Windows Key Shortcuts You Should Know In Windows 10

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Windows Key Shortcuts You Should Know In Windows 10
Some cool and mostly unused Windows key combo shortcuts!
Windows key only – Show the Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows + Tab – Launch Windows 10 Task View
Windows + C – Ask Cortana a question (if you have a mic
Windows + S – Search the web and Windows with Cortana
Windows + I – Open Windows 10 settings
Windows + A – Open Windows 10 notifications
Windows + L – Locks your device
Windows + [Left][Right][Up][Down] – Position current Window on your screen
Windows + K – Connect to wireless displays and audio devices
Windows + X – Open Start button context menu
Windows + D – Show Windows desktop
Windows + E – Open Windows Explorer
Windows + number key – Open programs that are pinned to task bar
Windows + R – Run a command
Windows + P – Project a screen or cycle through duplicate screen options in multi monitor setups.

Got any more good Win Key shortcut tips? Let me know!

Windows Key shortcuts can be really useful but not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts. But what other uses are there for the windows key?

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ladies a microphone mic some box some reviews in hi to and today I'm going to show you some shortcuts using your Windows key keep watching to find out more okay so as you're probably aware on your keyboard if you're using Windows 10 there is a Windows key and if you press the Windows key a magical thing happens you get the Start menu come up we've all seen that before nothing new nothing exciting but did you know with combinations of keys you can make the windows key to a whole lot more so in this video I'm going to show you a few combinations of cool things you can do with your Windows key to help make life in Windows a little bit easier okay so one of the first things you can do is you can press the Windows key and your tab key now this brings up tasks view so all the things you've been doing recently on your computer will be here in a scrollable list so you can look through and choose what you want to go back to doing really handy to do and will store as a default pretty much everything you ever do or you can limit it down to just 30 days of information with all these shortcuts if you want to get out of what you've done just press the Escape key and it goes back to your normal Windows desktop so the next one is going to be helpful if you use Windows Cortana which probably not many of you do but I'm gonna go through it anyway so c is for cortana so windows key and see hi cortana how are you well I'm pretty darn good now that works so if you want to use Cortana and you've got a microphone connected Windows key + C brings up Cortana I say for instance you haven't got a microphone connected or you just want to do a normal window search something on that you can do windows + s for search and this brings up Cortana's combined search with the internet explorer search or ed search ok so you've had enough of Cortana and we want to go into our settings and we want to get rid of Cortana so how you going to do that well you could go into the settings menu but you could do it smarter you could press the Windows key and I and this will bring up your window settings essentially your windows control panel so you can go in here and make your changes and settings and you're all good again once you're done press escape okay so you've change your settings and now you want to know what's going on in the world so let's take a look at the notifications so to do that Windows eh this brings up the sidebar and can show all your recent notifications as you can see I should have been fixing my apps that are blurry okay oh my maybe another day now maybe you've had that important notification you're late for a meeting so what's the next one you're gonna want to do or you best run to your meeting but first of all lock your computer so Windows key + L and there you go there's your Windows desktop locked you can run off to your meeting and not be late okay so you've got back from your meeting and you've got some work to do so you need to find out where your documents are now best thing to do you could go along and click on the folder on the bottom or you can do it the shortcut way Windows key + E for Windows Explorer brings up your Explorer window so you can go in and find all your files and folders if for some reason you want to bring up more than that you wanna bring up something else then you can use a window key to actually move that window around so you can place another window next to it so just press the windows key and with your cursor keys you can do left and right up and then up is fullscreen bang is minimized and if you press left a couple of times it will take it to another screen if you're using a multiple monitor setup or you go to the top corners and you can do all kinds of things to move it around your desktop to wherever you want so if you won't have say for a Windows app on your desktop you can do that in windows will automatically snap to the right position okay so you've had enough time use only work that's it you're finished and just wanna go back to your desktop so again another handy one Windows key and D for desktop there we go go back to our Windows desktop okay so the next thing to do is maybe you want to connect a wireless device or you want to project your screen somewhere nice and easy all you do rather than searching around all the Start menus and settings on one of you just press Windows key and K and this is the connect button so I suppose that should have been in Windows C but we're already using a seat for Cortana so K is close to connect connect anyway so if you want to connect up a wireless device to your computer this is where you want to do it on the other maybe you do one actually going through the more advanced settings of Windows and you want either device manager or task manager something like that now you can do that by pressing Windows key and X maybe X for experts possibly so in there you've got apps and features your power options Event Viewer system device manager of network connections this management computer management Windows PowerShell PowerShell admin task manager settings file explorer search run there it's all pretty much there so Windows key and X is the one you want for that so another one we've got is the Windows key + P now this is project so that makes sense P for projects so if you've got a wireless adapter which you can beam your content to you can do that so that is the Windows key MP now I actually haven't got anything to project to I have got a duplicate monitor so you can always use that to do that and if you press the Windows key + P it cycles through the different options then you can just press the Enter key on whichever one you want pretty handy okay so just a couple more in this particular video so at the moment in the bottom on the taskbar I've got five different programs there so if you actually want to go into those quickly you can press the Windows key and the number so for instance if I want to do Microsoft edge like it do Windows key m1 explore Windows key to the Microsoft Store Windows key + 3 so let's do that now so Windows key + 3 and opens up the third item or icon you've got on your taskbar pretty cool so that pretty much wraps things up there's one more which most of you are probably going to find the most useful and that is the run command and pretty simple Windows key + yeah you got it are and that'll bring up the run command so then you can swipe in whatever you want to be whether it's explorer dot exe command whatever it may be you can do it straight from there so that wraps things up for this video thanks to Russ B who actually requested some more windows keyboard shortcuts in the meantime I'll be Mike isn't Mike's unboxing on views in how to and we'll catch you in the very next video thanks for watching oh and don't forget to put in the comments section below any of your handy Windows shortcut keys tips and tricks see you the next one

Windows Key Shortcuts You Should Know In Windows 10

4 thoughts on “Windows Key Shortcuts You Should Know In Windows 10”

  1. Found a few more:
    M = Minimize
    Q = Search, same as S
    W = Windows Ink workspace
    R = Run (that's a golden oldie)
    T = Tabs through taskbar icons
    U = open ease of access settings
    Break = System Info

    C wasn't working for me, though a few times it seemed to leave "Hey Cortana" in the buffer.
    I was sure there was one that goes direct to task manager, but I can't find it – Ah, CTRL-SHIFT-ESC

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