Windows 10 Privacy Settings To Turn Off (2019)

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Hey there, in this video I will run through some Windows 10 privacy settings you should turn off if you want to protect your privacy or limit the amount of data you want to share with Microsoft and third party apps.

I go through the Windows 10 Privacy Settings that I turned off however this may limit some functionality such as the microphone and camera which you may want to use. Use your own judgement as to what you want to turn off.

Hopefully this video has highlighted the ways in which Microsoft tracks your data, how it shares it and how you can protect your privacy in Windows 10.

Let me know in the comments what other Windows 10 settings you have turned off to protect your privacy and if I have missed anything important.

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how's it going guys Seb here I just bought a new Windows 10 laptop and need to update some privacy settings I will run through some of the settings that I've changed here you can choose to change some of these settings yourself or leave them as a lot and navigate to the Start menu click settings find the privacy settings and let's work our way through the menu from the top down starting in general allow apps to use advertising ID to make it more interesting no thank you access my language list no thank you allow Windows to trap app launches no sir show me suggested content in the Settings app though Thank You mr. gates do I want Microsoft to record my voice and everything I type and though thank you looks like this is already on the basic settings I'll leave that as it is let windows collect mark tivities from this PC no sir let's see what's in location let's turn that off I don't need to share my location camera let's see who's watching me all these apps no thank you while I'm here I'm going to turn off camera access for this device microphone turn this off if you need to otherwise leave it on if you use it for gaming Skype or audio recording notifications I don't want any thank you account info let me have a quick reader name picture and other account info I don't want to share that so I'll turn off contacts I think I'll turn that off if you want to connect your email to the built-in mail you can leave this setting on I'll use Gmail in a browser so I will turn this off calendar looks like this is already off just need to turn it off on the device less worse fruit arrested these settings call history email tasks all off [Applause] background apps let out run in the background I'm going to turn these off to help conserve power at Diagnostics choose which apps can access diagnostic information about other apps no thanks documents allow apps to access your documents library not sure about this one you might need some apps to access your documents save file information leave it on if you need to file system turn this off if you don't want apps to access your files including documents pictures and videos okay that's the privacy section done while we here go back to the main settings gaming turn off record in the background I'm also going to turn off recorded audio okay looks like I've broken it well let me change this setting let me go out and come back in I'm trying to scroll down but it's not moving okay I've definitely broken it let me come back to that one later let's move on to broadcasting see if this works No okay back to game DVR okay still not working sorry guys let me figure this out and I'll be right back okay now that seems to work Cortana let me turn off the Cortana settings there you have it these are some of the settings I have turned off you don't have to turn off all of these by all means use your own judgement there's no guarantee your usage will be 100% private even by checking these little checkboxes if you found this video useful for you to like and subscribe and I'll see you in the next one

Windows 10 Privacy Settings To Turn Off (2019)

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