Unboxing A Vacuumed Sealed California King Lull Memory Foam Mattress

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Unboxing A Vacuumed Sealed California King Lull Memory Foam Mattress


Jeremy gets a new mattress to replace his old one that he got used!

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this is what the bed of a man like me looks like a guy who went through significant life changes a guy who got a used mattress and he sleeps on it a guy who man handles things every single day and throws his back out it looks like this I've got 20 maybe even more pillows just to get comfortable at night I sleep on more pillows than I do bed that has got to change oh yes I think it's here yes finally gonna get some good sleep man handle one more thing but the nice thing is you can actually manhandle this one all by yourself and get it up the stairs and around the bed no problem I don't even need an extra hand which I typically don't have the hardest part is always getting around these bends but box mattress makes it real easy well first things we got to do is we got to get rid of this mess so well get rid of everything I've been trying to get a good night's sleep on and then we're gonna replace it with hopefully the best night's sleep I've ever had in my life I think we all can agree that I have absolutely and totally destroyed this mattress and thankfully lols always run in promotions and discounts you can get $150 off a low mattress just by jumping in the description and clicking on the link because it's so horribly difficult to get anything around the bend in the hallway this mattress has a one-way ticket off the bedroom balcony down below George isn't here but we all know on what the Hales there's only one way to open things and that's with a sword so let's see what we got yeah oh there we go yeah okay the good news is these mattresses can handle anything they're super tough they can even handle George with a sword or Jeremy got it let's see what we got the monster unboxing alright that's a beautiful thing customer service when you order how can it get any better than that they're here to help it's a jungle out there you got to get some sleep alright let's see take that off and here we have it a California king all compressed into this plastic so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take this over to the box springs and then we're gonna cut it open and we're gonna let the air infuse it it's so simple all we have to do now is take the outer coating off and then we take the inner coating off and it's gonna be all we need is our connive which again I don't have my knife let me go see if I can find one digging through George's collection I found this duck knife that's the work just great here we go yeah it's on like Donkey Kong look at it it's going already yep do you hear it that sounds like a good night's sleep right there what we're gonna do is flip it on over we're gonna manhandle it just like we do everything else and hopefully not break any of the decorations on the wall and we're all set looky there California king that is a beautiful thing once we have the right side up I'm gonna go ahead and slice the outer plastic piece off too and we're gonna get to watch it grow should be fun here we go maybe it'd be best if we slice it on this end and then we pull the plastic out that might be the better thing to do so let's get to slicing Oh bring it on my knees already yep Oh open her up we'll slide that plastic off and give it time to use all that air and then we should be ready to roll that's what we're gonna do we're going to slide that plastic right now yep just like that perfect perfect and tada instead of my normal 20 pillows I got a couple king-sized wool pillows as well so let's open her up like true treasure hunters do look at those become lush and plush those feel you got two of them so that'll take up the side of the bed and I should be doing better the low pillow dreaming a better sleep jump into bed with a little pillow three chambers provides the perfect balance of comfort and support let's open one of these up and oh yeah ha ha that feels so soft already we're gonna be doing okay this almost looks too comfortable for rugged guy like me but I think it's gonna be great hard to believe that you can order a luxury mattress right from the internet and for a busy person like me it's perfect free shipping a hundred night free trial and if you don't like it free returns what do you got to lose nothing nothing at all now if I could just find some new luxury gray hoodies remember adventure awaits and you got to go find it you might as well get it a good night's sleep while you're at it to this treasure hunt it's hard work you

Unboxing A Vacuumed Sealed California King Lull Memory Foam Mattress

34 thoughts on “Unboxing A Vacuumed Sealed California King Lull Memory Foam Mattress”

  1. So a lumpy mattress gets replaced but nasty pillows stay nasty so they don't get lumpy. I'm so confused. Just FYI, I ordered my own Lull just because of this video! and YES I got NEW pillows… FOUR of them. My current pillows will move to the camper and I'll send you the camper pillows! I have so much fun watching you!

  2. a massage therapist may help you feel better, but a GOOD skilled Chiropractor can make you feel good for a long time, depending on just exactly what is the problem with your back. They will want to take X rays to find out, and that's a good thing usually. Chiropractors are generally cheaper on x rays than regular doctors. Trouble is, there are few really good chiropractors around anymore. A long time ago, old doc Potter was a good one, he could even stop a nose bleed that all the doctors in the hospital could not stop. Trouble is there are a lot of fraudulent ones… but then again, mistakes by regular doctors kill more people each and every year than guns do. At least a chiropractor isn't going to kill you. whether or no he or she helps, that's to be seen, but they won't do any real damage either. Time to act is now, before you get to my age, when its really too late.

  3. Jeremy and George, The Fish Lighter arrived today. I filled it with butane. It works well. He's a bit funny looking with one eye! I am going to try to get a replacement eye from the company. Thank you for the Fish Lighter!

  4. I have one of those beds. Queen size. I got it as a Christmas gift two years ago. You will love it. Also, if you want same luxury gray hoodies I'll make you some on my antique sewing machine. Silk or satin?

  5. Buy dust mite barrier covers for your pillows. You can zip them on and off and wash them with your pillow cases.

    Nice mattress! I need one too. I've been sleeping on a first gen Tempur-Pedic, which I absolutely wore out. I'm extending the life of the mattress by flipping it over and using the bottom side which is firmer. I don't think that you're supposed to do that, but I did it anyway – and it works. What the Hales! Right?

  6. If you tend to sleep on your side, put a pillow between your knees, it helps a lot. That lull may be too soft, too soft is as bad or worse as too hard on your back.

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