Ultra Modded Revival w/ CaptainSparklez – Ep. 11 – MINING WITH EYES CLOSED = BAD

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Yeah yeah I died again sorry Jinastator

Welcome to Ultra Modded Revival! A new series with CaptainSparklez and I sponsored by MCProHosting!

Ultra Modded Revival is a trip down memory lane to the early days of Minecraft Modded play. Recapture the magic of those early days without the comforts of OpenBlocks or EnderIO, when you had to carry your items uphill both ways through the snow.


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welcome back lady and gentlemen to another episode of ultra not did relieve I tried to like combined yeah yeah you were you you were trying together yet I flawless he's I'd really throw a always nailed it I appreciate I think people are like I didn't know it was Russian you know it's like dude I mean one of the hardest things I can imagine as a voice actor is impersonating someone as a character that you have created so you have to double do it that's it to double do it so you want to walk me through you you did a stream I said it my my lack of presence or were they like oh this is better no they didn't notice you were going okay that's kind of what I figured right right right no no of course like yeah we actually we had to mamaj they had to do a lot of worth answering because you know everyone comes in is like hey wait a minute there's something missing here yeah yeah he died he did sorry guys but the series must go on so at any rate yes so pretty much what we ended up doing is not building anything but we don't gathered a lot of the resources that have been missing and and just picked up things like copper and tin both of which we don't get we haven't been getting because they're at higher Y levels than where we've been using the miners dream or miners d'lita whichever and then taking where are the copper and oh okay I see yeah I see and then I did do a little bit of the not not entirely but they late though beat of the mantis farming so that I could get my ultimate pickaxe so that I've got that but I didn't want to just be like have you log in and I'm in like all ultimate armor and everything like that so I kind of left did you I mean where is the mantis please you want the knight can take you there and show you kind of how it works but as soon as that then we're then we're reining in uranium and titanium so if you're ready to be balling out of control and let's go if you uh if not I mean are you how are you able to kill them with not that much armor well I mean one I've got the ultimate bow right so you were using the but no the way that I do it you don't need to get you don't you kill them they just die mm-hmm in fairness we kind of need that yeah I think we're about there because now we have because our cactus farm did you show our cactus farm it's been working great you just you put a bunch more of city and pipes I was worried that the fences weren't working but no yeah I lowered everything down once and then put the obsidian put the obsidian fully surrounding it because I did find that there were certain spots that were kind of dead spots where in how so but now ya know work we've gotten a lot of cactus and so now the miners dream like I just saved you I just saved you and Dad otherwise absolutely you were nearly dead but but now I haven't seen a cactus grow though it's so annoying I want to actually see it freakin do it and pop off and pop off it's so annoying that is that is annoying I did I caught it out of the corner of my eye I caught the particles that you got the part I caught the particles everyone would like me to know that he can spam the ultimate bow that was a big that was a big theme from lasso and I realized it a while ago so yeah I know that during the Enderdragon fight I was charging it but at the same time like after after it's on fire you can hit it like immediately again and it doesn't do anything so it's kind of a little mix but at any rate yeah looks like it's night time I would like to sleep in the bed because I had last time I ended up a good oh you mean just set the spawn point yes yes I got it it's it's a little strange lying in bed having you leering over me but that's okay I mean it's just like the other night okay anyways and the shippers go wild okay mm-hm so bed you want another bed oh no it's fine we don't have to make a daytime we can go over to the place okay or we can sleep I mean we don't have to but I mean I made you a bed I mean don't we want to put the beds next to each other so we can sleep next to each other what are you trying to do okay come on come to bed I've been waiting it's late I'm tired and cranky you want to do it up there like that's that's pretty I want to do it up here I want to do it in every room all right there we go we're gonna make it daytime oh my god this isn't working oh it did work there we go there we go all night together getting out of bed for me means falling down oh yes you have to watch your step you want to show me where the mantis farm isn't just that you just mind a bunch of stuff and you made I made basically I made all the stuff I gathered up all the stuff to make a couple more magnetic dynamos and nine pulverizers nine redstone furnaces so they can build start building automatic core processor nine maybe so yeah and just get it up a lot of materials so that it's all pre pre done you know what we should do real quick before we get anything started so this is gonna be running the episode is that we should make the ender chests and we should make more storage drives and just get the quarry going I mean that's the drought the drought you want to go oh I did later out that I did go get us blaze rods cuz I believe in doing work you know hey so are you making the chests I'm making a couple chest right now all right I'll go here you pass it to me I'll go set up the chest at the quarry and then you can set up the also we want a void I'm gonna make a void pipe real quick cuz we want to avoid the cobblestone we want to avoid the cobblestone how do we how do we filter cobblestone yeah a diamond oh okay usually use the diamond thing what you there should already be a void there should already be diamond you should just need to get it's a good thing that I've just made eight more it was necessary I don't be that way don't mean don't be that way with me we're out of obsidian I didn't go get a subsidy and I should have gotten this more obsidian I failed oh I failed you do that I don't I mean how the way that I did it is by not doing it I'm like one more oh we are oh boy do you have any of the ender chests I got one but that one is what is it gonna be terribly helpful I'll pretend to get this going okay I'm running towards obsidian right now I'm on my way is it a particular kind of pipe to insert uh no diamonds right into an import bus I don't know about diamond into import I mean with into import bus what import import bus would pull off of a chest any tow any pipe should be able to do Oh into void what do you mean I'm confused on what you're trying to do right now I'm sorry how am i how am I gonna export to void just so you have the chests right you're gonna need a wooden or actually an emerald with a redstone engine on it and that's the extraction right that pulls out of a chest we're just okay I gotcha so the chest is gonna just be direct to import bus and then we're gonna have it filter so cobblestone doesn't go out of that and then we will just have okay gotcha I think I got it so it'll be diamonds coming out of the chest and then we click on that with cobblestone and filters in the thinner wood are allowed no you need an emerald pipe to pull a tick strike from the chest okay extraction requires a specific pipe either wooden or either wooden or emerald so extraction is is a specialized pipe okay and you need an engine on that like it needs RF in order to extract that's to pull out and then it's in the pipe Network okay so from there you would hook it into a golden pipe which is just a transport and on the golden you would have you would hook one side or you would hook up a diamond oh god oh god just hang on I'm going to die this is this is a hundred percent death here I told I did what you did yeah I was thinking like I literally had my eyes closed and I was thinking oh I did I was you had water going see sealed your tomb I don't even know like my eyes were closed I was thinking I was trying to visualize and like popped and died and now here we are why did I send me back to spawn I we literally just lay just slept it doesn't make any sense that makes no sense oh my bed was missing or obstructed fine least I was more it's still there it's still there I I think the obstructed is the big part there huh by it's obstructed by the other bed yeah because it's up against the wall and there's nothing at the foot so there's no like I think it just doesn't qualify anyway I might need to borrow pickaxe oh we got a tornado coming let's check it out you've uh you've gone it just the right / wrong time oh look at that thing just going and and taking stuff out damn it's going wild over there no I didn't I didn't lose my wasp I was I was at me when I died so I didn't lose the morph so and there goes the weather deflector but it plays big place so um what are you so how is the Emerald pipe gonna know not to just take everything out of the chest the Emerald pipe will pull everything out of the chest everything yeah and then you have hand that you hook up a diamond pipe onto that okay on one side basically gonna have double it's gonna be two chests I see yes yeah and then then one side is the void the other side is the ender chest and the the diamond is a filter that you can set so you say all cobble goes down the Boyd point and gravel and that'll automatically delete that everything not in there will go into the other chest are we good yep we are good now I can now I can try in mine oh yeah that that volcano or okay that tornado was on its way now I can try and mine with my eyes open once I managed to get back – yeah that'd be maybe a good idea once I managed to get back to there and no guys I don't plan on telling him that there's over whether to my dying doesn't work what's that they can go emerald to diamond or there has to be an intermediate no and will that emerald to diamond should work fine okay will you throw me your pickaxe for a bit throw the pickaxe so that I can so so that I can try and like mine my way down to my body and get my stuff might take me a minute but we'll get there oh I see how this goes now I need to read you shouldn't need a wrench but you will need the redstone engine don't forget that how do i well how do I make it so that everything goes into diamond chest cause right now it just says red is gonna go in okay so what you do here is the no the Emerald is coming off of the the one that has all the contents right oh you're building this here okay yes the diamond is just the holding and then we're gonna export bus out of what then in that case what you do is you would set yellow to be cobble and then that's gonna say only yellow goes into there right and everything else everything else will go into red yeah okay yeah check all right easy enough easy enough let's do a test real quick yeah probably probably check with a few things before you get crazy all right now to try and figure out how to dig down through all this into my body which at least didn't isn't on the moon yeah that's that's definitely better definitely and wait do we need like faster engines to pipe out all that stuff uh ie maybe the Emerald is supposed to extract faster I believe but I don't know I I don't know how we're just gonna line up two engines on it for now and we'll see how it goes see how it goes yeah all right okay go do it extract why you know extract does it need to take a second to queue up it takes a second for the Redstone ago working but I'm also not that familiar with emerald so it might be that I'm thinking inroads use differently but I thought I'm over what's the faster than the wood you can try it it says round-robin extraction pipe so I mean it is an extraction pipe so that seems that seems like the right choice there you can whitelist or blacklist and old things okay then maybe it might be on whitelist and you have an engine on it right now it's gone okay I had to set it to a blacklist okay and now let's see cobble is going to yellow and everything else is going into red it is doesn't appear to be fast uh so we might want to crank up the if you you could also try and see about putting a Kinesis pipe from the magmatic onto into the Emerald pipe and see if that'll that speeds it up because the red that'll be a lot more RF than the redstone engines gonna create okay that would be my the other thing I would say try unless we have an export bus set no but we want to have the ability to keep calm unless you want to set up the whole levels thing I mean I can get there when we need to get there so I would say don't you don't worry about that point yet oh yeah there you go so one of the reasons that I ended up dying and I mean mainly was that I wasn't paying attention like I'm not trying but we're also down at bedrock level so I have the places that I was like trying to work like scramble out of that work had bedrock over the top of them like come on move but then then death was a part of my future all right it's it's going a little bit faster now I'll experiment with the Kinesis pipe though yeah might be we're just checking out it actually might be going quickly enough to keep up with the quarry mm-hmm but anyway let me try the Kinesis pipe thing let's see then we can wire up a few more mag Ematic dynamos you want yeah I should there should be I made stuff for that so no I don't have a pickaxe sorry oh is that my body if I did I found my body okay I got a nice mmm all right got it I don't think I can make it connect is it not connecting pipe no if that doesn't work okay well I wasn't sure I'm sorry for the misdirection I feel very very misled I know right okay just like the worst at that huh at least you're self-aware I mean you know I I think that it's important that you recognize your flaws it's not it's not bad to have flaws it's bad to not be willing to accept them and recognize them okay cool we are rocking and rolling so uh have you got any obsidian for me ah yep I got 56 I'm on my way I'm on my way I did had to work my way back but we're good you know it might be a wise decision what's that is we have resources make yourself a portal gun oh yeah that might be nice mm-hmm wise idea as you cut it in help was like cutting in and out and we got a lot of diamonds so that's gnarly bro alright there's that for you thank you that was very helpful mm-hmm and it'll be good when I can get real armor as well which would have probably been fairly helpful oh I didn't have a notch Apple that would have been good to use too but I was I was I was panicked I was like No I'm sitting in put that city in oh there we go yelling you like hey you got a notch Apple you dingus no they were just pressing F there's like mmm and this is how he dies okay so how about you do the export or the import bus here and I'll go wire up the RA the quarrei mm-hmm sounds like this yeas this is quite a goofy setup we Scoobies have crafted easy beroun I will I will clean it up at a different time oh wait oh uh what someone just pointed what are they pointing at they had a point they had a point okay what is the point the point is we don't need any of this here because you just set it up on the quarry side on the other side yeah that's that was kind of my thought but I was big idea I was figured I'd fix it in the far end so it was like so good cool all right why didn't I get any of that did you pick up all of it no I don't have any of it true story what the heck I don't I oh my god okay I stood on a telepods and that was enough to break things I didn't even use just disconnect just disconnect and reconnect no we're fine it showed up now okay yeah I need to I need to get fine time and do that update because careful because it's it's a little bro key yeah apparently change that over what we will do is well how am I going to deal with the oh is it nope it's not empty do we want to just deal with those chests that are currently there later yeah no I would I'd probably just like leave all that there and just go off the bottom one like it doesn't matter no no we want to put the ender chest directly next to it so we don't have to deal with other stuff well so you put the ender chest directly next to it then you're not going to have a chance to filter the pipes or use the the void pipe and everything right mmm I can I can void pipe off the bottom wait goddammit no exciti import in no you're right you're right you're right you're right you're right you are right it just seems slow that way but it's cool there's just so many things anything's more than something yeah I mean and I like I'm sure there's ways to optimize it and we can take a look at it but I don't want to sit there and spend all of our time tweaking and tracking and tweaking and thwack thwack either so so we can set it up kind of get the idea there and then we can work on layout and stuff at a less time-sensitive time yeah dude tweaking and tweaking and tweaking and tracking all right so what color portal gun do you have I have the purple and or the yellow and purple one it's a default does it's a single colored bacon gun a doe gun oh you got the potato gun okay Bobby so if I were to take apparently you can't make a regular portal gun really it looks like you have to find the portal gun and then you can modify it with different dyes and stuff to create different ones but it kind of looks like it to find it do we want to filter dirt too I would say like I would say dirt cobble and gravel okay yeah gravel is a good one Bedelia dal vadai oh you can't make the first one okay a miniature black hole nether star and enter dust and your dust I'm assuming is just pulverized under stone yes and I need eight of those okey-dokey cool and then why did I only bring one lever I could never possibly build a lever in the ant dimension that wouldn't be possible to do just make sure you don't use the wrong lever Matt okay mm oh and a pearl dust which is from smelting an integral all right whatever we have plenty of ender pearls easy enough easy easy and then all right so you are set up to blue you need to be there and then we should get action here we go boys lights camara okay so we got a lot of dirt going and I might be able to actually take 4 redstone engines on this and speed it up a little bit actually let's do that why are you exploding over there ASP loading and now I shall I turn on the quarry yeah oh dang it I gotta expand the lasers what lasers and the lasers were not in the chunk that has the export it was just right on the boundary anyway don't worry about it okay everything is working now I'm just gonna make another couple of redstone engines okay and then we will have maximum piping maximum pipe edge leave me with that can't say that can't say that can't say that no Kay all right leave you with that good to go scuse me nothing hi welcome back maximum high pitch nice portal gun Nate's yeah I've got to have to be like aware of what's going on around me at all times at least I know that our removes particles and you and like you cool I don't want to remove both of my portals ever ever no dog never ever have never ever ever that's a lot that's a lot of Evers mm-hmm your little wasp guys just sitting there with his bum shaky just like it's making me slightly uncomfortable sorry dude yeah well so far I mean I guess it might be automatically importing faster than it comes in I don't see a whole lot coming in right now uh yes because you haven't fully done yet I don't actually know why I wouldn't be coming it Oh probably because it's it's still on just cobbling and gravel which I can manually just take out and throw out of the chest if you were sure okay but yeah it's probably here telepods just going cobble and stuff right now okay so yeah but you did turn the thing back on I know I have not turned on the quarry yet okay I added a couple more tanks so we got the gas all going again okay how do I turn on the quarry actually I flip all the switches on those oh okay engines there we go please alrighty so now it should be pumping things out pretty quickly right hands I mean if we want to do the manual work a lot of cobblestone and dirt hmm I mean just pull it out and throw it out but it's fine I'm sure it's I don't know that we need to like concentrate on it they let let the machines do their job it will go for a very very long time though okay hmm whatever you feel is necessary I empower you oh here we go I'm just gonna I'm gonna do it up I'm gonna try to not accidentally click anything important out okay yeah if you could do that then that'll be better not that we've actually achieved anything particularly if I'd have realized just how high hey baby dragon if I'd have realize just how high we made this then I would have like not not all the time not put it on top of mountain I was think we were like 70 or 80 not like 140 and so yeah I I made friends with his baby dragon though he's pretty cute yeah he's pretty some nice oh he's pretty dope he's pretty dope oh it's a t-rex oh god he's going he's going ham on the t-rex what did you feed it again I just Robbie Oh easy peasy easy and here's about two Robbie that just came out of this so you know should you be so inclined that's a self-sustaining cycle but he's over here going now yeah it makes a cute noise whoa I mean I'm getting some work in just all this cobble just on the way out just I'm out I'm assisting the process so it should get to actually good things soon as you you could throw it like into the void in there are you dropping it down into the pit because the laser will pick it up good to know good to know huh yeah that's good okay well it's gonna pick up all the nice well done Bravo yeah all right it's um it's whatever it's good it's pretty good that's definitely what I was looking to accomplish for sure that was priority number one all right couple levers yep there's okay it's about it's almost there it's coming towards oh let me let me check this out once it once it does it it goes in oh boy oh boy what have I done done oh no see how that all just a little bit okay what's your plan what's what's your plan okay well it's probably a lot there I'm just gonna say four big happen throw it elsewhere but yeah pick some up yes it does it definitely picks well you tried and that's what's important definitely you try an attempt was made an attempt was me well hey buddy can I give you you want a little bit of this no no whoa wait popping out everywhere what did you throw them onto the oh god no it's Oh No and if you've done oh it picked up so much so that was just really did them all yeah that's fine that's fine just just drain a little out there you've done you again an attempt was made well I yes it's all right lady no I was like did you throw a bunch of snow you didn't do that yeah Frehley didn't do that mm-hmm yeah yeah all right now there's we've drained that out it's not gonna throw stuff around ever again and and stuff is piping out and stuff all right I think uh I think we're good wait okay oh yeah we're good yeah it's routing properly I thought I was missing something but yeah it's routing just getting the important stuff to go where it should good and everything is working well there we go goofy set up so Hawaii mm-hmm all right back there we go and then we can figure out what to do from there my poor little wait where did my guy go did he go to the telepods no he's right next to you no I couldn't see him I I be there for a little tip yeah he was he was waiting for me from when I was last there so he's patient boy I see he's a patient boy you could get do we have any Safari nets or anything I don't think there's Safari net there was I did something because it how I got the cow but I don't know what it was oh okay um it was a lot of sticks appear waiting for something to appear in the chest come on come on let's go do it make things happen oh it's the I think it's the empty critter cage yeah oh okay wait why is nothing showing up there with the hatch should be piping out well it's importing probably as fast as I mean if we want if you're really curious and I can break the import no no it should show up for just a split second in oh it's just on wait where's all this oh it in the hopper why is it oh it only dumps out the one item at a time it's in the first slot that the quarry is picking up it doesn't pick up the other items that are in the chest I see yeah I mean it it's gonna grab from slot and basically if it crabs and there's nothing there yet so it only grabs from the first slot no I mean it'll grab to the other ones but if there's something in the first slot that it's gonna it's grabbing cobblestone I think faster than its pulling it out sure so I don't know if we need to attach the pipe direct the void pipe directly to the quarry you couldn't do that though oh well you won't let you that has to be chest yeah besides you that you'd want to attach like there's nothing I don't think so anyway i i'm manually throwing stuff the other chest right now is it is it importing let's see nope because I'm holding I'm holding the import bus because I turned it off to make sure things are working so as long as stuff is going in it's just that it's all cobblestone right now so I mean see it's kind of now it's grabbing other stuff and going down the road so there should be a couple items that it just picked up yeah you can see it picking up and bringing the coal the copper over so it's working it's just it's just not we're gonna get a lot of cobble because that's the primary thing that it's going to mind up here I'm just gonna manually dump out all these okay so that we can basically be starting from scratch and then see what can you put the important bus back yeah sure can you do there we go dial home with my telepods uh import bus back he says can do weird all right there we go that's go that was pretty quick yeah boy there pretty quick seeing where I'll end up taking all this is instead of it importing directly from this chest I love this chest output into a bunch of pulverizers and redstone furnaces so that everything gets processed and then imported into the ME system that's the after that's the bigger goal but I haven't gotten though it should be yet it's yeah it's so it's it's not gonna give us anything of value it is only gonna give us cobblestone cuz the quarry is getting cobblestone faster so I don't know if the limiting factor hoppers so maybe if we take the system and move it you could yeah you could move it so that instead of using the different hoppers and stuff you just pull off that pretty out of the first chest I'm shutting it off for a sec oh he's got turning it down man yep he's turning it down I'm going to fly over them I got to relocate the whole thing now because apparently you can't pipe from the chest ha or the the quarry lame what do you mean you have to relocate the whole thing just put if you do you have gold I do you you have gold pipes well I mean I can get some but you're saying it has to go from break break the hopper off the chest put the emerald on to that wood chest cat I got it I just didn't have to make a bunch more engines basically when I just moved those engines that are there the ones you were already using yeah I guess okay got it all right let's do that so we'll pipe from people are saying you can pipe from the quarry okay give it a try pug and I don't think he'd use emerald at that point I think you'd go straight to gold so just try golden today quarry already just shoots stuff out right all right I get things some gold and we see what's happen because it would make no sense if a build craft quarry couldn't couldn't go into build craft pipe so you make a good point there you make a good point I like to make good points good they seem to be not loading it the heck there we go what the heck yeah why you so this actually should just go at the rate that the quarry does stuff and not require any engines yeah actually that might be that more better yeah way mo bettah all right let's check it out let's see if it works that way we will do that I guess that doesn't probably matter at all mm that's fine okay let's see if it works Hey oh it's going oh that's a lot faster we do that's a lot better now you turn now turn on all the engines ladies and gentlemen start your engines oh wait we did oh look at it go look at it go it's Duman dude it's zoom in yes what is this big boy over here what do you mean there's no that's the nasty Soros dude I was out oh he is a nasty source mmm-hmm that's that's the one that is a fault for you going to the minute he hits pretty hard yeah you can blame that one for your trip oh okay so we're all set up here once it comes across anything other than cobble dirt actually do we want to throw Flint into the void um I think we need some for a while I eventually we might get to that point but cool yeah okay it's working dude we're stoked and now it's going now we got it good all right so much better than putting a chest on the other thing got it it's how we rock and roll it's how we rock and roll and get it all done I guess I got this I guess I could do this the other way you know if you were interested in just getting it done if your that's the sort of person you are I know we should we should go to adventure II things like the whole mantis deal okay now we the quarry is going in so we are all good well I am coming through the portal or through the thingamabob er helipad all right are you back in regular land yeah I am just a tower ma system right now excellent I'm about to make another ender chest ironically what we're gonna want to bring or at least what I want to bring is a lot of cuddle mm-hmm so what is the cobblestone do I will show you when we got arrived show me the way how are you on food do we have much food of any sort Oh hot I have 41 cooked pork chops and 19 cooked chicken in my inventory right now I'm just I'm gonna have the steak I'll be staying man yeah that scent that doesn't sound like a mistake to me uh-huh whoa oh yeah you really brought a lot of cobblestone like a significant amount it's a lot of them yeah this is a good system I don't know that I am aware of why there's such a long pipe running from our end chest to because system because as I said I'm going to win when this is done when I change stuff okay do you care it's your scalability you sure it's because I was like yeah this can go here for now I'm gonna change it anyway that so alright green portal purple portal for me we have redundancy in case think oh I'm going through your yes yes yes the idea all right you recognize this place I do it's where I like think that we started okay over here okay so the whole thing is the deal with the stuff up in the air the whole thing about this the mantis spawner is mantises are vulnerable to water okay so if you build a cage around it you can get them to spawn and then have the water kill them while you're blocked and safe and so right now it's not like it's only kind of partially built and it's be better to like you know do the whole thing but this is how if you ever are so inclined you can get very quickly all the titanium and uranium you need using just cobble and water because as long as you're in water they won't attack you oh you stand in the water it I mean when you're first starting out here it's just better to just kind of draw them and stuff but so yeah all it is is just using using water using cobble to kind of create a cage for them to spawn and fly in and then then you can be good to go but it's always so as soon as they touch water they're just completely I mean not as soon as but it definitely takes them out pretty good they take a lot of damage right but so then then the nice thing is only so they when they die walk they drop all the stuff yeah yeah and then the other thing about that is is if you can get you're on the wrong side you don't want to go over there waiting for the spa they were talking but I was okay over here over here see turn around I'm down below you right below you their thing is a natural funnel so you just dig underneath it and then of the stuff that does fall in the water we'll all end up coming down and getting to where you can kill it and then it's as you improve it as you get better or have then you can make it to where it's like you make sure the water is pouring on all sides that there's not an open spot and that's where the thing which you know obviously would be better but I voice is dying are you there hello it's considered the master hello hello hi I just changed our servers is this any better what hold on music sounds oh it is I don't hear them yes hi hi no they're back that's the sound that they make okay so yeah no no I was saying no I don't know how to stop their sound when I go into my settings their sound doesn't stop yeah you got to kind of deal with it it's I mean the idea is you don't have to sit next to them right like I'm saying kind of a little ways away from them have you considered not you know hugging them no no oh I see out okay Jesus Christ so it's it's a little bothersome with the sound I I will grant you kind of the worst I will also I really need a better morph because I can't fit through one by one's and its really frustrating here uh I mean you can you just gotta get it just right but yeah I I don't disagree there come-hither you knowingly noxious sounding things turning down those I'm turning volume off thou shalt not stop the buzz okay so but there's so much stuff that's just chilling on that alright and and so basically what we do is I realize that we're not a hundred percent efficient but as we get more efficient then we can set it up in a way that you know we can get our armor and then we can survive damage and then we can go in and worry about how do we filter down that last bit cuz right now only part of it is getting caught and the other thing is is I only build half of it right so you know there's there's there's gonna be more come or to come I mean do we want to Kate you want to build more cage oh yeah that's that's your process that's what that's what I'm doing right now oh okay I see so yeah I mean I'm caged I'm feeling what's your what's your strategy for this building I don't have a strategy I just throw stuff up as blocks and then I pour water down and then I let it spray and then as long as they can't get to me I figure a one okay got it that makes sense yep there's no me there's no right or wrong way but yeah though sometimes they'll escape and like just go off into the distance if they're already taking damage but yeah it's all about that water getting on them don't hurt me out ah don't hurt me oh he hurt me you can she's a painful boy [Laughter] where are you mmm art I don't know where you are I'm gonna dive into the water I think I'm shooting at the guy yeah if you don't you dare hit me you son of a bitch do you dare okay which one's chasing you I know okay I was like man they are the law oh yeah well I burned up earlier so yeah I understand that I understand at that pain no I freaking lost my wasmore oh yeah I've been there too you know all these things all these things that you're upset about I'm like yeah I know I know I know it's the worst you say I will I must get revenge revenge oh you will you will murdered mantises actually mantises i was thinking about lost yeah so you can run to the nether and get a new more pretty easily that's not too difficult there's my body I couldn't I didn't know where you were I was killing a mantis and I thought might be chasing you and I killed it and then you died right after so obviously it was on my body you should have a waypoint showing where you doubt I know I'm at it and it's not there oh hey here's actual wasps – okay I don't know where you are where you died oh there's a guy maybe that's the lady to you 96 560 negative 896 Wow you ran yes I did my body's gone it's not gone and if it is even still we can make ourselves more stuff okay 896 year which you were booking it over here my body is gone negative 896 560 I'm right here I am over the freaking thing I am zoomed in as I am right here this is exactly on the skull and my body is gone you must have told me the wrong coordinates maybe 96 550 550 898 to see me no I don't like you're right here of flying above my head okay yeah I don't see you oh maybe you fight disconnect yeah that probably like let's let's let's weave tell a padded let's check this out I didn't tell the pad I just portal gunned wears titanium right here and yeah mantis died huh my body you were feeling so completed oh yeah you should be able to dive into the water and be semi safe that's what I did okay well not that save Danny a little penis did it now was that its decision it was like okay I I think I'm gonna be a little penis right now yes that's exactly it's conscious thoughts fair enough fair enough okay alright alright baby dragon morph is better than wasp that involves me killing it don't don't kill a baby dragon that's not good baby dragon do do do do do do okay so this should be not what oh you did you have you are I'm just getting absolutely obliterated by glitches right now yeah unbelievable who made this pack they're terrible Hieu mantis claw is going to Big Bertha no they're just like a weapon and you get a million of them so you just want to throw em away I didn't I thought that we could use a few more you know you know yeah okay let me only grab some more cobblestone and try to be better at things no yeah I mean you were doing great I thought I thought for a first try you know like you really you really put some effort into it I was doing great until I wasn't oh you say there were watts over there were a couple but they know like the the actual or spawn wasps not those little ones never dick yeah once they're on you they kind of they kind of just come at you bro that guy that he just like didn't he didn't even think twice about what he was doing it wasn't even like oh let me just take a second and think about what I'm about okay let me just reconsider my options no he just he just went for it what a bad guy wait why are the redstone pumps here in the nether or not operating it's probably full of lava I don't I don't know if that's the case there's uh there's a bit of a whirlpool of lava though it's been it's been doing his day it's been doing its thing well then don't complain draining the nether don't complain if there's nothing to complain about I don't know don't still going that just okay let's get some wasps I just have a moment where it happens I myself have yann from time to time especially when listening to Yanni I floss is exciting you feel like a little bit more whole again yes or have a good I've been halved in a good way I didn't I didn't realize there was a good way but you know I mean this is this is your story you can tell it alright and I'm gonna come back to you and help you with things with my volume off okay sounds good no all I was trying to figure out was your like design and I'm scared you're scared I'm scared no yes okay I mean it's good to have a healthy appreciation of the dangers when you're doing with wild animals like they're you know they're not domesticated you got to give them respect but it's very true it's very true it's very true it's very true it's very true yeah okay what are you doing being a cautious boy okay so basically I'm just trying to spend our put water every other one or every couple and then when I was doing it well I was using one water each but on this other side I just or one water for both sides but on this other side I just didn't even bother and it was fine so it's like whatever but really just building a cage that's all we're doing we're just having ourselves a little cage fight okay I think I might wait where is that that's at the one block off of the okay so yeah i'm at the right spot cool like that greedy character in the movie that like can't it can't not know for the eyes yeah yeah do you want it do you want to die that's how that's how that's how you die see the difference between you and me is I've got the ultimate bow so I can I can kind of like you know discourage their pursuit a little mm-hmm but you've got to do a little bit more just a gtfo type situation pretty much you know pretty much you got to make some jail bars at the top here yeah I mean we'll need it on top as well there's so much stuff lying around I know that's what I was saying it's like so tempting but then I don't want to get rekt oh jeez soon as you get down to the bottom they get mad or you know they spawn so then I just kind of wandered over to this corner where we have the water already and then they chased me and then they get themselves the death and that's that's the goal that's the goal right there is to let them do themselves in you know I can do though is I can I can do an easy escape with the portal gun maybe we're pretty close it's I mean the danger is getting less and less still present but you know we're making good progress I have they somewhat split off for you not for you I'm okay okay I got him I got him I got him I got him he unhappy he mad you very mad at me okay all right we're good I think I am I have the strength dr. Morris pond you're good morris pond you asked of it tell me at seven subatomic shoot help hey we're going we leaving I got it okay he's easy peel off he cut off all right good good good good good good you know I built my wall so that now I could just drop down and they can't get to me did you ever consider something like that where you don't have the gap one way or another you're gonna end up in the line of fire my dude okay that's how life works all right well this other side of mine stone okay here we go now there's a lot of stuff out here that I can collect yeah not in the line of fire you're good that is exciting very exciting he met he-man he-man all right that's great it's frickin stupid the Mantis the loose greed is real well there's a man's escaped why did a man's escape be mean a mantis a man's is he really still chasing he's still chasing a little well no chase you for a while oh my god he's so far below me though what a dick and drop down and he's so he can you kids een can you the dude who's about to descend on my ass I don't know where you are where where is he he's he's the man's there yeah there you go there you go there you go I got him I got him I got him how you escaped but anyway I guess we just gotta make more Chris he crosses over the top yep and then we should be good so now this comes the real trick setting up the water to flow on the other on the other side down to the center what do you oh oh you mean so everything pushes all the items together yeah it's gonna be tricky poo that's that's a bit of a trick I do have to complete the bars down here at the bottom actually what I'm gonna need to do probably a bit of this okay there we go I try to just make everything nice and uniform mm-hmm I've given up on that okay oh don't do that don't do that that's a bit of a big gap in the armor right there bit a chink in the armor uh-huh need some shears out here just so much stuff just like even that just pops out the side though holy cow if you go inside then there's lots of stuff you should go in there and grab it I should go in there it's just a thought just throw it out there you know something you could do you want to pass the time flow in the proper direction oh yeah that's that's that's advanced that's advanced farming 101 you heard me advanced farming 101 mmm-hmm everyone knows advanced chem 101 of the same let's see so the portal down we have anything in here well bit not much though it's really not very efficient in the middle right now oh wow okay this is good though I'm a little concerned I'm a little concerned little sidenote but angel just came in grabbed a hammer and walked out determinedly and now I have questions oh dude I hung up a painting earlier – yeah I saw your I saw your tweet of it I was like what he couldn't get this has of you it's pretty you wouldn't get the double the double wide one had to break it up into two okay dye allows is that a style is that is that how you make it cool I'm not I'm not familiar with what's cool and what's not okay so have you gotten a decent amount of water I'm I'm in the belly of the beast as it were gotcha yes picking up stuff quite as much as I would have hoped honestly but that's okay yeah because it's probably hard to actually get it to yeah I've been I've been poking up from the bottom through the water and kind of trying to grab stuff around the center of the funnel but you know I a severe aversion to immediate and utter death has kept me from like it actually does seem to be flowing mostly to the right spot other than whatever the hell happened right here it might be that now that the cage is done we want to redo the water flows in a way that makes it all go in the right spot but I don't know maybe the hell happened there but more importantly I think like if we really want then we take a little bit what's involved it'd be great if we could just you know move the spawners is there a way to do that not that I know of although people keep saying that you can pick up a block with the portal gun and I oh you can Jeannie what it what is it middle G oh oh you're like oh gee golly gee willikers no so I don't know if that would work on the spawners mm-hmm we usually put it in the far-off underground land we build all this was heroic play to do that all right uh some ideas maybe see so Green was what was on the other side right so I want man you know the other idea would have been having the water dump out the other way towards the edges no that doesn't sound right you know that actually wouldn't be the worst idea in the world right it sounds like the worst idea in the world I have a weird deal with it going all over the place and yeah but anyway let's just switch to me and see if I can pick up a few little things in here okay yes good yes good good all right so we're we need more uranium we need a little bit of everything but mostly diamonds obviously yeah don't have enough diamonds all right I don't need you anymore I'll keep you yeah okay we have a lot of item frames that's good it's good to have items good get that and then take this all right well uh 46 titanium in a 33 uranium I would say that a good way to cap this episode off could be for me to make the ultimate bow okay I made myself the ultimate chest plate and the ultimate paint oh geez really already damn you're cranking let me some diamond pants floating high just like I'll just put those over there do you have enough to eating me to get anything before for you to be able to do the do the thing oh oh my god why is there a creeper there that's weird okay I just picked up a lot of stuff what do you do you have what you need for the ultimate blow is what I was trying to altima we asked ultimately I do yeah the bow is fine okay I did four armor I definitely know armor takes a lot which I noticed by the way I was like yes I'm balling out of control here let me just okay I don't have enough that was how it was like remember with the old infinity it's those were fun yeah we were like we have everything we could ever need except we need more yep we got it I got it it's done no what else could I possibly go and may I can make a chess play there we go we're out of uranium now though all right I'm on my way back and I should have some stuff let me throw out these things and then we can see if you can get all the pieces – no I just need two more uranium ingots and then or actually wait for leggings I need one more uranium ingot and then I'll be good have five whew all right all right so I have ultimate chest plate and ultimate leggings I still need a helmet and booties how about you same to me we're in the exact same spot well that's a good way to go then we're still even Stevens make the ultimate ho can't say that can't say that yes yes okay one apiece huh what no what huh make the ultimate ho-oh make the ultimate oh what a piece I see yes no I do not one a piece for the ultimate no I say one a piece for the armor oh yeah yeah uh all right and then where did I put my food when you get what you make I haven't made anything I've just been putting my stuff you know okay I will make boots for each of us okay here we go and I think now that's it there we go yay all right we need to collect more resources to get the helmets but I'll do it that'll do good stuff I'd say that's pretty good place to be right so that's why I was saying like you know I mean again I knew about that for a long time but I didn't want to just go straight there because you know we'd have skipped some of these other cool stops but now we can get our mad lutes on yeah okay cool well I think that's it oh we forgot to give a shout-out to our sponsor in the beginning but thanks you propose for sponsoring hosting the server that we're on make sure that if you're interested in having a server of your own or even playing ultra-modern revival with friends check out our links in the description beneath the stream or on YouTube and you get a discount for your server you can also do one-click install of ultra modded revival which you can install locally on the twitch launcher and also I'm wearing kanae stuff right now are you I haven't I haven't been showing it but but I have I have can i stuff as well I figured because this is gonna go up after it's already live I might as well have it you know so we're not like wasting any time yeah so for those of you who are interested in some kanay march it'll be available will represent calm slash CaptainSparklez you're watching the stream starting Monday and it'll be available now if you're watching this on main channel I'm not sure if this is gonna go up before after and capital sparkles too but Monday the date of January that is Monday the date of January that is Monday yes true correct solutely I my minecraft has me moving without me pushing buttons so that's this is a good time for me to wrap that okay there we go got it wrap it up so yeah check playlists make sure if you can then you should join us while we do the live streams and our respective twitch channels all those things did you cover all that am i repeating ourselves no no you're good I just mentioned MC Bros right kanae so yeah can I use going up representing home slash CaptainSparklez check out the playlist join us in twitch thank you guys for coming out appreciate all of you and we'll see you guys in the next episode you

Ultra Modded Revival w/ CaptainSparklez – Ep. 11 – MINING WITH EYES CLOSED = BAD

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