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okay simplify each expression assume that no denominator equals zero okay for these types of problems you have to subtract the like exponent and determine whether which one goes on top and we're bottom okay we do this by checking whether which one is bigger at the top of the bottom so Emily the fourth is bigger than M to the second so M to the fourth minus M to the second is M to the second okay all right we do the same thing for the peas P to the second is bigger than P so P to the second minus P is just P okay so for number 20 you do the same thing P the 12 power is bigger than P squared or P to the second so P the 12th power minus P to the second is P to the 10th power all right same thing again T to the third is bigger than T so T to the third minus T is T squared and then the artist has allowed because if you subtract R minus R that's the same thing as 1 minus 1 which would be zero so your answer would be Pete the tenth to t2 the second all right last problem so number 22 for this one you subtract see the fourth and see the second first you have to check whether it goes on top of the bottom by determining which one is bigger so see you the fourth is bigger than see you the second so see the fourth minus C the second it's C 2 the second deve the fourth minus d the fourth is zero so they cancel out so since they are the same number they cancel out so it's the same thing as after the third so after the third minus after the third is f is nothing actually it's zero so yeah hopefully this video helped you so yep that's it


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