Ultra Modded Revival w/ CaptainSparklez – Ep. 3 – A SLIGHT SPOT OF WEATHER

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Welcome to Ultra Modded Revival! A new series with CaptainSparklez and I sponsored by MCProHosting!

Ultra Modded Revival is a trip down memory lane to the early days of Minecraft Modded play. Recapture the magic of those early days without the comforts of OpenBlocks or EnderIO, when you had to carry your items uphill both ways through the snow.


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are we ready for this introduction the people love the introduction we're not ready for the introduction because it's been called hold on your key mind their key bind it's in anyway I was told I was told but I can't believe that I've done this okay every time it is in so it's in my like inventory options key binding why is it key bindings rights and worlds chunk boundary overlay we are gonna rebind that to one numpad one cool remind me in case I forgot about that oh we're good now it's ready to go finally kind of have to burp though but finally it's pretty ready to go oh so I should feel like you should set myself to recipe mode because then that'll get rid of my ability to yeah do stupid things so ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 3 of ultra modded revival you might be especially good at that given that you're sick Bradlee your voices it's not that grand ultra muttered revival yeah whatever it's an extent that sort of thing so when we last left off we had it we had a storm brewing on the rise and it seems we've disappeared you you made a little bit more of a path and that's cute it's literally all I've done don't worry I haven't connected the mine why is it incomplete that's that's so reddit.com slash are slash mildly infuriating just like why is it this why is it not to their right all right here you go here you go here you go there you go that's it that's all you get there's worse you've ruined everything the series is basically over now no one gonna be able to tolerate this alright at all I got you how dare you I got you near you forsake us like this we have more oak slabs right here you weirdo oh I haven't in my inventory oh you just felt like not putting them to use I see how it is there we go oh my god you are actually Satan oh I know literally Satan so I tuned things a little bit not much I didn't I actually didn't turn down the weather and but I think that you I think if we sped up the tree capitate er just a little bit like not completely but you know the whole have to wait for thing is just kind of arbitrary it's like right you know so just get it done and then we lose our morph if we die which i think is kind of fair whoa morph and you die while in it like use it oh you lose that particularly all your no no not all of them not all of them just what you're saying is you just really don't like me going into water as a mom yes dick pretty much I just figured it was a way to help you out a little bit I am the Mothman Prophecies okay yes cool but that's that's all I've done and yeah I didn't know that it's kind of an interesting dilemma because I know a lot of people like felt like stone block went too fast cuz I did so much offline but I think people enjoyed stone blocks so much because I did so much offline so it's like it yeah I don't know I feel like that retained a lot more viewership over the episodes at least on the gone CaptainSparklez to so and I think that was probably because it progressed a little bit yeah I think it was much ready yeah whereas 7 Tech had a lot of fall-off right and I think that's just because oh hey we ran into a cave and it's because it's like oh there there is a lot of grinding taking place here so right everyone has their different wait oh it's so touch on my arm old pickaxe default yeah emerald pickaxes have some touch oh dear he's okay all dear yes assault a Samia cave it's a media cave Mesa cave a Mesa Jar Jar cave Mesa dynamics I can't do this I can't do anything back here just I'm just getting down to the base to the the base of the caves so what what should we should we work on maybe then you know get in the mindset up back in the mind swinging at our pickaxe I show there's like a lot of things they're shoveling down here ancient dried iron golems spawn for sure I think that that's we need to get it resource generation and then also I'd probably like to see us start figuring out how to build quarries and and ender chests and I mean and all that stuff is uh well it sounds like quite the quarrel yeah morale means an argument yes yes that's the you're right you're right in kind of a strange incorrect sort of way yeah yeah we could also go to the nether and just remind myself like what does the nether look like in this situation and also be really cool if we got a lot more emeralds and we get some super sick diamonds and I there's a stupid creeper over here you get charged Certus somewhere oh is that for the enemy system so we can get started on that yeah mmm usually you're rolling right to it my dude well I mean inventory management snot one of our strong spots I guess I'm not gonna use it I want the experience and I don't have to remind things later this stupid pickaxe whatever I'm just gonna mind you the bottom and tend to that in the meantime do you remember how to use these dried eggs you just add water do you like um vaguely but also no so just pretty much just straight thing it's something like yeah you put a slug in your it's like you put a bucket with them and your inventory or something I can't remember just no no you do you get a spawn egg from them somehow and someone's gonna totally remind us right now in chat because they're they're nice people who want to be absolutely we're just get down here I hear a horse well if the interesting thing is is we're not very far from the bottom of the ravine where our house is at so if you actually follow this around you pop out at the bottom I was like oh alright I see so basically what's the best happens we're just gonna end up outside again yeah kinda it's a water bucket dried egg plus water bucket equals spawning so we don't we even we don't need like multiples of things so we found bobzilla we can spawn mobs in Ohio Mozilla is one of the few that actually requires like you have to combine the parts together oh yeah yeah that's why you have the parts but otherwise Mozilla is an ancient tribe Mozilla spawn egg which is just nine egg parts do you like me to make parts you know the torch is cute cute that's it that's totes adorbs the way you're doing torches right now yeah thank you you're gonna continue digging down I can swing it from side to side or not um wait why is why Allah turned off for me that's weird oh you want to double this we're on each side yeah that is really interesting I'm not sure I whale is not working rabbits unless he managed to hit with your key binds something but was it no oh wait don't tell me it was numpad 1 that's so perfect he binds world okay what that is some obscure key don't what is this freaking thing the Plus on the numpad okay so what am I gonna make it numpad 6 oh no that's something to do it's some other thing okay we're good we're good oh yeah you want me to move my webcam as you guys can see damage indicators I forgot about that oh my god there's so many things to do to do that's very nice okay here we go folks we're making one giant leap for mankind I don't feel like our webcam moving is a leap for mankind' I'm gonna be on there it is there it is we did it we did it it's been done alright I've accomplished so many things that everyone wanted me to do you're an accomplished individual mm-hmm you've accomplished much on this day thank you for noticing I notice I don't I don't want you to feel like I don't notice I pay attention it's a lot of just a lot of storm outside it episode it's just all of a sudden the all sudden the webcam is just gonna move elsewhere I got this I got my side I got my son like it's getting dark over there so yeah I just you know apparently although I do need to go fix my pickaxe fix your roof my dude you're not roofing down far enough I like it when I hit my head is on the way down no you don't nobody likes that I'd literally nobody on the planet enjoys or respects a mine that has you hitting your head on the way down it's disrespectful this everyone and every suspect for put some respect on this spine okay thank you it's fine you're fine it's fine that we back into mind oh god what are you doing what is happening right now iron my black iron chest kinda yeah cuz it's in the iron chest yeah you're right it's true it's true that it's in the iron chest but I want you to know that I found it I'm happy for you yeah I can feel your happiness it's a little a little windy up here so I've heard are we in in any danger oh I mean it depends what do you define as a danger really a tornado seems to be a little something off to the side mmm isn't that delightful do we have any immediate issues that I need to come up and assist with it's probably better if we stay underground at the moment oh god is he really about to get gnarly I mean it depends on whether you you consider cyclones of wind gnarly or not really okay when things are going badly how badly is that we need to also be gate some stairs up in here but oh my god oh my god oh how Bad's again how about oh I see things moving I see movement are we about to get hit oh no we're okay we're okay oh no we're not okay oh my god it's right there why the heck does this keep happening there's a there's a config setting that makes it so that the tornados automatically aim at you I think I might turn that off so that they don't necessarily spawn the actual sentient yes don't have those maybe we don't have them aim at us I think it went like when they spawn like just in the down direction of wherever we are like they had in that direction but yeah I mean that doesn't look too bad it's kind of ways out there it's more just we're just up on the hill admiring the weather right we're not I prefer no sentient tornado part of the weather I am NOT a fan of sentient tornadoes thank you're getting closer yeah did it just start raining it's probably aiming at us hey there's no blocks or anything being picked up so we're fine nothing go wrong yes John brick stairs that's where it's at my dude you're right on brick stairs stone brick is where it's at 1898 from yeah man we just we got a lot of shade for being back in one 710 what can I say guys it's all the ore spawn goes up to okay how could you help come you couldn't update Orson I know right we're having us throw back and people are mad that we're throwing back to an old version dude put just put it in your offhand you amateur yes just put the torch in your offhand you dum-dum to be fair I never use my offhand effectively I know but I would definitely use it for the torch if torches could be done effectively except we don't have a knife and so all right well sentient tornadoes is always good times only the best of times it was like it's 2019 you're in one 710 get with the times retros in this year okay we're calling it right now what's that retros in this year we're calling it right now yeah I did for sure you don't get that hightail up in here and then what's gonna happen is everyone's gonna be like I'm all about that minecraft alpha boys to be doing that my alpha let's play up in here coming soon to a server near you right I think that a minecraft alpha let's play would actually end up getting a little bit it would be pretty old pretty fast yeah there's not much there so like there's only so far back you can go before it's just like well net now you're causing problems you know yeah I don't want to cause problems so just you're just causing problems for yourself okay that caught me some apples okay I have created stairs good well done one Bravo congratulatory congratulations I've been trying my dude I've been trying believe that about you I don't appreciate just still there it seems to be increasing in relative size why have you done this that is it my fault yes things that I have done you have created a sentient tornado a sentient thornado he's coming at us he's very like hello I want to say hello he is a donor under gravel oh my god I've just run into something that looks perfectly innocent I so much grab all the hoos be gonna up here Oh whew is it tornado wooing you it is you're being ganked by its tomatoey power I'm gonna go ahead and go underground now oh no you guys are we better get hit dude we bout to get hit up and sure things will be fine oh my god I'm sure things will be fine what what what you just do like I'm not helping them evacuation warnings don't ever ignore evacuation warnings oh no not like this what if it picks up the chest does that do this we'll lose we'll lose our like three things we've got that our value so far we have like diamonds and stuff in there I gotta get the diamonds and diamonds why are you putting diamonds in chess where they can be blown away what are you insane oh my god you've me wait where's the ah where's the iron where'd you put the iron it's still my inventory does anyone it blown away yeah see I'm on top of things I'm a blown away by your logic that doesn't eat but okay what no oh it's all it's all nice and calm down here why didn't you just keep mining as is and isn't this riveting content well we well we create this stairway down in heaven yes so if I die when I'm in normal mode do I lose my normal appearance morph and then I can never get it back cuz I can't kill me I don't get it so no I believe that is a racist wedding I thought we were playing in hard mode I've seen you playing hard mode know what that means is that you end up having to reload the save-a-lot excuse me nothing excreta sorry did I today I apologize I spoke the truth and I know it wasn't no you are creating false lies why would you go on also lies you are also mixing things up where they shouldn't be okay you're putting things in the blocks chest they don't belong in the block I didn't see any any particular schema that I that I followed you need to define your schema better oh wait it might not actually be a tornado cause it's like on top of me and I'm not getting picked up that's good it's good it's good it's not gonna blow the house away I mean you know the house isn't anything particularly special I wasn't like concerned this house is the greatest house that's ever lived you are much more attached to that house than I am uh yeah cuz I put some really aesthetic logs on now you do do you yeah you pay our aesthetic a F boy you put strong effort into it mm-hm don't knock it okay uh so what I'm gonna need though isn't Ellie gonna need some iron so you don't have to yeah yeah we'll say it's an awesome tornado some of the furnace oh my god it's not a legit tornado oh we're okay everything is fine what is it no alleged tornado it was a fake tornado kind of like your fake lies yes what is it like Johnny Johnny telling lies you know it'd be kind of cool though if there was a if something in it like a mod integrated with weather or else replaced it but the did this tornado thing but that it could take you to a different dimension that had an emerald city and stuff maybe pretty cool oh yeah that would be pretty hot in the tornado mm-hmm but you had to get caught like very specifically or else you just get killed you know you had to drive your truck into it well well saying we've got cows is that how it works this how it works I found I found me some things though what's the things that you found oh cool congratulations that's exciting I've got diamonds why welcome nice of you to rejoin oh yeah sorry my side my side your side okay actually we're pretty far down though so yeah this is 1110 the amp this is about was about where we want right so I'm gonna dig I'm gonna dig forwarded though because I just need to get some stuff so we can get the stairway okay thank you you're so kind what did I do deserve your kindness nothing I shall always share my kindness with you mmm-hmm I hope that you will I appreciate it I got it yes if required a good thing Oh even better thing now we do not have to deal with stupid emerald pick stupid a little pick stupid am wrong pic I do not need so much majority of time you know I actually do these stairs so it's fine it's it's absolutely fine whoa I got six of them what's a cute nod is it someone's gonna kill me pretty much anything I spawn is gonna kill me right just probably I would I would assume it's bad unless you act oh that was the other things that I that I modified was just how like I made it so the the bodies the skeletons decayed if they were empty oh that's nice yeah yeah and but they do actually do a durability hit and when we die which is makes sense I was wondering how my stuff was getting so hammered but because I you be sorry yes our people in chat are now saying it it's like a it's like an anime fire boy okay now what it is I just assume it's something that'll kill me if I spawn it anime fire boy anime fire boy okay I'll keep that in mind oh it actually is from Naruto ah I just was calling it anime fire whooshes that's how I remember it but it is apparently from Naruto no I'm I'm ed I'm functioning at 100% you can tell by the way I just tried to make a pickaxe out of apples yeah you're living your best life 2019 is been fantastic hey I'll have you know I actually wrote my first check of 2019 uh-huh and I wrote 2019 and not 2008 a nice nice congratulations those of you never written a check just know you're gonna get there in life and you're gonna make that mistake and then you're gonna get a call from someone and they're gonna be like yeah you roughly you've wrong year on this check and you're gonna be like oh mom bad I've never had that call oh really yeah I've tried to deposit but I wrote a check to myself once as a distribution from my corporate account to my personal account right and take it into the bank and the teller gives me this weird look and she's like did you write this to yourself last year and I'm like no I wrote it today she's like it says the wrong date here you're gonna have to fix that I'm like okay let me just like really quickly scribble over the letter or the number and make it good again there you go trying to go no problem it's very important I mean it actually is probably kind of important yeah no it's better that they're there watching them they're not watching yeah I think it's gone legit what yep that's that's definitely legit what's legit the tornado Jay that's not what I want to do the weather the weather is legit that is that I split it is it ever going to stop I don't what the heck dawg I don't know maybe you need to me I like maybe we do we need to sacrifice you to go way to sacrifice you to Pele isn't Pele a football player it's the god of fire the hell definitely a football soccer player ah it was named after the soccer / football player Wow okay Wow just steal my thunder right here I got you hey everybody's saying I'm right and they're also saying you're wrong for sure hundred percent legit Pele Hawaii goddess which is also why there's a type of a volcanic eruption called Pele and I believe there's because he just he was so fire on the pitch no no it's kind of right here maybe we should not be at our house for a moment what Ames and I did it where did it is that a different one than the oh my god it's a different one last what the hell that was the last that's pretty cool you can see it going up because of the updrafts that's how tornadoes work yeah why why do we have that one over there and then there's there's that one we don't have to know there was the one over there this isn't like an this is a new storm uh-huh that was this one looks friendly though like it looks like it wants to be friends does it ever stop I don't know it's an interesting question you should go ask it I will maybe I what are you gonna call it maybe I will for some reason all the rain is flying a tornado hey tornado are you ever gonna stop oh god there's a horse getting flung up wheel oh my god it's a unicorn Pegasus now Oh buddy it's really going red for these mobs oh dude it's really gold we're gonna get hit by a block and take damage and get killed because your freakin seat is zombie just flying in the sky spilling stuff confidence oh god there's creepers no it's like an explosive tornado now though the world is screwed up behind it oh yeah whoo look at the path that's leaving behind but this is bad to get rekt it's sentient targeting us what the heck that actually that was pretty cool okay it's you actually better know oh I did I'm trying to draw it away if it sent you and want to attack the map masa not our house I think it's just that we were at our house when it spawned though cuz it's kind of straight lining if you look at the yeah why is it doing that I don't appreciate it at all don't stop please did you ever find redstone we could build a shield yeah we we have some I have some five redstone in my wait what's the is it a shield or a reflector black dirt no gosh yeah weather deflector and deflector it's a weather machine which is diamond so you need you need eight redstone redstone oh it's me oh shoot wait we got more redstone where's the redstone oh it's pretty close the horse is gone oh okay God good roll our house is gone give up let it go we will rebuild no oh shoot it's real bad it's a bet come on I can't see it just what about God what's gonna happen to stuff oh shoot I can't see anything it's just it's horse neighed oh right now oh my roof is up a roof is off there's no roof [Laughter] dude our beautiful landscape the way the frame where the house is still there there's just this basic raw wood apparently so maybe we just build the house out of not not let's not use planks maybe we need to do use stone well what's done is done you still with me my guy you still with me man oh man our apples tore down our apple tree can we can we call in instead of YouTube rewind it can be twitch rewind twitch remind make this not happen reload yeah I'm gonna have to dig the mine again it'd be terrible oh I guess we're finding a new home huh this is fine just rebuild out a stone this is fine with the meme of the dog in the fiery room there's no fire there's water it's rainy yeah but it's all ugly and gross why do why do we have to find new home this is where's your unbeatable spirit you know yeah look at the mini-map oh my god it's just a stripe Wow it's fine how can we have known there's no way we could have possibly predicted this outcome I guess the grass will regrow so it'll be less ugly in that respect yeah so regrow we can rewrite the tree meal or not too but yeah dude that's gonna be a big project we got to salvage our landscape that's fine I'm gonna go get more get more redstone and for some reason there's leather lying around I left I choose not to think about ye but those horses went for a ride yeah I think I think so I think so I mean maybe we build it out of stone are we are we three little picking it the heck is that oh it's a rock what does a rock that's weird even your staircase got wrecked you're beautiful oh it's fine all right crafting table at least the woods here yeah nothing nothing of import left just aesthetic just export what are those that you do yeah we could we have a couple well you have just make throw me your emerald pickaxe show me your emerald pickax all right here you go thank you beautiful what are you do with it what are you doing with it I do things with it what are you do okay I mean sure I guess that makes sense I'm picking up blocks of grass and then seeding that in areas where we need to regrow so that it's doesn't just come over the edges but grows from the middle out I see well you know what I'm gonna do what's that I'm gonna get some redstone he probably a good plan good plan yeah redstone would not be a bad idea no would be a good idea maybe let's let's gather it up before the next event trying can we get a moment of silence for the house if only I had gone and collected this redstone down here like when I passed it the first time I derived you'd passed redstone yeah I usually got its redstone it's not a big deal and then turns out it was a big deal yeah no that's a big deal yeah I've learned my mistakes I learn from my mistakes and now we have 23 ribs down oh good isn't that exciting he's so exciting so we're sticking to this location all right we're sticking to the stripe on the ground that sorrow hearty spirit shall not be overcome by Sally's house I sadly tribute things as only simple ornate house we will not be overcome to beat mother nature's but right now cuz I'm about to just get that weather deflector and you're gonna get it you're gonna beat that butt and get that yeah yeah we go bleed weather deflector you be gone foul storms be gone of course we don't actually know how it works so for all we know we could be doing it wrong but never see and this is like planting seeds big rock cold big rocks dude sweet I should I put not food in the not food I put food in the not food chest I can't believe I've done this all right we shall rebuild that's the spirit that's what I've been wanting to hear and where she is headed a nature with what's important which is our lives nobody was hurt except for a bunch of horses you're rebelling on a wood though I'm not sure about that yeah be okay stone brick it's fine well I mean you did put up the weather deflector I did that's okay all right all right all right I got you but we could also do stone bricks if we want to do I have seeded the rust I trust the weather no I don't make it a wood floor a wood floor is great fantastic you can't go wrong a wood floor yeah it's gotta be a wood floor like you can't do you can't do uncomfortable stone on the feet even though my house has stone on the feet but it's fine it's comfortable at my house just not here but yeah ecologically speaking we grow thing right now we're in a period of redevelopment do we need to get stronger glass need to get reinforced glass but actually I guess is it that well blast-proof glass oh that's in here and any of the mods that we have no idea like the whither glass stuff whether or not you like it also did you see what I wrote to you in in the Skippy's earlier oh I did no J I donno I was busy I was ice out of the cone yeah okay shows how loved I am I was driving what do you want from me no pilot miles did you get a Tesla you weirdo well I was on autopilot that's why I checked but you still pay attention which is why you don't text back you don't text back while you're on autopilot are you crazy look at mr. safety van over here I apologize for ensuring the safety of the people around me my bad mm-hmm anyway what he's alluding do is that stone block 2 would just released so that might be something we do in the future we'll see I wanna I would try I tried to get an idea of what's changed because if it's too similar than right sure sometimes sometimes people think that just because the numbers higher it's better and that's not always the case no it's sometimes is just kind of a it has bug fixes and improvements but it's not like it's not drastically different right or jurassica ly different or yeah what he said okay do we have any more sand just blew away no yeah dude everything went to poo Oh – poo yeah – poo – Tipu – poo not one poo – poo oh this is looking nice need some class these these holes are a little bit it's a little breezy over there but look one nice old poo poo what are you on about one fish two fish red flesh blood flippin ah Radley good old red flesh daddy red flesh who like red fish flesh ok got some I got some snagged so that we can do stuff so anyway what I was saying is we got there's new stone block and then I swear there was another thing that someone that sent me more recently oh yeah there was there's like some kind of I guess new pixelmon at some point that was released I don't know so it's like there's so much stuff going on in the world of Minecraft but yeah it's just things going on so I thought I'd other eat of things going on so wait are things going on yeah but mostly in ultra monitor rival ultra modern revival and that's what most of this stuff is going on so yeah you know here oh you shot that's very very scurry dude okay we need stone bricks labs as well because we need to make a roof that will not blow away I understand vaguely mmm Hypertech and attack alright I have eight stone bricks slab for you that's a lot and you managed to get so many crafting Wow hey your windows are almost done I thought they were done but then they weren't done so didn't mean to throw you a torch but there you go there we go all right and we got you the view looks great it's got 93 million miles ahead room all right I need to get yeah all right maybe I'll just take my emerald pickaxe and okay Owen here you go grab some more stone that way I thought oh it's a frog man that was weird whoa put the deflector now sweetie make that big of a difference if it's five blocks away from that I was like those tornadoes are not exactly precise instruments they kind of they're pretty large and aim in a general direction so I don't know what do you think pains for the windows you want to go through the pain of making pains I've never cared that much about pains versus blocks but it's I shan't argue one way or the other okay no my axe just broke oh that's sad I'm sad now I wasn't paying attention my ex is dead that sounds very very sad it really is oh god I'm not using my little pickaxe I'm gonna idiot everyone in chats like use the other pic you dum-dum don't yell right you're right I noticed as soon as the redstone broken I was like wow is it psychic it knew that I wanted to collect the redstone no that's not how silk touch works you were just confused it's okay when you get to be your age you can get confused sometimes well if I get confused of my age what happens when you're sixty like you all right you got no chill man I mean I don't know I'm just being matter of fact well I see a brown aunt don't click on it don't do it resist the temptation Plus this way our house won't be destroyed by termites oh yeah I can't remember determinants actually you would oh yeah they do they do oh that is good but is only planks or do they eat trees as well I don't know I think I don't recall that all the minutiae of it mmm I see whoa Oh huh I just trying to block a gold whoa wait a minute is this is this a trap this is a trap I think if I recall or spawn adds like the random blocks you can find of this isn't a trap stuff I want to say that's a no respon thing that's a troll block though is that it yeah that's double Pro blocks you fool me once but the you ain't go fool me twice Gold has no animation you troll blocks troll box that's what people in chat are a bunch of troll blocks Wow saying gold has an animation to it how dare you yeah and prismarine doesn't change either now prison doesn't change and gold has an animation mm-hmm I could have gotten gaslighted so hard though get the heck out of my way spider bro not in the mood he's over here Eggman's he's grumpy 2019 intern I'm not in the mood I'm not in the mood first thing of minecraft in 2019 my house goes bye-bye it was pretty cool I was there for it I don't think it did inside the hill so right everybody there you have it wrong hold on does that this is weather deflector require add the heck does the weather deflector require a redstone signal I don't know I mean I guess it can't hurt to give it a signal so sure I got Kristen case I can open on its own Oh mind doesn't take a signal maybe it takes it from the sensor because I know the sensor puts out a signal when I get the text weather okay now people are like it requires to be outside oh my god I can't win oh yeah you're getting you're getting you're getting chat trolled aren't you I don't know okay well I'm just gonna do it outside and it's gonna be fine I feel like it's it can't really go off that's gonna be fine everything's gonna be fine don't worry about it okay oh yeah we need to put the back there we go so the sensor puts out a signal but then we do we put that to the to the deflector is that mean I don't know I don't know if these good question very good question also people want me to make iron doors so I guess I'm gonna do that oh you suck the dick almost murdered you by the way Oh murdered you now what that that that looks like not a friendly skeleton huh one of the things I change is that now when the morphed the name does show up over us though so that will help us with the murdering the slight expense of not being able to start with each other quite as effectively but with less murder now so it the the sensor is so you can wire it to a siren I see okay not really necessary if we have the deflector I feel like I see need a stone pressure plates as well why are people talking about the tornado blowing away the deflector it doesn't make any sense yeah how would kind of defeat the purpose wouldn't it what get siren and redstone on dafuq I mean why does everybody want a siren what's the point if there is no tornadoes does it being deflected I think we're misunderstanding a fundamental way that these work yeah we're upset but not really communicating exactly what about it it doesn't seem like the communications a hundred percent but that could just be our distinct inability to understand anything maybe I will concede possibly no it's like a spider convention down here spider on your shoulder bro yeah dude cool cool now I just need to make a everyone's like the sirens just really cool and I just really want it sometimes it's just a cool siren whatever you know makes noise oh okay so how did I have this setup before was it like oh you know what I should do those stairs these that I'm a what do you do I put down the wrong a seed instead of it's fine it really caused no problems whatsoever okay good I swear to god this ant is getting way too close for me like wants me to go to its dimension there's a couple ants around here that are just like hanging out mm-hmm I'm wondering where the ant the anthill is I can't remember there are they are there yeah they're blocks that they spawn from oh right yeah of course they are of course there I remember that's now cuz I remember of good things good memories of things to hear good memories of things the best only the best memories of things all right well I've replanted a lot of the trees if you please riffing yes my dad one wasn't worth acknowledging oh okay I thought you were just so blown away by its no no it was just bad oh it's available don't the babel really there's just no there's no other way just looking at it objectively and i'm gonna say no that's debatable i thought it was pretty professionally done but you know if you can't appreciate an incredible pun then that's your fault is it mm-hmm cool all right we've got ourselves a pretty nice-looking rebuild it's like nothing ever happened only its stronger and now the big bad wolf can't blow it down you can have any puff all he wants yeah we got good times in here dude see cuz even though we have the wooden floor the wooden floor is protected and confined right beautiful stone that can't go nowhere the only problem is we need to iron your suite we yeah that was what people wanted they wanted them iron doors and I was like we can't have a wired up with women pressure plates because then we get to have mobs wander in so it's gotta be stones look the grass is filling in yeah yeah it's pretty cool it's looking nice I don't see as much of a strip across the landscape a little bit of one but not quite as bad so it's uh it's looking good okay like a definite definite improvement also some why you put the zombie heads on the ground instead of on the wall just to have them there you know this is a little here we are so yeah but the the thing is we spend a lot of time not really making forward progress there yeah that would be because our house went bye-bye and it turns out when your house goes bye-bye I got a sink lack of forward progress we stopped and kind of reset things a little bit that you do that you do and we still have not gone and found any of the charge service either we think that that one's hard this fine but maybe the charge service is probably less to look for it more for us to figure out how did the quarry's work again I don't remember how all that worked it's been only it was read time and you needed to have like a water pump somehow I forget why the water pump was a thing but there was some some stuff that we might have to refill ourselves in on perhaps didn't they beacon snow not beacons what were the markers markers oh yeah yeah you got to do the markers the the ender marker thing those are for inner queries oh right you're right right I think it's landmarks I had marks mm-hmm all right so I mean should we what else should we do we've we've got another few minutes left you know we don't need to run away redstone engine pump how do I really want the freaking siren on the hook doing make a siren sensor okay fine everybody I mean if they turned in a letter he already had a sensor so oh you made this sensor yeah the other block was sitting well it might have blown away in the wind it might have might have departed for other lands I think I think it did for other adventures yeah it doesn't seem to be out here anymore he's not there anymore it's his it has gone away so it's decayed out because we can do that like that I also need a bit more iron do you did did you take iron or have we just a wreck we're running low whoa what is your sword this is the poison sword okay cool you said that in poisons ah why did you do this here eat this it'll make you better eat milk oh no don't do that thing down I think it looks like a evil honeycomb I know it really does I'm still poisoned I need milk we need cows you're fine you're rude I have particles I have to deal with forever oh no it's so hard to be you really good I was thinking about this just the other day I was like okay okay so here we go folks we're at to make the double wammy jammy don't you know sensor tornado siren weather deflector just in case the weather deflectors somehow has to be powered it's all lined up there we go the double wammy jammy double whammy jammer great oh yeah I forgot about the miners dream those are great oh yeah all of our cows got blown away oh is it manners delight no it's – dream we need to find cactus if we want to do that though but those are great I guess I could look around to see whether we still have anything within near reach I'm turning into a burden real quick Hey oh yeah it's really annoying once we get to the end of the morph it drops you yeah all right so there's still chicken but yeah the cows seem to departed the lands the horses seem to move – honey I don't think we've got much in the way of animal population going on currently oh we do have uh we've the telepaths Maude right yes do get toe pads working because we assume they do need enderpearls so we're gonna have to work on those but they don't last go between like chunks that are vanilla where we can find more respond stuff more Swan stuff and then back to here and home and a you know it'll be pretty cool pretty cool thing sounds pretty cool wait where's my waypoint gun did the tornado destroy my Waypoint oh yeah my waypoints are gone what the heck why did that happen I don't know here's a pointer some cows add name oh god dude what are we gonna wait what are we gonna do about our initial spawn point where do we go I don't know do we you need to get I mean like we had a Serpent's tongue back there I suppose but I know it was approximately okay it was a vanilla chunk so it was like it was basically a thousand blocks in that away I would think to the northwest ish right yeah mm-hmm yeah or we can tweak or I could break the bed and kill you yeah true true true true well we don't need to do that quite yet quite yet but anyway so okay let's see do we want you it's from obsidian and get like another portal going maybe at some point good yah yah yah yah there's some piggies you sexy peas hey sexy piggy oh it's because you don't know it who don't know your songs they're like what the heck they haunt about yeah well they've missed the best of minecraft the little bone meal and this will all fill up just perfect yeah throw some Bomi all down dude I don't know any bones the bone meal there's some bones in the chest I'm just saying it doesn't look that bad could've gone worse nope we will we we will rebuild and we did rebuild we we will because we did where the freakin wood there doesn't make any sense crazy why is there would wear where hair hair do you've any hair at age 60 you'll lose your hair before I will bud I don't know that's pretty amazing genetics if you've still got it and I'm and you're gonna have it for much longer both of my grand fathers went in to the ground with full heads of hair why or maybe they got hair transplants and didn't tell you that's I suppose also an option mm-hmm you know I mean gotta be open to possibilities here yeah it's positive or no you don't know everything mm-hmm oppa hairstyle apparently your grandparents had an oppa hairstyle okay so I need to find so lava to get some obsidian yes well I found some lava okay I have one but you're gonna need at least 10 buckets right in order to convert it all into of Sydney yeah absolutely stop creepers you're making my landscape stone hey it's an actual diamond door yeah yeah very exciting yeah I got it and I wasn't even meetings I was just I'm moving to LA but now stay on to it I believe in you you don't know how to do away you've never been a failure there's some water right over here wait really yeah coming out of the mountainside a OB coming on the mountainside when it comes yeah oh oh oh I shattered that creeper what I guess laughs a little race to the Obsidian well I got you a bucket right here mm-hmm so there's that cool yeah don't follow I did not miss diamonds excuse you me those are not diamonds are you missing diamonds come on bud yes I'm missing all the diamonds can't believe jar Don is just out here missing diamonds left and right like a total amateur hour I mean when you put it like that it does sound more plausible ah that's a lot lava that's lava I don't do that that was I was a fun little squeaky got there ah I've got I've got a bucket for you that's all look at what a lava but you know I don't need a bucket I was just digging it out of the pool did you want love or not no I meant I've got a pool of lava right now digging out obsidian no don't do that you were all like you have a race – lava hood it's like okay I didn't say we would race to lava I'm just doing the really interesting thing that is mining lava obsidian I mean it's hard to mine lava I mean it's it's probably it's hard to keep a pickaxe from from disintegrating while you mine lava I don't know I could probably jump into lava with the pickaxe no it only burned me that pickaxe would be fine ah dang it you stupid you call me stupid calling the city and stupid because instead of diving into my body at Dovan the lava really what he just sometimes what working working with this guy you guys you guys get what I mean right y'all get what I mean right work with this guy right here don't get it at all I know I know you don't okay all right I just need three more pieces and then we can make a great good yeah yeah for sure this is this is the way we team work it to give double champs or you can just mind some of your own which which would also be great I don't have a diamond pickaxe you don't have an emerald guys either no there you go problem solved – ptoo ptoo ptoo ptoo a tippy tippy TV TV TV TV do you give it to me okay okay why are you wait what the heck that looks really doing what the what's wrong with you you were like you were like the Jesus of lava what is so weird yeah it's so Wow yeah okay we're good we we have enough yeah enough I've got a few as well uh-huh so Jesus a lava strikes again yeah dude is the Jesus of lava when you're when he's sick he grows his special ability dude do I mm-hmm I grow my special ability uh-huh yeah dude okay he's of lava new merch hey speaking of merch uh how when are we what are we getting either a kanay or an inverted humming shark huh oh shoot are you serious you stupid thing breaking on me you think the people are ready yeah I mean the people already I do they're all recovering from Christmas though you know they don't but that means they have monies they were given money's spent monies but a lot of people are given monies so well I will get in touch with my peoples and we will see about getting Kenai all set up and ready to go mm-hmm talk to your pupils I'll talk to my people are you saying I miss diamonds it was probably a troll block or they're just trolling me whatever kazeem didn't seem either apparently sorry well hey I think we've pretty much reached the end of the episode we can go to the nether and check stuff out that's that way next time around or whatever else we decide to do but yeah hey should we should we want to do anything good yeah did you feel like you had anyone you needed to mention I did actually so thank you very much to MC pro hosting for being the professional hosting mechanism company behind the series hosting the server and sponsoring the series and all that stuff they're kind of them and if you guys are interested in a server of your own so you can like play your own kind of series and stuff and have you actually have you asked them all about doing like a OneTouch setup for the sort of thing we're still I'm talking the net with you but it's my hope is that we can get it to where they can if you want to play the the mod pack that you can get a server from them and get that all set up and just one click install and you're good to go I'd be dope so there's a link in the description of our stream slash YouTube videos if you want to snag a server of your own and use the code in the description to get 25% off your first month anyway you almost burned the house down with that I was I was eating apples and then apparently accidentally scrolled to my bucket anyway alrighty well hey thanks for watching and check the playlist if you missed any episodes watch the stream live it's linked in the description with our twitch you're not already doing that if you're watching live follow the stream check it out I need a lot of stuff okay we'll see you next time bye guys

Ultra Modded Revival w/ CaptainSparklez – Ep. 3 – A SLIGHT SPOT OF WEATHER

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  1. Quick suggestion for the server:
    Use Dynmap-forge to Pregenerate A chunk of the world (and Dimensions) (So you guys dont get that Time out when ur flying full speed into the Distance) really helps with the other dimensions (Ant Dimension Lag Anyone?) But takes up a lot of hard drive space. After Pregenerating, Remove Dynmap since its not really needed.

    Looking forwards to the rest of this series =D.

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