Warframe Time to Update Your PC – New Minimum Spec Requirements Discussed

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what's going on I'm gonna bend in here a little warframe so I'm running the gift from the Lotus mission that was going on over the weekend to get the 10 pack of the mace os-9 relics that were given out as part of the reward because why not so it's a 30-minute survival mission for anyone who doesn't know I'll just pop up what that mess os9 is who's Lex prime barrel Spyro prime blueprint Brenton prime blueprint former blueprint saerom prime the optics Candace pirate bar I'm pouch so anytime you can get yourself a bunch of relics at one time why not write so that's just the mission that you see the background but our mission today is to talk a little bit about updating your toasters that the new PC specs that are coming out according to Steve this is really only gonna affect about 1% of the player base in terms for PC so that's I guess based on analytics and information they've gathered from the pcs that are playing the game because you know everybody gathers your information so what the basically talking about is that effectively coming to effect some time here February most likely vendor support is being ceased for older OS installations and components and they have to an update that they can actually officially support so you should consider updating the old PC laptop craft op toaster whatever it is if you have any of the following if you are still running a 32-bit operating system if you are still running Windows 7 32 bit or older even then you need to update your computer to no less than under 7 64 bit ok DirectX 9 and older video cards so they are not going to be supporting direct that's 9 per se so it's not that DirectX 9 card won't work it's just that they won't be supporting it basically pretty much they've really mostly supported DirectX 10 DirectX 11 and I guess going forward DirectX 12 of course that's coming out so it's not that it won't work it's just in terms of DirectX they're not supporting DirectX 9 any longer when this update actually occurs the bigger thing is your OS they're not supporting the 32-bit OS system you're pretty much shit out of luck so when something goes wrong you don't have a 64-bit system it's on you and it's not the only games that are out there doing it I mean a lot of games are switched just to the 64-bit systems and that's it anything less than four gigs of RAM by now you shouldn't be running anything less than 8 gigs of RAM at a minimum on almost any PC these days if you expect to play any type of game or do anything even some minimal stuff on your computers any server older than 2 years so some of the stuff I mean if some people run servers you really don't want to be running a server that's older than 2 years if you're running a server while this is not to say that this stuff will suddenly stop working they're unable to support it okay so your issues if you do not meet these minimum requirements for this information you gotta luck basically what else to tell you it's not even that it's it's not like I said he was Steve was staying and saying it's only affecting about 1% from the post that they had put up in June of 2018 they were aiming to give as much notice possible on these minimum support changes so still running XP still running DirectX 9 32-bit operating system these changes are especially relevant because it's just they're done so here's what what they said here Microsoft stop supporting XP back in 2014 Windows XP and 32-bit operating systems from 2001 ok NVIDIA has also announced that they are halting 32-bit OS GeForce this was back in June of 2018 right now the warframe specs are below what most places minimum specs for PC and what they're saying DirectX 11 is more compatible and robust than the older versions right that GPU particles and all the new beautiful things that are going on in there they aren't supported by DirectX line so to get the best of the game you've got to be in a DirectX 11 basically they're great visual supports new versions maintaining compatibility is an issue of course you know so that's why they want to upgrade so with that in mind like I said their plan when they roll this update out is Windows 7 64 bit DirectX 10 now the minimum like I said 11 supported 12 will be supported they don't have a set date on this specifically but they're mentioning some time here February if it was already half or so Windows 7 64 bit or higher is supported direct X 10 or higher supported no less than 4 gigs of RAM so you need to have and you shouldn't have any less than 8 gigs around honestly at this point on my new PC I'm only running 16 gigs of RAM right now on my older PC I used to run 24 but with the new software and stuff that I've changed in terms of my recording software my editing software's and stuff like that I actually don't need to run the higher Ram like I used to the extra capacities of RAM because my newer stuff you utilizes my GPU for rendering process and it's so much quicker so much faster but that's a whole nother video anyway and of course servers any types of servers that are older older than 2 years old as what they're saying but that doesn't mean that's kind of kind of an open-ended spot there because you really don't know what the specs are inside of a server that's that old so I'm just getting it out there let you know it's not that it won't work it's just that it's not supported it's kind of like if I were to take Euro Truck Simulator American Truck Simulator they still have a 32-bit version they do not update it anymore you could still play the 32-bit version they haven't updated it in years they don't support it anymore they're still as a way to play it but you won't be able to get all the latest and greatest in the games and there's several games that are out there some that still support the old stuff in terms of here an old build what most games are saying 64-bit that's it so anyway I just wanted to get that out there there's a whole bunch of other things going on obviously we had the big weekend with killing the grineer Lancers to be able to get ourselves to the March stuff that's coming out for the extra booster weekends and such like that I think this weekend coming up it's a corpus weekend so stay tuned for that all right I will catch you guys soon thanks for tuning in

Warframe Time to Update Your PC – New Minimum Spec Requirements Discussed

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