Unboxing Asus VS229H-P IPS monitor

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How to setup Eyefinity (part 1) –
How to setup Eyefinity and showing of IPS (part 2) –

Product Features:
1920 x 1080, 5ms (GTG)
3 year warranty for the display panel and system
Slim Form Factor
178° Wide Viewing Angle powered by IPS
EPEAT Gold Certified
Energy Saving LED Backlight with 50,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio
ASUS SPLENDID Video Intelligence Technology
Cases and Expandability
Size (LWH): 22.3 inches, 5.1 inches, 17.5 inches
Weight: 6.83 pounds

Unboxing Asus VS229H-P IPS monitor

35 thoughts on “Unboxing Asus VS229H-P IPS monitor”

  1. hey man, i would really appreciate it if you could answer me. i have a samsung syncmaster b2430. but a month now it started facing a problem where it works 2-4 hours and then turns off 1 minutes then on again…and so on, i tried looking for someone to fix it for me but nothing so far. i found asus VS228h-p and i'm thinking if my screen is never gonna be fixed. maybe i can buy it. do you think this asus monitor is as good as the samsung i have now?? the price is very good the ms response time is the same but other than that…i'm not sure. do you recommend it. my options are very limited. this one is the best among the other options i could find. please i need your help.

  2. How about DVI to HDMI>? PM me please just one more step to Complete my Eyefinity =)
    Should i buy this? (sorry about my wrong english)

    I have this Video Card ? what shoukd i do? =( Just buy a HDMI to DVI or HDMI to VGA?

    Just to be sure to answer me.. =) please please answer me =)
    it's important please =D 

  3. Hi I ran across your video wanted to ask this question because in a month or two.  I am going to get a three monitor setup for my PC. My question is I have a 39inch HD TV I want to use with them I want the HD TV to be above them and to be used for regular internet browsing and movie viewing. I want to use the three monitor for gaming and hope I can use the hd tv like a map in certain games that allow it. I also want be able to play certain games like street fighter on the 39 inch rather than the monitors I do not know if this is possible. My gpu's I have are two HD7970's 3gb editions one is a sapphire HD7970 oc edition and the other is a xfx GHz edition in crossfire please tell me is this possible?  Or maybe to difficult for me to pull off

  4. Have this monitor a week ago. It just rocks compared to my 19" TN monitor 5 years ago. Great for gaming and movie watching in a budget. Literally an IPS version of the VS228.
    I noticed that the monitor is slightly reddish when displaying things. Do you have any problems with the color output? I'm new to monitor calibration in general, so would appreciate anyone with this monitor to give some advice.

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