Triple screen 3D Vision Surround 720p DLP projectors (initial rough mock u

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1st test of three projector upgrade to racing rig (temporary screen mounting.) Using three Optoma 3d ready 720p DLP projectors (way less expensive than any 3D 46″+ flat panel display! In fact, these three projectors probably cost less than one mid-range large 3D LED display.) Resolution is 3840×720. Center is rear projection on remnant of Stewart diffusion plexi screen (pj behind, in a corner of basement.) Sides are front projected ( on temporary poster board until I make a screen.)
alright this is super jury-rigged right now nothing squared up the side images are not square but we've got about 3 46 inch images here as you can see i'm not driving but everybody else is taking off around me in monaco and if i look down right from sneaking through here through the back of the seat this is pretty much the driver's perspective well that doesn't really show it to you like this so you can actually see the steering wheel through the steering wheel that you can see the on-screen steering wheel like I said super jury-rigged that triangular thing up there that's for the 3d vision that's going to hide probably behind the screen or up above it and you know got to get everything all squared up but you can see what the triple wide gives you can see your mirrors you can see realistically off to the side if people are going by to pass you you can see I'm rolling down the hill now and again this is all blurry because it's in 3d I don't think this will work but if I shoot it through the 3d glasses there you can see the flicker just put the glasses in front of the flank frame so

Triple screen 3D Vision Surround 720p DLP projectors (initial rough mock u

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  1. I try with my Optoma HD300X this configuration but not in Surround mode, i think the 720p résolution is really not good when you have the eyes at 1 meter 50 for the screen with 2 meter of base. The pixel is just too big…
    And that, we saw this just when you try to play, you cannot look that with a video …
    But I think it could be better (with a base of 1m50)  at FHD résolution and whith a 4K résolution it must be great..

  2. Thanks! The projectors sync together with the Nvidia 3D Vision active shutter glasses since they are supported by the 3D Vision Surround driver/settings for triple-screen. Not sure if this would work with DLP Link glasses (I doubt it.)

  3. Gidday, great video I am going to do the same thing with DLP, can you tell me whether the projectors synch themselves together with the single DLP glasses and more than one projector.

  4. does 3d works on rsrbr 2011 or 2012? im really serious about buying 3d projector just for richard burns rally. nvidia web said 3d works on richard burns but how about custom mods like rsrbr 2012 and btb tracks? please reply me so i can buy 3d projector right away. thank you

  5. Thanks, you have potentially saved me a lot of money! I'm guessing its to do with the current HDMI spec bandwith limitations, hopefully future sets will allow it. I recently tried my passive tv for 3d gaming with a friends Xbox simply using the Tv's 2-3D convertor which surprisingly worked far better for gaming than it does for normal TV, is it possible that using onboard conversion may allow that limitation to be bypassed.. or is the 3d effect using Nvideas 3dtv play still that much better?

  6. There is a hack (google "rollermod") to make some 2010/2011 LG passive models that support checkerboard format to take 1080p/60 in 3D from 3D Vision, but there is a color bug in the LG sets which prevent this from displaying properly. My best experience w/ gaming in 3D other than the triple-projector has been an Mitsu 60" slim rear projection DLP- this older (2009) model did 1080p 3D via checkerboard over HDMI and worked great w/ 3D Vision. Not as good on consoles since it had to scale 720p up.

  7. I have an LG 46" passive I got for another area. Actually in 3D (for gaming, not movies) it is 720p, but that's a limitation of HDMI cabling, not the set. See the set can do 1080p 3D in only 24 frames per second, matching the FPS of bluray & other video/film based content. However the consoles (and PC using Nvidia 3DTV play) are limited to 720p/60 fps for 3D gaming content (or on a PC w/ Nvidia you could also use [email protected] 1080p/24, but that's way too slow a refresh rate for most gamers to be useable.

  8. Have you ever considered passive 3D Tv's? I'm thinking about getting another two 42" LG passive panels. I bought one because I suffered from headaches from the flicker on active sets and the passive type is actually far far better than I'd ever dreamed it could be.
    There is a lot of missinformation on the net that the res is only 720p in 3D mode but that is only true when you close one eye.

    Would like to hear your opinions on the ultimate sim set-up…

  9. It works pretty well, the Nvidia glasses are good in they cover most of your side vision too, only I need to be careful with placement of the emitter as when I turn my head too far it'll loose sync. I may order a 3rd party (aftermarket) emitter I saw which claims to be 3D Vison compatible but work w/ RF instead of IR, to avoid that issue.

  10. Buddy, I'm trying to do that same thing. I have two Optoma GT720 right now. I need a third. Which projector are you using? What distance are the projectors from your screen. And thirdly how high are the projectors? Please PM me. thanks so much. I'm having problems.

  11. I have already fixed the problem with the help of iRacing forum community.

    The problem was that the projectors kept resizing displays every time I launched a game or restarted the projectors. I used VGA cables that came with them. Bought DVI-D cables and everything is fine 🙂

  12. @Aireisor, what's the issue (it's hard to see it on your vid.) Are they blanking out searching for a signal, or what does the blue pop-up say? I am using three Optoma projectors, but I also have that Acer for another location, and I know it often searched for signals when changing from 60-120hz, like when COD BLOPS would switch to menus or 3D would go on and off. I think one thing I recall helped was setting source lock to ON in the projector menu, so it didn't go searching for other inputs..

  13. @Nickamsweet i got the optoma projector with 120inch screen and i hook up pc with 3d vision. wow wow wow wow wow! who said 3d is gimmick? well maybe i said it year ago LOL

  14. that is pretty cool!! Looking at getting myself a DW318 pretty soon.. and hopefully plugging up a 3D-XL converter box…
    What type of projectors did you use? any difficulty splitting the signal to three screens>?

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