not sponsored this is my honest opinion about what I would recommend so let's go ahead and take a look at the top five tablets of 2018 starting with number 5 we have the Intuos art medium this is the previous generation of the Intuos but it's still a great tablet and you might be able to find one for pretty cheap so this is a great option for budget minded artists or beginners the Intuos art comes in two sizes small and medium now in my opinion the small is too small for large gesture drawing it is adequate for small gesture tasks such as photo editing 3d and note-taking there are some differences between the Intuos art and the newer into of 2018 model but I'll talk about those in just a second moving on to my number four pick this is the 2018 edition of the Wacom Intuos it's very similar to the previous generation with a few key differences but basically they look about the same they have about the same pen about the same surface the difference is that the previous generation into US art had touch where you could zoom in and out and pan your page around and things like that this version the 2018 version does not have that however it has over 4000 levels of pen pressure and it has a built-in Bluetooth wireless depending on which model you get if you're a beginner or someone who is on a who's looking for a great entry level tablet this is it and again you want to get the medium version if you're going to be doing a lot of drawing because it's nice to have a lot of gesture space to be able to draw you'll feel very cramped and confined on the smaller version moving on to number three we have the Intuos Pro this is a more professional version of a tablet without a screen it has a better pen that can support pen tilt it can also use other types of pro pens that can sense rotation you can use a lot more different kinds of nibs there are more Express keys than the entry-level tablets Express keys can invoke commonly used shortcuts and commands which is very helpful and time-saving there's also interchangeable surfaces since some people prefer smooth or rough surfaces now I will mention that there's a lot of complaints about the Intuos Pro eating nibs and I want to clarify that nib where is normal the nibs are the tips of your pen and they're going to wear down just like they would with a regular pencil some tablets wear down nibs faster than others but that's because some tablets intentionally have tooth or green so that the surface isn't too slick a lot of artists prefer drawing on canvas or paper because there's a bit of friction and unfortunately because friction is a property of nature something has to wear down when you rub two surfaces together either the nib has to wear down or the tablet has to wear down so which would you prefer this is why there's an option for interchangeable surfaces and if you prefer the smooth surface so that your nib doesn't wear down as quickly you can choose that you can also get flex nibs which wear down a lot less quickly as well so you do have a lot of options if nib wear is your primary concern now again you're going to want the medium or the large size because it's going to feel a lot more comfortable to draw on there's also an Intuos Pro paper edition which you can draw on with a regular ink pen on paper and it can collect all that information and convert it to digital and then you could color it on your computer so it really bridges the gap between traditional and digital drawing there are two generations of the Intuos Pro there's the first generation and second generation the second generation has built-in Bluetooth and a few other differences moving on to my number two pick we have the Wacom mobile studio pro this is a display tablet with a built-in computer so inside of this display is a Windows 10 computer it can run anything that Windows can run Photoshop create a clip studio paint Corel Painter ZBrush you name it this is perfect for artists who like to work outside the studio and personally I absolutely love it for painting outdoors similar to the Intuos Pro you can use welcomes professional pens that can sense rotation and tilt it also has touch so you can control zooming in and zooming out moving your page around some applications even allow you to tilt the canvas and let your paint drip in different directions there's an optional stand that you can get for the back it has Express keys on the side it has a 4k resolution screen which is one of the highest resolutions you can get on a display tablet and the pen has over 8,000 pressure levels however due to the relatively small screen size and hardware that will eventually become outdated this is not the absolute best option that's why my number one pick is the Cintiq bro now the Cintiq pro comes in a 13 16 24 and 32 inch model there are also previous generation Cintiq s– such as the Cintiq 27 q HD which is what I'm using the Cintiq is awesome because it's large and it gives you the ability to harness the power of your desktop or laptop computer making this the best drawing tablet experience that money can buy the huge screen gives you lots of room to view your work and it leaves lots of room for palettes without things getting too cluttered there's also a very large gesture area so you can draw more easily now the mobile studio pro is essentially a Cintiq it's just portable but you can make the Cintiq pro portable as well there's actually a module you can add to it called the Cintiq pro engine which will allow you to turn your Cintiq pro into a fully functional computer of course it's not as portable as the mobile studio pro would be because you'd have to lug around a large Cintiq and a computer plus find outlets to power the devices so if you're choosing between the mobile studio pro or the Cintiq pro you'd really have to ask yourself how much painting you want to be able to do outside the studio and how much performance matters to you because obviously a desktop computer with better specs than the mobile studio is going to outperform the mobile studio the good thing is Cintiq s– lost forever so if you invest in a Cintiq there's a good chance it's going to be around for years maybe even decades there's people who are still using really really old Cintiq UX 21s so those are my top 5 tablets for 2018 but now you're probably wondering which of these tablets is best for you I've made it as easy as I possibly can to determine which tablet is right for you by creating kits for different types of artists kits are just collections of tablets software and accessories so hopefully these kits will point you in the right direction now I do want to mention that some of the questions I get the most are will this tablet work with a certain kind of software like Photoshop or Krita or will it work for certain tasks like drawing photo editing or note-taking and the answer is all of these tablets that I've recommended will work for all of these different kinds of tasks the tablets all do basically the same thing they just have different features so what's most important is the size of the tablet the features that it offers and the quality of the product what you're looking at here is a website called kit comm and this is kit comm slash Aaron Rutten that has all of my recommended product kits so you can see I have this organized there's a whole list of drawing tablets digital art software tablets with a screen such as the cent eeks if we scroll on down there our tablet computers like the mobile studio pro and then there's my digital artist kit which are the tools that I use Wacom pens and accessories and so on but if we scroll on down then we can see the kits that are for specific types of artists this is the most affordable kit so in my opinion this is the cheapest tablet and software that I would recommend moving on we have the digital art beginner budget kit which is a little bit more advanced if you want something that's more current you could go with this and it's still pretty affordable we also have the digital art beginners kit which is again a bit more expensive and then moving on down we have the digital art pro budget kit this is for a professional that's on a budget the digital art professional kit which is for a professional who's not on a budget and wants something that's really really good and then we have the outdoor digital painters kit this is for people who want to specifically paint outside the studio or outdoors and then a couple of other kits which we're not going to look at so we'll scroll on back up and we'll take a look at drawing tablets and you can see here's all the drawing tablets that I would recommend we have the new into US 2018 model we have the number 5 pick which was into US art medium but there's also some options that I didn't mention in the video like the Intuos draw small which is the small version of the Intuos art and that didn't make it on the list just because it's too small but it doesn't mean that it's a bad tablet and if this works for you you could certainly check it out if we scroll on down we have the Intuos Pro models now if you're interested in purchasing one of these tablets or learning more about it you can always click here on more and I've written a description for most of these in some cases there might also be a review that you can play by going to play video up here if you to purchase the tablet or read more about it you can click on view on Amazon and that will bring up the Amazon page for that product now I do earn affiliate revenue from purchases that are made here on kitte comm slash Aaron Rutten this revenue allows me to continue to create free digital art videos like this so if you found this video helpful buy your tablet with my links it won't cost you anything extra I'll just get credit for referring you to the product so what about Wacom alternatives aren't they just as good in my opinion no and there are many reasons why I'm not recommending Wacom products in this video I've tried a lot of different tablets and I feel that quality is more important than cost in the long run I don't want to recommend something that I don't stand by 100% however this is my opinion and it's just an opinion so don't let my opinions stop you from getting what you can afford if you can only afford a Wacom alternative like this that's totally fine you're still going to be able to enjoy art I encourage you to research videos that are for and against the tablet that you're interested in to get a feel for how that tablet really performs I've been told that the quality of Wacom alternatives has improved but I'm still skeptical but I am willing to review some of these tablets if that's what you want to see you can learn more about how to make that happen by checking out there's a link in the description of this video but come on there have to be some good Wacom alternatives right well there are there's the del canvas 27 there's the Microsoft Surface pro and the Microsoft Surface Studio the iPad pro these are all better options than the really cheap brands like Huy on and you GXP pen monoprice etc however welcome is still the best because their products are designed with artists like you and me in mind so that's my list of the top five drawing tablets to buy in 2018 if you'd like to see more in-depth reviews of these tablets subscribe to my channel now and check out my review playlists I'll put a link to those down in the description of this video and don't forget to buy your tablet from kit comm slash Aaron Rutten thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets – 2018

43 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets – 2018”

  1. I've been wanting to make my own webcomic for the longest time. I have my story almost completely planned out, I have a few hundred drawings and sketches of the settings and characters that I wish to bring to life, but I never been the most financially stable person so getting a drawing tablet was basically impossible for me. Just recently my life has gotten better and now I'm able to afford one. Now it's just overwhelming for me to find one that's convenient at a reasonable price and with great quality, and I'm feeling a little lost.
    I feel like after watching this I have somewhere and something to look at without getting too stressed out about it. At this point, price doesn't really matter to me. I just want something that will be able to provide me with the best functions and that will keep working for many years.

  2. Wow, a very professional video/product recommendation experience! I was expecting to get to know more about the individual pros and cons about each of the five products, but, I guess, that's what I get when I head over to that KIT site. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. if i am mostly going to edit pictures to just erase the background to just get a person outlined instead of having a square image which one would you suggest i purchase? i also add fonts and i mess around with a lot of vector files and create. also i use a MACbook pro

  4. How often are the Wacom tablets updated? I know the Intos Pro Small was updated in 2015 and the Intos Medium/Large was updated in 2017. Does Wacom update every 4 years or is there a longer window? I ask cause I am also curious how long Wacom supports their products with drivers. Apple is crazy now with changing the OS every year and now with Adobe changing is service to subscription based, that too updates constantly… so there is a fear of whether or not Wacom can keep up with this rapid change.

  5. I had a question about the Cintiq pro engine. Does that make it wireless so you don't have to use those pesky cables? If not, is there anyway to wireless connect the cintiq pro 13 to your laptop/computer?

  6. can the wacom pro tablet be turned "upside down" so the buttons on the pro are on the right side so left handers can use the tablet without accidentally activating the buttons with the left hand?

  7. I've finally saved up enough for a cintiq, now I'm just wondering which one to buy??? I've heard some of the later models of the cintiq pro have problems due to not using LEDs, and there isn't a good warranty so I'm hesitant now argh

  8. Do you also recommend some FREE photo and drawing programs? Would be great for those of us who want a better tab, but NO adobe etc as they are way too expensive to keep running…sigh.

  9. i like the ones with digital screens cos idk how people draw without looking at where their hand and artwork is
    dont people lose track of where they were?

  10. With the horrible lag, (more than 100ms is unacceptable), between pen movement and the drawing on the screen, I'll wait for the hardware to get good enough before buying a dedicated tablet

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