What is a Mini Desktop Stick PC?

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Mini Desktop Stick PCs are the smallest PCs made. They plug into an HDMI port on a monitor and are about the size of a large pack of gum.

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hey everybody Mungo dark-matter here today I'm going to talk about the smallest pcs that they make over the last few years they've been making smaller and smaller form factor pcs that have been great if you don't have a lot of desktop space plus now who wants a huge tower if you don't need one well now they actually make something called the mini desktop stick PC or variations of that name basically you'll find them under things called stick pcs these are really small pcs now they're bigger than a USB flash drive but it's kind of the same sort of thing it will fit in your hand and will fit in your pocket and it has a HDMI video connector on the end of it and it has a USB connector on it so you can connect it to a monitor into a keyboard into a mouse now the big advantage to these are they are very portable the disadvantage of course is you need a monitor or a TV to plug it into so if you're carrying it around you really don't want to carry around a full sized monitor or TV with you but if you're going between locations where you have access to one of these things you can use this PC the other big advantage of it is it's not a real powerful PC but you can do things like remote access or VPN or web browsing on it this means you can isolate those functions for example if you need to log in to work using remote desktop and you want to keep your remote desktop stuff separate because it's work and you don't want to you don't want to be logging into your home computer and risk a virus getting on your home computer and then you log in remotely and maybe cause problems on your work network so you want to maybe keep those two things separate a stick PC may be the best option for you because what you can do is you can actually keep this stick PC separate and you can plug it into the same monitor that you use your regular computer on a lot of computer monitors will actually have multiple HDMI inputs on them now and so you can stick this into a secondary input or you can use it even on your TV and you could use a separate keyboard and mouse for it if you want that way you can keep your work computing separate from your home computer but you don't need a full-size desktop or a full-size laptop to do it necessarily another thing you could use a stick PC for is doing your banking on it or doing web browsing on very secure or financial sites the advantage to this is you're not doing general web browsing on this separate stick PC so for example if your web browsing and doing searches on Google you might click on some website that may infect your machine then you go on to your banking site and you might compromise your password or your account with a separate stick PC you keep these types of transactions separate or you could if you wanted to those are just a few examples of how you might use a stick PC the great thing is they're really small they're really portable and you can set them aside for specific tasks that you want to keep separate from what you're doing on your normal computer or computers and it's not as big as a laptop another thing you could use a stick PC for is like a media center with your TV set you could could use it so you can browse the web on your TV set you could use it if you wanted a small little area where you could browse the web but you didn't want a PC that had a bigger footprint or took up more space and the great thing about stick PCs is you can get them for under $100 and you can get them that we'll want run Windows 10 just like your regular PC might be running I'm Mungo dark-matter and this has been dark manors and whatever you do enjoy technology

What is a Mini Desktop Stick PC?

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