Windows 10 God Mode

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Let’s see how to create a Windows God Mode Folder, to give us all the Customization Options of Windows 10!

God Mode Folder Name:

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do you like the new settings application you understand yeah we neither changing some random setting can take way longer than it should and even with the old control panel you sometimes have to search way too long but there is a third option the so-called god mode a super folder where you have hundreds of settings at a mouse-click first off we need to create a new folder somewhere like here on my desktop then you need to give it this name which you can copy from the video description or here in the I symbol in the upper right corner now this code just tells windows that this is a special folder and makes it a so-called godmode folder which also automatically changes its icon if you open that folder now you'll see this hundreds of different settings basically everything you would want to change in your windows can be found in here and now you can stop using that annoying new Settings app and enjoy this ugly but extremely useful new god notes heading app and this is where the video ends if you liked it don't forget to hit the like button and if you hated it go ahead there is a button for that too if you don't want to miss out on new content then subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to receive messages each time a new video comes out if you feel the need to support the channel feel free to check out the patreon and help to keep the videos coming you still don't know what to do now maybe one of these videos will help you over that

Windows 10 God Mode

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